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Safety App of the Month - Life Defender Alert

Tuesday, September 20, 2022


Life Defender Alert was discussed here as the app for kid's safety, offering all the tools parents need to stay on top of risks and emergencies. Because we really liked this app and all the features it offers for parents and kid's safety, we decided to be our Safety App of the Month.


What is Life Defender Alert? 

Life Defender Alert is kid safety app that is developed for IOS users, and soon will available for Android too. It brings invaluable safeguarding provisions to your home. With this app, you will have preventive measures, educational resources, and emergency help at your fingertips. One tap at a time, stay on top of emerging risks. It’s free to use, and there will be a monthly subscription.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This kid safety app offers variety of features. It calls upon cutting-edge technologies with real time tracking and a drive to safeguard your kids. Weaving proactive measures, age-appropriate guidance, and emergency provisions through the app’s services. Your child’s handheld toolkit will give kids all the resources to respond to emergencies effectively. Get monthly reminders directly to your smartphone, from smoke alarms tests, conducting at-home fire drills, with the app you will cover every detail.

It’s secure, reliable and accurate, with a tracking feature in real time for every emergency your kid might face. Just connect your device with your child’s app and access their location. Kids can notify parents of any emergency with just a click of a button. Your kid will have all the needed tools to effectively manage risks of many kinds. Parents can create meeting points, schedule, and more, staying in touch with their kids at all times, all possible with this app. 

Download the app now on App Store to track and keep your kids safe at all times! 

Official Website: Life Defender Alert  

App Store Download Link: Life Defender Alert