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Simulation Game of the Month - Racing Car Games Mad Horizon

Friday, September 30, 2022

Racing Car Games Mad Horizon was discussed here as the highway traffic racing madness, offering players a realistic car simulation with unlimited speed and impossible stunts. Because we enjoyed this game, we decided to be our Simulation Game of the Month.


What is Racing Car Games Mad Horizon? 

Racing Car Games Mad Horizon is offering highway traffic racing car madness and it’s developed for Android users. For all speed freaks and fans of real-life racing car simulation, this game is offering the fun and many challenges to test you. Play again and again, test your skills with variety of race car games, from subway and highway traffic racing car simulation.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This highway traffic racing car madness is popular, fun, and can be played offline. It offers real traffic car race experiences with the thrill of cars rally racing. With unlimited speed and impossible stunts, this is a drag racing master and driving school simulator with no limits on speed, a cinematic camera perspective and real-time weather.

You can race in two different modes with different objective, a standard and a highway battle mode. It offers variety of muscle and sport cars with each its own performance characteristics and you can customize the cars. There are no missions, it offers all sorts of races from rally, demolition derby, and even highway races. Enjoy a 3D experience with smooth realistic driving, cool gear, thrilling challenges at full speed and more with this racing simulation.  

Download the game now on Google Play to try yourself in the traffic racing car madness! 

Google Play Download Link: Racing Car Games Mad Horizon