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Education App of the Month - Blarma

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Blarma was discussed here already as the vocabulary builder for learning a language in a fun, easy, and fast way. Because we really liked this app and what it offers for learning to speak a language fluently in a few weeks, we decided to be our Education App of the Month.


What is Blarma? 

Blarma is an easy and fun vocabulary builder that is developed for IOS and Android users. It offers the chance to learn languages fast by learning vocabulary. Effective and simple to use, makes learning languages entertaining with free language courses. You can learn different languages on this app with tailored courses to your native language.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This vocabulary builder offers features that will make it easy for you to learn, memorize, and speak the language you want to learn. Just download the app, set your language goals, and you can start. It’s easy to learn, offering fun games, photos, and videos. You can practice speaking, reading, and writing.

Only using this app for 10 minutes a day you have the chance to learn fast and, in a few weeks, improve your vocabulary and start speaking fluently. It combines all language apps in just one app. Learn any language you want and if the language you want to learn is not available, you can suggest ideas for the app to try and meet them. Learn fast, memorize easily, practice spelling, start speaking, build a habit of language learning, and never forget what you learned with this app.  

Download the app now on App Store and Google Play to learn languages fast and easy! 

App Store Download Link: Blarma  

Google Play Download Link: Blarma  


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