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Best Entertainment, Social & Travel Apps for iOS & Android 2022

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

With this list of best travel & social apps we want you to take full advantage of your Android and iOS devices for connecting with people.



Hayy is a social network that is developed for IOS users. It connects individuals with high morals and integrity, people with purpose that like to motivate each other. Meet new people and make friends with high morals and ethics on this app, creating meaningful connections and sharing your beliefs and opinions with other users on this social platform.  


App Store Download Link: Hayy  

Website: Hayy Social Network 





NOW is a hangouts app that is developed for IOS and Android users. It’s a modern community to get together with people, meet friends, hangout, and make memories. It’s an easy-to-use app with clean user-friendly interface, a safe community for living, exploring, and clicking with one another. A mix of people, places, and creation of memories.  


Official Website: NOW  

App Store Download Link: NOW  

Google Play Download Link: NOW  


Ping Culture


This convenient and reliable events and places app is easy to use and user-friendly, giving you the chance to spice up your time out. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, it offers incredible experiential venues and events to discover in one place. Find events and places in your area as well as major cities worldwide with this app.  


Official Website: Ping Culture  

App Store Download Link: Ping Culture  

Google Play Download Link: Ping Culture 




All in One Iceland





This is an Iceland travel guide that is easy to use and user-friendly. Developed on the IOS platform, it makes traveling through Iceland much better. It’s packed with all information and tips you might need and not miss any Iceland highlight while you are traveling. The guide offers guidance, educational info, locations to visit, GPS navigator and much more.  


App Store Download Link: All In One Iceland   



Status Download for WhatsApp



Status Download for WhatsApp is a convenient WhatsApp status saver that is developed for Android users. It’s the app for you to save stories and posts from social media platforms. Save and download images, videos, statuses, reels and posts that you love with ease, in just a few taps on your phone.  


Google Play Download Link: Status Download for WhatsApp  




305 Miami 




305 Miami is an attractive and fun dating platform that is developed for Android users. It’s easy to use with clean user-friendly interface, offering you the chance to have fun, get entertained, and meet people around the world. With this app you will be able to chat, play a fun game, and even find the right match.  


Google Play Download Link: 305 Miami  



On The Rox




This versatile entertainment and social platform is designed to give you access to everything that is related to the author VS Griffin and fellow supporters. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, it’s easy to use and user-friendly, giving you the chance to keep up with the author, express yourself, interact with fellow supporters, access published works, and much more all inside one app.  


Official Website: On the Rox  

App Store Download Link: On the Rox  

Google Play Download Link: On the Rox 


My CareCrew



This cancer support community it offers the chance to fight cancer with your CareCrew. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, it’s created by patients for patients, easy to use and simple for people to ask for help. You can even share a wish list of products, services, and experiences you need or wish for. Manage inflow of help offers, track and share moods and symptoms and any updates. 

Official Website: My CareCrew  

App Store Download Link: My CareCrew  

Google Play Download Link: My CareCrew





This food locator app is reliable, easy to use, and user-friendly. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, this food finder helps you locate your favorite food trucks and farmers markets. The app is bridging the gap between the communities and mobile food vendors. Put a pin on the map as a vendor to not miss customers and discover your favorite vendors as a customer, all within one app


Official Website: NomNomVroom  

App Store Download Link: NomNomVroom  

Google Play Download Link:  NomNomVroom



Vroom Drive  

This app offers self drive car rental services in India. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, this app has two hubs for pick up and over 200 spots for door delivery. You just need to book a self-drive car rental in just 3.5 hours before your travel. Give the app your required ID proof to rent a car, pick up a car from the broad range in hatchbacks, SUV, and sedan from wide range of cars. 

Official Website: Vroom Drive  

App Store Download Link: Vroom Drive  

Google Play Download Link: Vroom Drive





Looking for an app to get ratings for your photos before posting them on social media, or using them for business purposes? Pixana is a social feedback photography app designed for photo ratings. It's fast, easy, and honest platform for you to rate or receive ratings on photos based on a 5-star scale. Developed on the Android platform, the app allows you to rate photos of people from all around the world and receive unbiased opinions and feedback by others on your photos. 

Google Play Download Link: Pixana 

Developer: Pixana


iVoice Valet



This translation app is easy to use with clean and user-friendly interface, ideal for travelers that want to make their stay in foreign countries better. Developed on the IOS platform, the app can help you break any language barriers without any effort. You can talk to translate, text to translate and even upload images to get translation with this app. 


