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Cat Rat Dog Race – The best game app on Google Play

Thursday, March 17, 2016

An amazing Android game app was released not too long ago on Google Play and it is called Cat Rat Dog Race and it will entirely rock your world and keep you addicted and entertained at the same time. The developers created such an impressive game, with beautiful design and interesting sound effects too.

What makes this game so interesting and addictive is the unique gameplay and of course, the fun characters. You play with the main character, which is the cat which loves to chase the rats. Catch more rats and get higher scores. But don’t fool yourself, the game is not that easy as you thought. You will be chased from the dog and also solve some problems that run into you, like the obstacles on the way. Escaping from the enemies (ghosts, giant mushrooms, the dropping bombs bat and the awful chain monster) is also a challenge for any user. The game is set in dark caves and light mountains and grasslands.

You can say goodbye to your boredom, because Cat Rat Dog Race can be played on your device anywhere and anytime you want. Have the fun you need and keep yourself entertained with this unique game. You can download it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Cat Rat Dog Race


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