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Windows Game of the Day – Videogames Quiz

Monday, May 1, 2017

You've got trivia games to identify popular product logos, silhouettes of popular cartoon characters, and your traditional question/answer type games. There's a nice spattering of trivia oriented games in the Windows Phone Store and many challenge your knowledge on subjects that include subjects such as current events, popular culture and history. But what about video games?

What is Videogames Quiz?

For all video game lovers, here is one of our favorite Windows quiz games - Videogames Quiz. This entertaining game is published by Shindo92, requires minimum Windows 10 Mobile/Windows Phone 8.1 and can be played by users of any age. The design is smooth, it offers a wide range of fun features and it has simple gameplay.

Why We Liked It?

Besides the amazing design, we loved Videogames Quiz because of its gameplay. There aren’t many quizzes out there for game lovers, so you can imagine how lucky we were when we found it. The goal is simple – you will be presented with 1 screenshot and 4 different game names so you have to find the correct answer and reach the best score. The game features 1450 challenging levels, 145 awesome achievements for you to unlock and 7 different packs (free and paid).

Test your ingenuity, improve your thinking your mind to find a solution for anything and have endless fun by downloading Videogames Quiz from the Windows App Store.

Windows App Store Download Link: Videogames Quiz

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