App Store Download Link: iVoice Valet



LyfePal is the new social media app that is developed for Android users. It’s a life outreach social media platform for everyone to build a stronger, safer, and happier online community all over the world. Easy to use with clean user-friendly interface, this app allows you to connect with friends, share, create lasting connections, promote your business and meet new people. 

Official Website: LyfePal  

Google Play Download Link: LyfePal 



This is a social platform for Newyorkers that enables them to create, host, and join small meetup groups. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, this app offers you the chance to meet like-minded people and build meaningful connections. Using the app, you will find your inner circle based on your interests, values, and lifestyle. 

Official Website: ThreeFive  

App Store Download Link: ThreeFive  

Google Play Download Link: ThreeFive



This meet friends app is easy to use, intuitive, and user-friendly for you to meet new people on social media. Developed on the Android platform, the app allows you to search for new people based on preferences and meet many amazing people. In a few taps you will be able to make new friends on several social platforms that share your interests and make real friends with ease. 

Official Website: FriendYa  

Google Play Download Link: FriendYa



This music social network is user-friendly and simple to use, connecting you with other people through music. Developed on the IOS platform, this app allows you to connect with individuals around the country that share your music taste. Create meaningful connections and find new music, or simply show off your amazing music taste to others on this platform.  

Official Website: Vybe  

App Store Download Link: Vybe 




This entertainment dating app is user-friendly and offers you an experience that is focused on you and your preferences. Developed on the IOS platform, the app will connect you with people through shared entertainment experiences. You will get matched with people that share the same passions as you, creating your own narrative and choosing the people that appeal to you the most.  


Official Website: Lantern  

App Store Download Link: Lantern  

Panja - Party Drinking Games

When it comes to socializing or socializing while traveling, nothing beats the thrill of party drinking games. Panja is a flashy party app that is developed for Android users. It includes the most fun drinking games for 2 and party drinking group games. You get to find your way through this app full of exciting and wild games and challenges for creating legendary moments with your friends. Carry out hilarious assignments or answer bizarre questions, everything is possible with this house party drinking app.  

Official Website: Panja   

Google Play Download Link: Panja  

Free Time 


This personal social media app is easy to use and convenient for you to connect with your network when you want communication, at your own free time. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, the app allows you to ask your network for calls, texts, shared links, and or recommended activities during your scheduled free time. Reach out to friends whenever you want and get recommendations that matter. 

Official Website: Free Time  

App Store Download Link: Free Time  

Google Play Download Link: Free Time

Followers Tracker 


This Instagram followers tracker is a powerful and fast tool for you to get accurate reports and analytics of your Instagram account. Developed on the IOS platform, easy to use and intuitive this tracker for followers for Instagram helps you track your followers, likes, unfollowers and gives you accurate insights, reports, and analytics to better your account. 

App Store Download Link: Followers Tracker 




Buddy is a video stranger chat app which is developed for Android users, offering you the chance to connect with like-minded people via live video stranger chat. It has a beautiful user interface and smooth controls for a great user experience. Discover interesting people based on your preferences and find new friends to connect and talk to. Meet strangers that can turn into friends in a unique and personalized way. 

Official Website: Buddy  

Google Play Download Link: Buddy 



RokVerse is the first social network created for players of Rise of Kingdoms. This network is developed for IOS users, easy and fun to use, and really user-friendly. On this network, you get the chance to connect with players and groups that matter to you across all kingdoms. It will enhance your gaming experience, explore and connect. 

Official Website: RokVerse  

App Store Download Link: RokVerse  

Google Play Download Link: RokVerse

Community Advisor 


This community social network is intuitive and user-friendly, offering you the ability to keep up with everything that happens around you. Developed on IOS and Android platform and focused for UAE, this social network gives you all the information about your community at all times. Plan activities, trade, participate in forums, and find services around you with ease.

Official Website: Community Advisor   

App Store Download Link: Community Advisor  

Google Play Download Link: Community Advisor 



This social network is offering you the ability to stay in touch with your neighbors at all times. Developed on both IOS and Android platform, this platform helps you connect with people near you and even promote local events to them. Discuss important matters with neighbors, share updates, ask for help and anything else that involves your local community using this intuitive and simple social app. 

Official Website: Bestyn  


App Store Download Link: Bestyn  

Google Play Download Link: Bestyn

Ryn VPN 

A good vpn app is a must-have for traveling. This is because many countries have Geo-restricted content, and of course, there is the risk for privacy breaches and hacks from connection to insecure networks.

