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Business App of the Week - iDispatch Dispatcher

Monday, November 8, 2021


iDispatch Dispatcher was discussed here a couple of days ago as the tracker app for improving the business performance with smart tracking and real time communication across shipping and transportation professionals. Because we really liked this app and what it offers, we decided to be our Business App of the Week. 


Basic Introduction 

This shipping and transportation tracking app allows you to manage and improve business performance with real-time smart tracking, communication, industry leading efficiencies, and instant flee coordination. Developed on the IOS platform, this app gives you an easy and fast way to manage, track, and communicate, all possible from the convenience of your phone, at all times.  


Tracking, Communication, Coordination, and More 

iDispatch consists from a dispatcher and operator platform working together. The operator offers powerful solutions for drivers and operators and the dispatcher one is a command central for management and dispatchers. Both of these powerful apps, connect drivers, clients, and all team members for increasing efficiency. A wide range of services is offered on the Dispatcher app. For driver speed, distance, and location across shipments, deliveries, and logistics, a real-time accurate geo-tracking is available. 

The app offers detailed 72-hour driver movement reports for management analysis and strategic advantages to coordinate fleet instantly. For seamless communication, the platform connects all drivers, dispatchers, and employees. For all team members to benefit from the end-to-end solutions, the app is fully integrated with Google Maps and even use the chat feature to send messages across the team. On the app, even customers can use the smart tracking for their orders. With the web and mobile platforms, you can stay organized and synced, connected and up to date to optimize efficiency at all times. You can use the app’s free version or upgrade to the Pro membership.  

Download it on App Store to optimize efficiency, stay organized, and synced! 

Official Website: iDispatch Dispatcher  

App Store Download Link: iDispatch Dispatcher 


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