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App Review – Lyghtly to Spice Up Your Social Life

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Dating apps are one of the most popular apps used on smartphones and tons of them are designed for you to choose from. This makes it hard to find a fun and cool dating with advanced options to enjoy. We looked and we found a local dating app for you to match with like-minded people with common interests. Read and learn more about it.  


Basic Introduction 

This local dating app is easy to use and user-friendly, offering you to spice up your social life with the ultimate power of online match making. Developed on the IOS and Android users, with this app you can discover people based on mutual interests nearby you, connect, and invite them to join you in favorite activity dates. Find the right dating match, meet new friends, and enjoy unique dates with the app.  

Match, Interact, Meet, and More 

Lyghtly with its features allows you to explore and discover new friends and the right dating match for you. You can enjoy small introductory chats or directly move to send activity dates to people you like online too. On this app you can explore, connect, and develop genuine bonds with people that share your interests and hobbies.

The app is completely safe and secure for you to create a profile and start meeting people online. Just add personal information, hobbies, and interests to your profile and set your social networking preferences as well. Meet new people locally with this mutual interests and friend finder. You can invite people to join you on dates, adding venue, date, and description to the invite too. Also accept invites to go out with people that like you. With this app you can jazz up your dating life, meeting the right match and even new friends that share your interests and hobbies. 

Download it on App Store and Google Play to jazz up your dating life and have fun on unique dates! 

App Store Download Link: Lyghtly  

Google Play Download Link: Lyghtly 

Website: Lyghtly 


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