Ryn VPN is a secure and fast VPN app that is developed for Android users. Easy to use and free, this VPN based proxy master will encrypt your data and allow you to safely connect to block websites and apps, accessing high-speed video streaming on different platforms. You will be able to browse the Internet anonymously while being protected you from online hackers and snoopers.  

Google Play Download Link: Ryn VPN  

Website: Ryn VPN



This social networking app will allow you to travel the world and share your adventures with others. Developed on the IOS platform, easy to use with a user-friendly interface, this social network is your personalized, organized scrapbook for making memorable experience. Allow others to live through your adventures in real time and relive your favorite moments with this app. 

Official Website: Spodid  

App Store Download Link: Spodid  


This comprehensive us park travel guide to America’s national parks is simple to use and quite practical to plan all your next big adventures in just a few minutes. Developed on the IOS platform, the app is giving you the chance to find your way to every national site, national monument, to all the campsites and campgrounds easily. With detailed maps, tips, and advice for exploring available for you with just a tap. 

Official Website: ParkQuest
App Store Download Link: ParkQuest

Conceal Friendly

Conceal Friendly is an app that helps legal gun owners find places that are conceal carry friendly. It acts like a community app where users can vote and recommend or not recommend places for other legal gun owners.

Google Play Download Link: Conceal Friendly
Apple download link: Conceal Friendly
Website: Conceal Friendly

My Route Planner - Live GPS Satellite, World Earth & GPS Maps


My Route Planner is an easy to use, simple and advanced travel assistant that is developed for Android users. The app offers you find the safest and fastest routes and directions on a live voice map with a few clicks to ease your journeys on the road with a real life GPS transit map and journey assistance. Get traffic alerts, get live traffic assistance and more with the help of the app.  

Google Play Download Link: My Route Planner


Vloggah is a vlogging app for all of you active vloggers to improve your work or for vlogging fans that are looking for new vlogging content. Trim and edit your vlogs with ease and use it as your vlogging editor, vlog maker and vlog camera app to post live videos or already recorded videos on your vlog channel. Also use it as a platform to create your channel where you can post unique video material, grow audience and become a vlog star.

App Store Download Link: Vloggah
Google Play Download Link: Vloggah
Website: Vloggah


Taggery for iOS & Android is a new social network on the app market which offers different tools to improve your online social activity and enhance your social media experience. This app gives you the chance to be part of the online stories of your friends or maybe some of your favorite influencers. It features great discovery content feature, commenting, video & photo upload and more.

Google Play Download Link: Taggery

App Store Download Link: Taggery

Official Website: https://www.taggery.de/

Love Push

Love Push is a new social dating app featuring an in-built messenger, swipe matching system, nearby users, and versatile connection & communication features. You can use it as a free app to meet new people, partners or for flirting and mingling.


Faverity is a social get opinions app in which you can give or get opinions. It differs from the other similar apps because it enables its users to get opinions from influencers.


App Store Download Link: Faverity

Google Play Download Link: Faverity

Website: Faverity

Dockit Social Calendar

Dockit is a social events calendar that lets you create and share events, or discover events you want to visit.

How can Dockit help you?

Dockit can help you organize events and manage events in your calendar. It links with your iCal or Google Calendar and lets you add events you are interested in from friends or other publically organized events. In short: it’s a social event creator and calendar.
Google Play Download Link: Dockit

App Store Download Link: Dockit

Website: Dockit



Skyscanner is the official app of the website www.skyscanner.com. This app will enable you to save money and time in finding the best and cheapest flights directly from your smartphone. Skyscanner strives to be independent and it will show you all flights, even the cheapest ones. On top of that the app is user friendly, fast and clean. Definitely a must have if you travel frequently with airplanes.

Google Play Download Link: SKYSCANNER

App Store Download Link: SKYSCANNER


Places Explorer


Places Explorer, the amazing travel guide app, is developed on the Android platform, very easy to use and helpful for travellers that need help to discover the best places nearby, anywhere they are, directly from their phones. With this app, the traveller can even check the weather forecast, find restaurants, hire a taxi or simply find directions to any place of his choice.

Google Play Download Link: Places Explorer


Barcelona Forbidden 

The Barcelona Forbidden is one amazing entertainment app which is developed for both Android and iOS users, specially created for Barcelona travelers. With this app, all the travelers to Barcelona are able just by using their GPS to discover all interesting and fun places around Barcelona where they can go out or go eat without spending much time looking. User-friendly and easy to use, the app helps users in finding places in the area where they can enjoy a perfect night in the city.

