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App of the Month (Cross Platform) – Redbooth

Friday, July 24, 2015

The team that works on Intellectuapp also runs multiple business online and frequently needs to work together on various tasks. We are basically too dependent on communication and task management apps, because we need to be synced and communicate between us. So, when we accidentally found the task management, business, communication app called Redbooth while browsing on the App Store, we download it and tried it instantly. The app is cross-platform and after using it for the last few days we came to a realization that this app deserves to be mentioned and recommended to other users because it is truly an amazing business productivity app.

After you sign up on their website, you will be able to use the app on Windows, iOS (it works with Apple Watch as well) and Android. Redbooth will offer you wide variety of useful features. The app is very smooth and simple to use. Let’s see what you can do with it.

First of all it will enable you to create Workplaces. In this tab in your dashboard you can add tasks. Adding tasks is extremely simple thing to do and after that you can do various customization. When you create a task you can either assigned it, add date to it, describe it, attach files and write comments. On the bottom of each task there is info about the creator and the time of creation.

From the workplaces tab you can easily create folders with different files which will serve you as cloud storage drive. Additionally you can add people to your workplaces, like your employees, colleagues, friends etc. Because the app is cross platform, you can sync and follow the progress of any task and files anywhere on your iOS or Android devices.

On top of that you can start a conversation with anyone in your team and communicate in real time about anything. So, besides being task management and productivity app, it is a business communication app as well.

Another useful feature that is available in Redbooth is the HD meetings feature where you can make HD conference calls directly from the app. You can talk with your team or with any other user of the app. We have tried the HD conferences several times and we must say that they are stable, smooth and reliable.

The third tab Reports represents a cool visual way that has statistic about your task, users and workload. There is a calendar as well and you can easily see which task is due or overdue.

At the end of the day, Redbooth was a joy to use and we will continue to use it. It is a great management and productivity app that you can use across multiple devices. You can add colleagues, employees and work together and communicate as a team. It can be the perfect business tool no matter the size of the company. Try it for free.  

Website: Redbooth

App Store Download Link: Redbooth

Google Play Download Link: Redbooth


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