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Most Useful App of the Week - Tank Spotter

Monday, January 23, 2017

This week we have a business app that is amazingly helpful! We deeply respect apps who offer value for their users and our Most Useful App of the Week – Tank Spotter is just that: extremely useful for companies that deliver Propane, Heating Oil and Diesel. Tank Spotter assures proper documentation of the safety paperwork. It helps them check everything in order for them to do right, prepare the paperwork properly and protects them against legal issues.

Not only protection, the app enables tools that will help companies SELL more. How? It has an in-built feature that tracks and gives competitor’s info. Alternatively, the app documents all of their maintenance & safety info into the database. So it is a sales and safety app that is easy to use and does all the legally required paperwork.

Some of the additional features we also loved is that it auto-checks the propane gas. It is so intuitive, neatly build and all necessary information can be entered and viewed in no time.

Here is what you will exactly be able to do with Tank Spotter:

- Tank Finder is a neat feature that will let you see tank sales leads, safety issues, maintenance issues, view tanks spotted, tanks list and much more.

- Estimator is also extremely useful tool that will help you estimate, create proposals, invoices, see history and use calendar. You can do all this on the go!

- Documents & Forms are all pre-ready documents you need to fill in and make use of. This guarantees that you will do things right and properly.

- Propane Check, Meter Reader, Tank Counter
and Fill Up calculator are all calculation features that will enable companies to do their own analysis and calculations to improve and better manage their companies.

At the end of the day this great app is a must try. It reduces risk, increases sales and significantly improves maintenance management. It can really take any business to another level and largely improve it. Try it for free on the links bellow!

Google Play Download Link: Tank Spotter

Website: Tank Spotter


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