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Utility App of the Month – Pie

Friday, December 3, 2021

Pie was discussed here already as the ad block browser that is super-fast, secure, and simple, enhancing your web experience. Because we really liked this app and what it offers for you to browse the Internet fast, block ads, save on data usage, and batter life, we decided to be our Utility App of the Month. 


Basic introduction 

This adblock browser is easy to use, fast and secure with built-in 3d party ad blocker for you to enjoy browsing the Internet with high speed and block ads and popups. Developed on the IOS platform, this web browser offers you to block ads, browse the Internet with fast speed, save on data usage and battery life, all in one app.  


Features of Pie  

Pie with its features will help you improve your web browsing experience. The app is offering a lighting fast browsing to supercharge your browsing speed, start up quickly and load web pages super-fast as well. The built-in ad blocker helps you prevent any 3rd party ads and pop-ups that interrupt your browsing. 

Save on battery life and data usage with this app. It will keep you protected from fraudulent websites with the built-in malicious site protections. This app defaults to secure connections on all websites for you to browse with peace of mind. The tab bar allows you to jump between multiple tabs with high speed. Browse incognito as well using this app. Make your web browsing experience more smooth, fast, and secure with this app.  

Download it on App Store to enhance your web browsing experience! 

Official Website: Pie  

App Store Download Link: Pie 


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