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Most Useful App of the Month – BetterTogether

Wednesday, November 10, 2021


BetterTogether was discussed here a couple of days ago as the weight loss app that can be your motivation engine and make losing weight fun by allowing you to turn it into a game with other people. Because we really liked this app and all the features it offers, we decided to be our Most Useful App of the Month. 


Basic Introduction 

This weight loss app is designed as a weight loss and well-being motivation engine that makes losing weight a fun game with friends, colleagues, and family. Developed on IOS and Android platform, the offers you to participate in daily challenges with people and achieve your weight loss goals. Just set desired goals, challenge people to join you and turn weight loss in a fun game.  


Challenges, Chat, Notifications, and More 

BetterTogether with its features allows you to turn weight loss into a fun game with your loved ones. You can use the app to chat with people participating with you and acknowledge them about the progress you made. Get the weight lose win prize by meeting your targets. Receive daily notifications to inform you about the daily challenges as well as daily award medals for your achievements. Notifications for drinking water, number of steps walked will also be given to you. 

A weight goal countdown to announce the winner for the weekly ceremony is offered. You can use the app to set challenges for your wanted body shape and challenge friends to participate in this weight loss game. Set goals, percentage of weight loss, and duration for meeting your target. There are weekly calculations for meeting your target on the app and the chance for you to compare with the targets of your friends. Also, the app gives you the option to hide your weight from others. Shape your body, get fit, complete your target and win the weight loss competition. On the app you can sync your tracker with Apple Health, Watch or Fitbit to update steps, floors, and water consumption. The best diet tips for weight loss are accessible on the app.  

Download it on App Store and Google Play to turn weight loss in a fun game with family and friends! 

Official Website: BetterTogether  

App Store Download Link: BetterTogether  

Google Play Download Link: BetterTogether 



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