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Android App of the Week - Handsfree for YouTube

Friday, July 21, 2017

Listening YouTube in a car is possible only with using your hands with the native app. But few months ago we presented a great tool that gives great control over YouTube and playing songs and playlists on it with voice commands. Totally deserved the app earns our App of the Week feature. Read why.

How it works?

Handsfree Player for YouTube is an app an app that could instantly find the user’s chosen track or video within YouTube’s vast library and automatically start playing it by just using voice command if you are unable to type the text for your searching content.

This amazing app is quite easy to use and comes up with most handy features for its users that you will never find anywhere else. By default, this app automatically plays the most relevant video based on your search term. To turn this feature off, tap the app bar’s right-hand overflow menu.

If you liked any track and you want to listen to that, in future, this app allows you to add this video to your favorite list from the video, play back screen and you can access your favorite anywhere and anytime.

The best thing about the app is that it is free to download across all Android devices and it is available worldwide without any hidden activation charges.

Google Play Download Link: Handsfree Player for YouTube


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