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Android App of the Day - Edge QR

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

If you own a small-business or an organization and you want to present it in the best possible way, you’ll need a QR code that will contain all of the needed contact info. As there are tons of QR code generators, today we will talk about Edge QR, which is one of the best and unique ones. This QR code creator will enable you to add logos and images of your choice to the QR codes you generate.

When you have logo and images, that makes your company more professional. That is why Edge QR represents a new innovation in QR codes. It generates picture or logo embedded codes which you can use on social media, business cards, billboards or virtually anywhere. Now put on your artistic hat and make QR codes aesthetic and pleasure to watch. Adding picture or text to QR codes also make them perceivable to humans just by looking at them.

The creation of a QR code  really easy. All needed info is given to you in a simple box and you need to fulfill it. You can later use the code you generate and represent yourself better. The app also features QR code scanner so you can use it to get QR codes from your contacts as well. 

With its lovely UI, smooth design and useful features, Edge QR has quickly gained good user base. Get it for free on Google Play, it is one of the best QR code readers and scanners.

Google Play Download Link: Edge QR


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