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Books & Reference App of the Month - Tikibu Pronunciation Dictionary

Thursday, November 18, 2021

We talked about Tikibu Pronunciation Dictionary here a couple of days ago as the guide to American English pronunciation, offering you to the chance to easily and quickly search for words and listen to their pronunciation. Because we really liked what this app offers, we decided to be our Books & Reference App of the Month, 


What is Tikibu Pronunciation Dictionary? 

Tikibu Pronunciation Dictionary is a pronunciation dictionary app that is developed for Android users. It’s easy to use with clean user-friendly interface, this is a guide to pronunciation of American English. It lets you listen to words and check the IPA for Standard American Accent. Just enter the word and get the pronunciation for it with use examples.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This pronunciation dictionary offers all the features you need in one place to get pronunciation for any word of your interest. It offers the Standard American pronunciation for words. Just enter the word you want to get pronunciation for in the search bar and tap ‘’Go’’. 

You can search for words on this app and listen to pronunciation from native speakers. With every word search, you get the word’s definition and synonyms for it. Check the IPA and get use examples for the words you are looking for with this dictionary. It’s fast and simple, enter the word and instantly get its pronunciation on this app.  

Download the app now on Google Play to get the Standard American pronunciation for any word! 

Official Website: Tikibu Pronunciation Dictionary  

Google Play Download Link: Tikibu Pronunciation Dictionary  


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