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The Truth Debate – Make Every Opinion Matter

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A debate is not about changing your opponent’s opinion, nothing will change that. The people who are debating each other are already convinced that their opinion is correct.
The point of a debate is convincing other people that your opinion is correct. You are trying to bring up arguments that will sway a neutral observer to support your opinion instead of your opponent. Debate allows all people to feel included, no matter the outcome: active participation and inclusivity ultimately improves the overall sense of “buy in” to the chosen outcome – in other words, if you allow people to engage and participate in a solution, they take ownership of that solution, which can be an ideal way to motivate employees and team members.

Learning to voice your thoughts and opinions really is a simple process. We are all human and each of us has worries and fears. Talking should be fun, not a drag; you should have confidence in yourself. Just let the words flow.

What Is The Truth Debate?

The Truth Debate is a give opinion app that can help us express our thoughts and feelings about daily questions that concern the life of each and every one of us as citizens and how they affect us. Often, people get into fights while trying to discuss something which is wrong. We should always respect other people’s views and beliefs even if they are totally different from ours. That’s why this app is here to help you to express yourself through a video and learn not to judge others for thinking something differently than you.

Why Do We Choose It?

In society today, most people view diversity as a good thing because it gives people the chance to experience different things outside of what they are normally accustomed to. Studies show that the lack of cohesion between races, sexes and cultures is due to mistrust, stereotyping, and more within-culture conversation and language problems. When these problems are not paid attention to it may lead to an inability to endorse ideas, the inability to gain agreement on decisions, and inability to take united action. That’s why we created this app so everyone can express themselves and discuss a topic in a healthy way instead of judging what others think. You can download it for free from the App Store or from Google Play.

App Store Download Link: The Truth Debate

Google Play Download Link: The Truth Debate


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