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App Review – Cash4Brain

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Playing and learning is easy to do nowadays with the right app or game on our smartphones. Many educational games and quizzes are created that will push our brains to think and learn while entertaining us with mind blowing facts and fun gameplays. We looked and found Cash4Brain, the entertaining knowledge app for you to improve your knowledge and win big.

Basic Introduction
With this entertaining knowledge app developed on both Android and IOS platform you will be able to test your general knowledge as well to improve it. Cash4Brain is super user-friendly and fun way to learn and even win gifts for your knowledge. Just answer questions fast and correct to win high scores and collect stars for your achievements that will bring you interesting gifts.

Questions, Scores and Gifts
To start the quiz, just create an account. Answer questions each day and earn stars for each correct answer you give. The stars you’ve earned can be used on the app’s special Friday challenge for all of you that want to increase your scores. In this quiz, each level has 25 questions and 25 stars. Different type of questions in variety of levels are available in this quiz and different prizes are offered in each level. The gift is one only by one player, the one with the highest scores. 
Answer all the questions you can correctly and answer fast to get higher scores. Unlock new levels as you play and complete the previous ones for even more cool gifts and fun general knowledge questions. The app can be shared with friends so when a friend plays and wins, you will win as well.

Download it on Google Play and App Store to answer questions and win gifts for your knowledge!
App Store Download Link: Cash4Brain
Google Play Download Link: Cash4Brain


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