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Lifestyle App of the Month – Jobtick

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Jobtick was discussed here already as the app for you to be seen by the right audience and offer your services, or find experts to get the job done for you, all in one place. Because we really liked this app and all that it offers, we decided to be our Lifestyle App of the Month. 


Basic Introduction 

This job search app is reliable and convenience, offering you to be seen by the right audience and work by your own schedule and expertise. Developed on IOS and Android platform, the app allows you to present yourself to the market or find the right person on the market. You can offer your skills, get the job done and find the right opportunities for yourself, in one place with this app.  


Post, Explore, Discover, and More 

Jobtick with its features offers possibilities for users looking for tasks to be done or offering their skills to others. With low commission fees, this app is advantageous for everyone, all in a safe environment for connecting. On the app you can clarify and approve jobs within this app and work with top-rated tickers. Many skilled experts are actively offering their skills for every need you might have. 

The reliable rating and feedback system is available for you to see everything before choosing a person for the job. No extra fees need to be paid; on the app you can connect with the most skilled experts nearby, anywhere you need it. There’s the ability to negotiate and the services to suit your schedule. It covers as many services and tasks as possible with a wide range of tasks and a few options for each of them. Post a job and get it ticked off your list. Explore jobs and discover opportunities. On this platform, connect with ease, get the job done, track job statuses, transactions, and alerts, all within this app.  

Download it on App Store and Google Play to get the job done and discover job opportunities! 

App Store Download Link: Jobtick  

Google Play Download Link: Jobtick 


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