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Record and Reward With Eristica

Saturday, April 27, 2019

People have always loved to challenge each other to stuff. The desire to prove that we can do something difficult or unusual is hard-wired into our systems. That is why we invented things like the double-dog dare when we were kids.

However, as we become older, completing the tasks that our friends challenge us to become less important because there is little to no reward for doing it. That all changes with the increasingly popular app known as Eristica.

This Russian-born app is one of the latest and greatest entries into the FunTech industry and is blowing away its users. Through a challenge-based platform, it brings childhood dares to life in the most interesting of ways.

The app works through a system of challenges, videos, and virtual currency to amp up the stakes on  traditional dares. If you use the app enough and love to complete challenges that come your way, then you may even achieve fame on top of the currency reward.

The first step of the app is to come up with some creative, funny, or interesting challenges for other players to complete. Once you have come up with your challenge, you create it on the app and post it along with your monetary bet in order to officially challenge someone to do it.

After they see the challenge, they can choose to either accept it or not. If they do accept the challenge and put down some of their own money before the time runs out on it, then they move onto the best part: the completion of the challenge.

For this part, the user will need to have their phone ready to record any shenanigans that they get up to. After they have successfully captured video of the challenge being completed, it is time to upload it to the app.

The video is looked over by Eristica’s community members. Within no time at all, the virtual currency is deposited into their account - assuming the challenge was successfully completed, or into your account if it was not. If the video is good enough, it might even bring them notoriety among the 1.5 million users of Eristica. That is a lot of people who will know you as the awesome person who completed that epic dare.

Eristica fills a significant void in the FunTech industry. Even with the plethora of content online, people are still becoming bored, especially in areas that are underserved by online content such as Asian countries.

They also take away the worries about using a card2card payment system. Having this more traditional payment structure opens up the apps to become more susceptible to frauds. Instead, Eristica uses a blockchain currency technology, which allows it to be decentralized and resistant to any kind of fraud occurring.

This app is a genuinely great experience for any mobile user. Even if you do not choose to get involved with the completion of challenges portion of the app, there is still an entire collection of users who are completing challenges and making epic videos for you to watch. It creates a whole new category of video content that the online community desperately needs among the sea of negative online video content that currently exists.


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