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App of the Day – Dutifypro

Monday, May 3, 2021

There are many task management apps available nowadays for business owners and managers to track the performance of their employees and easily assign and manage tasks to employees. That’s why we looked and we found one all-in-one task manager for increasing the productivity of your team and measuring performance. Read and learn more about it.  


Basic Introduction 

Developed on the IOS platform, easy to use and user-friendly, this is an all-in-one task manager. It will help business owners and managers to create, assign, and distribute tasks to employees remotely.  The app helps businesses manage daily and weekly tasks with ease to ensure tasks are completed promptly and the time on the clock is spent well. 


Increase Productivity and Get the Work Done  

Dutifypro with its features offers getting tasks done efficiently and staying productive during work hours. It’s for admins/owners to add and archive employees, adding daily and recurring tasks. The app offers a dashboard for seeing the current status of tasks as well as history for viewing completed tasks. Admins and owners can use the app for viewing the task completion time as well as employee engagement. You can add daily tasks on the go for downtime, see progress of employees in real time and manage store quality and performance easily. 

With this app you get to measure performance of your team’s work and track tasks with ease. For employees, there is DutifyproX available for managing employee workflow, separates to-do lists by shift. This app offers a task timer for working efficiently and increases employee responsibility. The employees can assign tasks themselves and control the workflow and even add tasks to get credit for the extra work they do with this app.  

Download it on App Store to track and efficiently complete tasks to increase your team’s productivity! 

App Store Download Link: Dutifypro 


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