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Photography App of the Month – TextArt

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

TextArt was discussed here already as the photo text editor for you to write on photos like a pro. Because we really enjoyed this app and all the features it offers for adding text on photos and editing photos like a professional, we decided to be our Photography App of the Month. 


Basic Introduction 

This photo text editing app allows you to write on photos like a pro with ease. Developed on the Android platform, this app is using multiple available functions and photo effects. You can add your favorite quotes to any photo, create beautiful sayings, and much more. Create masterpieces of images, write text over photos, edit, and keep up with the new trends.   


Library, Packages, Effects, and More 

TextArt with its features and professional design interface it’s really easy to use. Write on photos with various text effects, fonts, and sample quotes. It’s offering thousands of handpicked packages of picturesque images. Apply photo filters on photos, choose among hundreds of photo effects on this app. There is a huge text and image library for you to create amazing pictures with ease available on the app. 

Choose among beautiful frame patterns, divided in different subjects for you to easily discover them. Add visual effects on your images with this app too. Also, this app is offering basic image editing operations for you to resize, cut, obscure, undo/redo images. You can create photos that tell a story, insert text, edit images and more with this app. It’s offering beautifully designed fonts, it has a modern app design, and tools to edit photos for you to create unique photos and to share them on social media with others with just a click.  

Download it on Google Play to create photos that tell a story! 

Official Website: TextArt  

Google Play Download Link: TextArt 


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