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Bounce the ball, pass all the obstacles and set new records at FallBall Go

Thursday, January 19, 2023


Since the development of smartphones and the many apps and games on them, one of the most popular and favorite games users to choose to play are certainly the arcade adventure games. Because of their popularity and demand, we are here to help you find the best one. FallBall Go is one of those that impressed us and it’s an endlessly fun and challenging game that will put your skills on the test. You can read more about FallBall Go bellow.


What is FallBall Go and how to play it?


FallBall Go is an arcade game where you play as a ball that bounce off bricks and you mission is to go through two objects in a tiny space. Easy to control, all you need is to move on the screen left or right and the brick will move and your ball will go the desired way. As you progress you will face different obstacles and more and more difficult levels. Avoid colliding with the wooden spikes and the condors in a challenging way and try to set up a personal record. Little help tip from us, once you bounce of the brick, bounce off the ground so you will lower the jump of the ball and will be easier to control. FallBall Go is fun, very challenging and requires good amount of concentration. Game that will glue your hands to the smartphone for hours. Graphics are retro and looking great, so all you will need is to showcase your skills and dominate the bounce of the ball.


You can download and try it yourself FallBall Go from the link bellow.


Requires: Android 5.1 and up

Developer: Ame Team

GooglePlay Download link: FallBall Go



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