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Game of the Day – Fashion Frenzy

Tuesday, June 8, 2021


There are games nowadays that offers fashion lovers a super fun roleplaying experience to become stylists, give makeovers, and dress up clients. If you are looking for a fashion makeover roleplay game that offers all of this and more, we looked and we found one game for you to become a stylist, build a brand and create unique styles. Read and learn more about it.  


Basic Introduction 

This makeover roleplay game is super fun to play, offering you the chance to become a stylist and pick out outfit styles for clients and dress them up. Developed on the Android platform, this fashion social media game allows you to create style makeovers, connect with other stylists on social media and create your profile as an influencer stylist. Create your own brand and dominate the fashion world.  


Looks, Styles, and More  

Fashion Frenzy has different features and options that allow you to create your own style makeovers for stylist and become a stylist. In this game you will be given variety of fashion challenges such as to create casual looks or elegant ones for special events. Create unique looks and share them in the fashion world with others. You will get style scores at the end of each challenge to become globally popular. 

Grow your style score, views, and followers on social media and browse social media to find inspiration. The game also offers tons of clothing and accessories to choose from. Explore dresses, tops, bodysuits, pants, leggings, skirts, shoes, as well as accessories and jewelry. You get to pick different hairstyles for clients too. The game will allow you to grow and complete looks as well as levels to get access to even more clothing and accessory pieces. You can shop for frenzy coins to be able to purchase more exclusive pieces for impressing your clients. Become popular in the fashion world and build your brand as a professional stylist.  

Download it on Google Play to become a professional stylist and create your own brand! 

Google Play Download Link: Fashion Frenzy 


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