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Tap Game of the Month – Ballooned

Monday, June 1, 2020

Ballooned is a super fun and exciting color match tapper that was already reviewed here a couple of days ago. Because we really enjoyed this game and its innovative color match gameplay with simple tap controls, we decided to make this game our Tap Game of the Month.

Basic Introduction
This balloon tap game is easy and super-fun to play with innovative color match puzzle gameplay that will challenge your skills as you try to match balloons of the same color and pop them. Developed on both IOS and Android platform, the game offers sharp graphics, simple tap controls and cool sounds that will take you on a thrilling adventure as you sharpen your matching skills.

Gameplay, Levels, and More
Ballooned will get you addicted to playing on your first try. React and think fast to get the same colored balloons matched and popped. Same colored balloons need to get connected to be crushed in this color match game. Connect balloons to form loops as they come from the top. Mind-teasing strategic levels are available to test your goals and each level gives you a different goal you need to reach. 

Complete each level before you run out of moves to get to the next puzzle. As you progress you get power-ups such as bombs, lighting, move and time freeze to help you through challenging puzzles. Scores for completing levels are given to you and you could also collect coins that can be used in the game’s shop for getting more lives, moves, and power-ups.

Download it on App Store and Google Play to color match and pop the balloons!
Official Website: Ballooned
App Store Download Link: Ballooned
Google Play Download Link: Ballooned


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