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Game of the Day – BongoTap

Monday, November 19, 2018

Tap games are certainly one of the most popular games ever played on smartphones. Because of the popularity of these games and the different types of gameplay they offer us, choosing a new fun and addictive tap game to play on the go and to keep our attention can be quite hard. If you like playing fast tap games that will test your tapper skills, we looked and we found one amazing tap game that you need to try and that you will enjoy for sure. Let’s discuss about this tap game.

What is BongoTap?

BongoTap is a fun and addictive tap game which is developed for android users to test your tapper skills with the fast tap gameplay. With the sharp graphics and cool sounds, this casual tap game will get you hooked to playing on the first try while challenging you to react as fast as you can to get the highest scores. As a player on the game, all you need to do is to tap on the screen to help the bongo cat bang the drums as fast as possible. Each player will enjoy hours of fun helping the bongo cat on its tapping adventures.

Why do we love this tap game?

This tap game and its features will keep the player’s attention each time he plays. The task of the player is to tap in order to help the bongo cat bang the drums as fast and hard as possible to collect the scores needed for progressing. With multiple stages available for testing the player’s skills and keeping his attention, this game is offering a map of all stages that needs to be completed so the cat finishes all its adventures. More than that, the tapper game offers different instruments for tapping and playing as well. As the player taps and plays with each tap on the instrument he will get a chance to collect gold. More taps, more gold for each player. The collected gold can be used for purchasing more items in the shop of this cat game like other instruments, hats for the cat and more. Help the cat reach its goal by tapping fast on the instruments. Collect as much gold as possible to reach the highest scores, enjoying the tapping adventures of the bongo cat.

Download the game for free on Google Play now to tap on the instruments fast to help the bongo cat!

Google Play Download Link: BongoTap

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