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Lifestyle App of the Week - Doggy Time

Monday, September 12, 2022

Doggy Time was discussed here already as the puppy training assistant for tracking your puppy's habits and health. Because we really liked this app and all the features it offers for you to train your dog with ease and take care of your puppy efficiently, we decided to be our Lifestyle App of the Week.


What is Doggy Time? 

Doggy Time is a puppy training assistant that is developed for IOS and Android users. It helps you track your puppy’s daily habits and health, logging puppy training activities, setting reminders and creating schedules for training. Track your puppy’s daily activities, have a personal assistant to take care of your puppy easily, log puppy potty, enter logs into your puppy’s diary and more with this app.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This puppy training assistant variety of features. It allows you to track all your dog’s most important information with other caregivers as well as your vet. You can share exciting milestones of your dog’s development with others. The app handles all the details for you.  

Train your puppy with the help of this app and stay consistent. Create reminders and alerts for daily, weekly, and one time puppy training events. With this app you can track the meals of your puppy as well as the outdoor activities such as dog walking, runs, playtime, puppy training and more.

Your dog’s care can be tracked with this app as well, from grooming, cleaning, medication, to medical conditions and vaccination, cleaning. On the app, you can easily track other activities such as crate, house, sleep, and more, all in one place.  

Download the app now on App Store and Google Play for puppy training with ease! 

App Store Download Link: Doggy Time  

Google Play Download Link: Doggy Time