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Music App of the Week – Bandr

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Find musicians in your nearby area, to jam and socialize like never before. Now, with the Bandr app, both Android and iOS users can connect with other musicians in a new and more exciting way! This is one of the most unique apps we’ve ever reviewed, so we decided to make it a Music App of the Week.

What is Bandr all about?

Bandr is a highly efficient, helpful and unique find musicians app that is created as a social matching platform for all musicians that like to find other musicians in their local area and connect with them instantly. The app is developed for android and IOS users, very easy to use, helping users to look for musicians in one quick, simple and more updated way. With the help of the app users will be able to find new members for their band or simply to arrange meet-ups to jam without any effort, quickly and easily. Users will connect with each other, chat and find the perfect musicians that suit their style. 
Standout features

This app is especially developed for musicians that are fed up with looking for people to jam with or they need to find new band members easily and quickly. Using the features offered by the app, users are able to find musicians in their local area without much effort, easily and quickly. If a user find a musician he likes he can contact him instantly through the app’s messaging feature. The users just need to create their account which is completely for free and simple for doing. Using the app, users will have their chance to connect with musicians in one more updated and unique way. This app offers help for musicians that are looking simply for a friend to jam with, a teacher to help them or looking for a new band mate that can complete their line-up. No more wasting time looking, with this app all musicians can connect with each other and find the right type that suit their music needs, all in one place just with the help of this amazing social matching platform for music lovers.

Download it on Google Play and App Store for free to connect with musicians in a more updated way!

Official Website: Bandr

Google Play Download Link: Bandr

App Store Download Link: Bandr


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