Official Website: Barcelona Forbidden

App Store Download Link: Barcelona Forbidden

Google Play Download Link: Barcelona Forbidden


Places NearBy Me 

The Vacay – Places NearBy Me is a location app which is very helpful and practical offering each user a chance to discover local businesses, services and service providers in his area based on his current GPS location, instantly on his phone. 
App Store Download Link: Vacay – Places NearBy Me

Google Play Download Link: Vacay – Places NearBy Me

MULMIN Sightseeing 

The MULMIN Sightseeing is developed for both android and IOS users as one incredible and helpful sightseeing app that allows the users to learn everything they need to know about the place they travel to, getting all detailed information on their phones. Easy to use and very practical this personal tour guide is allowing the user to just take a picture and immediately get all information about that showplace. Users with the app will have the chance to build up their knowledge on the go, no matter where they are in the world.

Official Website: MULMIN Sightseeing

Google Play Download Link: MULMIN Sightseeing

App Store Download Link: MULMIN Sightseeing

Navigator PRO

This is an amazing GPS navigation app which is developed on Android platform as one easy to use and very practical navigation tool that will help the user reach any destination of choice as fast as possible and always safe. The app is working both online and offline and the user is getting the help he needs to find any location within a certain distance that can be reached. Well, detailed and powerful offline maps are available on the app so the user just by typing an address can reach any destination without any mistake just in a few minutes with the advanced optical and audio guidance of the app.

Google Play Download Link: Navigator PRO
Website: Mapedy

Plate Rater

So if you are like us, too lazy to cook, but craving your favorite dish right now, you ought to try out the new foodie app on the block – Plate Rater. This is an excellent option to find nearby restaraunts when you are in a city that you want to explore. Plate Rater can help you find new and popular restaurants or places to eat but it is mostly focused on the food. For example, a few days ago we were craving some good pork dumplings and instead of searching for all the Chinese restaurants around us, we searched specifically the dish, and within the results we found all the restaurants that served it and which one has the best ratings.
Google Play Download Link: Plate Rater

App Store Download Link:
Plate Rater

Official Website Link:
Plate Rater


eyeParaty is easy to use and very interesting virtual reality app that is offering its users to virtualy visit the most beautiful and preserved places of Paraty located in Rio de Janeiro. Developed for android and IOS users, this app is allowing users to have the most realistic virtual experience of Paraty, meeting all places of this historical city that is listed by Unesco as the most harmonious colonial architectural set of the country. If you ever wanted to visit Brasil, and you haven't had the chance, this is the app that will take you there!

Official Website: eyeParaty

App Store Download Link: eyeParaty

Google Play Download Link: eyeParaty


Perfec is a simple and polished tool that brings tons of information at your fingertips – places, services, products and so on. So, if you want to discover things or locations around you with an ease, this is the right way to do it. It's a really simple app where you can find locals & events nearby to plan and do fun things no matter the location.

Official Website Link: Perfec

App Store Download Link: Perfec

Google Play Download Link: Perfec


Check and Pack


The Check and Pack app is highly efficient practical and helpful backpacking planner app which is developed for android and IOS users to help them organize and manage lists with items to bring and things to do for their upcoming hiking, backpacking and other exotic holidays they plan. With the help of this easy to use and customize app and its amazing interface, users are able to easily remember each thing they need for their trips, never forgetting anything they need to do or bring with them. This checklist app is saving users time and helping them organize the most incredible trips. 

App Store Download Link: Check and Pack

Google Play Download Link: Check and Pack


CompareHunt - Cheap Hotels & Flight Tickets 

For all travel lovers that like to book hotels and flight tickets online, this is one very practical and useful travel app which allows all of them to easily and effortlessly compare prices of tickets and hotels before booking them and find the cheapest prices that will save them money each time they travel. Developed on android platform with simple interface and very easy for using, this app is comparing prices on various popular booking websites and find for users the prices that suits him, allowing him to choose the best travel arrangement for him. All travel information for any worldwide destination to save the user’s money!
Google Play Download Link: CompareHunt

Official Website: CompareHunt

Pearshare - Get recommendations from locals

Pearshare is a social travel app that helps you create collections that you can you later use or recommend to other people. We are sure that this app can largely help you if you are traveling a lot or if you are hosting people, especially through Airbnb. Users can use the already prepared collections of locals (pearls) so they can experience the places they visit in the best possible way. The app is free and available on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: PEARLSHARE


OANDA Converter


This app is great because it works offline, it is more precise from the stock currency converter, and you can also implement the 2% ATM rate and the 3% credit card rate when you calculate your payments in a foreign country. Simple and useful.

