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Arcade Game of the Month – Run or Hunt

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Run or Hunt was discussed here already as the alien arcade game where you get to battle alien intruders and defeat them in tons of levels while climbing the rankings among the best players of the game. Because we really enjoyed this game, we decided to be our Arcade Game of the Month. 


Basic Introduction 

This is an exciting alien arcade game where you get to test your skills in challenging battles against alien enemies. Developed on the Android platform, this arcade is easy to play with sharp graphics, cool sounds, and smooth controls. You get to fight against alien intruders in this game, battle and defeat your enemies as fast as possible to progress and win.  


Gameplay, Levels, and More 

Run or Hunt is an alien arcade game with various features and thrilling gameplay that will get you addicted to the game. In this game there are tons of levels to challenge you, each next level harder than the level before it. 

You need to conquer as many levels as you can, as fast as possible to unlock soldiers with powerful and unique abilities. Upgrade soldiers to higher levels to get special buffs and even upgrade different guns to cause more damage. Unlock pet aliens to use against the alien intruders. 

Fight harder enemies by reaching the Reborn state, try different game modes and escape deadly traps to complete levels and progress. You can collect guns, coins, and alien keys that can help you progress further. Climb the ranking board and beat players to become the best player of this arcade.  

Download it on Google Play to fight against the alien intruders! 

Official Website: Run or Hunt  

Google Play Download Link: Run or Hunt 


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