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Auto App of the Month – JustParkit

Monday, May 9, 2022

JustParkit was introduced here already as the must-have app for drivers on the road to bridge the communication gap between them. We really loved what this app offers for drivers to connect, communicate, and share info and that’s why we are pronouncing it as our Auto App of the Month. 

General Intro

Developed for Android and IOS users, this driver app is a must-have for drivers on the road. With the app you can bridge the communication gap by generating your own unique vehicle owner info QR code and getting a sticker sent for your car. With this, other drivers will be able to scan the code and contact you within the app for any emergency and you can contact other drivers to do the same as well. 

Get Your Own JustParkIt Sticker & Communicate with Drivers within the App

This must-have driver app offers a whole network of drivers to communicate with in case of emergency or any situation. Just download the app, create a QR code with your info, enter your details, and easily communicate with other drivers. The built-in QR car scanner allows you to scan car info and get relevant vehicle owner details for contacting the drivers instantly on the app.

Whenever someone blocks your car, whenever you need emergency info concerning your car or you want to share info with drivers, you can communicate with drivers on this platform. Even share information when you are looking to sell your car. On this app, you can find vehicle owner details fast, communicate, and connect with drivers in this community with ease. This platform is completely private, all contact is made just via this app. You can report inappropriate users and enjoy responsive customer support whenever you are experiencing issues. Sign up, order and get the QR code, scan stickers to get info, and connect with drivers within this driver network.

Download the app on App Store or Google Play to connect and communicate with drivers on the road!

Official Website: JustParkit


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