Google Play Download Link: OANDACONVERTER

App Store Download Link: OANDACONVERTER 


Tourist Language Learn & Speak


This app will give you tons of translated phrases for various tourist situations like: transport, food and accommodation, emergency situations, spoken interaction and basics, like telling the time, day and great list of numbers. It supports Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Also the app offers text to speech and some other useful additional features. 




Quality Navigation App 


There are numerous quality navigation apps on Google Play and App Store. Google Maps is probably the best, and you can use it offline if you download the maps of desired location in advance. iOS devices have good stock maps app, but it needs work to be better. Some other quality navigation apps are the widely popular Waze and the less known, but great, Scout and Map Quest. But if you need a navigation app that will also work offline, without downloading any maps, and will give you directions, than try Sygic. It looks great, it’s in 3D and it has tons of additional neat features.

Google Play Download Link: WAZE

App Store Download Link: WAZE 


Google Play Download Link: MAPQUEST

App Store Download Link: MAPQUEST


Google Play Download Link: SCOUT

App Store Download Link: SCOUT 


Google Play Download Link: SYGIC

App Store Download Link: SYGIC 


WiFi Finder and Skype WiFi


If you are out of your country and mobile internet services are expensive, use this Wi-Fi finder to find free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots that are nearest to you. Is a must have if you use internet often. Another similar app is Skype WiFi. It is an official app released from Skype. They offer around 1 million Skype wifi hotspots around the world on which you can connect to with your Skype credit. They charge only per minute which is great if you need the internet shortly.

Google Play Download Link: WIFI FINDER

App Store Download Link: WIFI FINDER


Google Play Download Link: SKYPE WIFI

App Store Download Link: SKYPE WIFI


Gas Buddy

Having Gas Buddy is a must. It will save you great amount of money, it is user friendly and with precise prices for most of the gas stations. The great thing is that it has tons of gas stations and you will definitely find the nearest and cheapest one on your next trip.

Google Play Download Link: GAS BUDDY

App Store Download Link: GAS BUDDY


TripIt is one of the best trip organizers that is available free on Google Play and iOS. You can keep all your travel plans in the app and view them whenever you want, forward confirmation emails for every reservation to plans@tripit.com and don’t lose them ever again. You can also search for restaurants or places, get the directions and store it to the app with one click. You can share your plans with your friends and even sync them with your calendar.

Google Play Download Link: TRIPIT

App Store Download Link: TRIPIT

 Trip Advisor

The official app from the famous travel website is a must have. It is fast, responsive, clean and it is perfectly optimized for Android and iOS. It will give you the standard information for places near you, reviews, hotels, restaurants, things to do, flights and forums.

Google Play Download Link: TRIPADVISOR

App Store Download Link: TRIPADVISOR


Google Translate


If you are in a foreign country in some situations you will definitely need a translator. The Google Translate app is the best solution because it is perfectly optimized and designed for your Android devices. Apart from the standard translator feature, it offers offline mode, input words with your voice handwriting and camera.

Google Play Download Link: GOOGLE TRANSLATE

App Store Download Link: GOOGLE TRANSLATE


Expedia Hotels and Flights


Expedia will offer the best hotels near you, or your desired location, and you can sort them by price, deals or reviews. The app, and the website (expedia.com) frequently offer discounts, enabling you to save money. It offers booking of flights as well and the search of a flight is flawless and very fast. Actually the booking and reservations are very easy and fast to do, and with the discounts and the perfect UI Expedia is surely one of the best free travel apps on Google Play and App Store.



Other Hotel booking apps


The Expedia app is great for booking hotels, but there are some other great booking apps like the official app from booking.com and hotels.com. They are even maybe slightly better.  For example, Booking offers not only hotels, but other accommodations as well, and the number of accommodations is maybe the biggest on the whole Internet. Hotels also has wide variety of hotels, offers reviews and great amount of last minute deals and discounts. Another quality hotel booking app is Hotels Tonight. If you need to book the hotel the same day and find the latest and best deals for that day, than Hotels Tonight is the perfect solution.

Google Play Download Link: BOOKING

App Store Download Link: BOOKING 


Google Play Download Link: HOTELS

App Store Download Link: HOTELS 


Google Play Download Link: HOTELS TONIGHT

App Store Download Link:HOTELS TONIGHT 

 Note: The article was published originally in 2013 but since then the list was updated several times to remain relevant and up to date.  


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