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Lifestyle App of the Week – Diarly

Saturday, August 8, 2020


We talked here about Diarly already as the all in one journal, diary and notes app that is perfect to record moment, track personal milestones and hone your writing skills. We really loved this app and the impressive number of features it offers so we decided to be our Lifestyle App of the Week.

Basic Introduction

This is an all in one diary, notes, and journal app that is convenient for tracking personal milestones, recording moments, and honing your writing skills. Developed for the IOS platform, the app is available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, offering advanced tools with beautiful intuitive interface to help you stay focused and completely enjoy taking notes and journaling.


All in One Notes, Diary, and Journal App

Diarly allows you to add your own drawings, images and links and even import entries from other journaling apps. Sort ideas with symbols, bullet points and more and keep all your important files in one place. Jump between past entries with ease and use your own hashtags and lists to find your ideas, locating even untagged thoughts with the word finder tool. You can choose between a dark or a light theme and customize the font as you like. With the Map View you can pinpoint memories and use the word and character targets and counts to track your daily writing goals. 

Check off accomplished goals with the checklist feature and create thought-cue templates. Play with embedded movies and audio-notes. Use the automatic weather and location in templates, customize the built-in spelling and grammar checker as you like. Dictate written entries for hands-free quick journaling. With the app’s premium membership you will get even more advanced features such as securing ideas with passwords, personalizing your experience, creating categories, and much more.

Download it on App Store and Mac App Store to track personal milestones and record moments!

Official Website: Diarly

App Store Download Link: Diarly

Mac App Store Download Link: Diarly


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