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Online Safety App of the Week – MySafetyNet App

Thursday, October 29, 2020


We already discussed here about MySafetyNet App which is a safety tool that can help parents keep their kids safe and protected on the web at all times. We really liked the app and  all the benefits it offers parents and their kids so we decided to be our Online Safety App of the Week.


Basic Introduction  

This online kids safety app is offering parents the ability to protect their kids and teens while they are spending time on the Internet. Developed on both Android and IOS platform, the is providing parents with a shield of protection to their families, giving them complete control over their kids’ social networking at all times.  


Protection, Control, and More  

MySafetyNet App gives parents the safety and security their need to raise their children in the era of smartphones and technologies without worries. Kids that have the SafetyNet badge get to send their unique identification number to other person they want to connect with and that person needs to simply log n and send the badge request to the kid to verify their minor status so child can approve or reject their badge request. 


Real time text message is sent to parents when the two kids connect with each other and parents will be able to see the age and the gender of the person connected with their kid. All the personal information except the age, photo, and gender are kept confidential. The app will benefit kids and parents, stopping the predators and ending fake profiles, keeping your kids and teens safe online. You can get a free one year membership for a limited time on the app.  


Download it on Google Play and App Store to protect your kids while they engage online! 

Official Website: MySafetyNet App  

App Store Download Link: MySafetyNet App  

Google Play Download Link: MySafetyNet App


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