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iOS App of the Week – Seeblings

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Family apps can bring emotion and positive vibes among family members. The effect will be even greater if you include apps that are based on augmented reality. One of our favorite family apps in the recent weeks is certainly Seeblings. It is an entertainment app which allows its users to create original and astonishing video greetings and share them with family and friends. They look amazing, mostly because they are based on augmented reality, you can see the video at the bottom.

All you need to do is pick the theme and design, record the video and send it to your loved ones.

How to use it

The app will offer you a choice between making videos for 4 different occasions: birthday, wedding, congratulations or love. Choose the one you need and start making the video with the theme you want and the design you want. You can add background music to make it more appealing and add some of the app’s frames which are activated by touch or voice detector. You can try and draw over the video and attach some of the superimposed items on your face (glasses, candles, hats) through face tracking.

You can share the recorded video greeting various social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even via Whatsapp and e-mail. Create a unique greeting and send it to someone special – we can assure you they will never forget it. 

Use of Seeblings

The uses of Seeblings are endless. You can wish a birthday to a family member or friends, say congrats to any success, send love to your partner, boyfriend/girflriends, or send best wishes to the groom and bride.

The app is free for download on the App Store and it is coming on Google play soon.

App Store Download Link: Seeblings


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