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Social App of the Month - Whuups

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Whuups was discussed here already as the global social media for connecting with people around the world without worrying about language barriers. Because we really liked this app and all the features it offers with no limitations, we decided to be our Social App of the Month.


What is Whuups? 

Whuups is your global social media app that is developed for IOS and Android users. It’s private and safe, combining messaging, calling and video calling as well as creating public and private events. Interact and connect globally with people without any language barriers using this app. There’s chat translation available in more than 158 languages. No subscription fees.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This global social media app offers variety of features, it’s free, encrypted, and unlimited. Make voice calls, send instant messages, and set up video conferences. You can display your unique Whuupser self through every interaction on this app. Make your account personalized with endless options.  

Create public and private events for any personal, professional, and promotional purposes. Locate public events around you and even share them with the world. This app works fast, send and get messages instantly. End-to-end encryption is available for all your messages, photos, videos, documents and calls. Unlimited calls and video calls up to 12 people are offered on the app.  

With instant chat translation to your native language when you connect with people worldwide, no language barriers anymore. Connect with anyone you like, anywhere across the world with this social media platform. It’s logical, tactile, intuitive and fun. No matter if you are video conferencing, chatting, and connecting with people globally with instant translations on your language, the app offers it all.  

Download the app now on App Store and Google Play to connect with people worldwide! 

Download the  

Official Website: Whuups  

App Store Download Link: Whuups  

Google Play Download Link: Whuups  


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