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Educational Game of the Month – Learning Games for Kids A Z

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Last week, we reviewed "Learning Games for Kids A-Z," a collection of preschool learning games available on iOS. Covering a variety of subjects, this app offers hours of educational entertainment for preschoolers. That's why we've chosen it as our Educational Game of the Month. Read on to find out more.

Learning Games For Kids A-Z, available on iOS devices, offers a fun and interactive way for children aged one to six to develop essential skills and get ready for kindergarten and beyond.

Engaging and Educational Games for Kids

The app features 15 diverse games that cover a wide range of educational topics, from puzzles and matching games to lessons on animals, shapes, letters, math, and colors. Designed to be inclusive for both boys and girls, Learning Games For Kids A-Z ensures that all children can find something that piques their interest and encourages learning.

Skill Development Through Play

One of the standout aspects of Learning Games For Kids A-Z is its focus on interactive learning. Rather than passively watching videos, children actively participate in the games, which helps to enhance their memory, concentration, visual perception, sorting and classifying, hand-eye coordination, short-term retention, and logical thinking.

Designed for Young Learners

The app is thoughtfully designed to avoid overwhelming young children. Its calm and joyful layout, coupled with bright, engaging graphics and soothing music, creates an inviting environment that encourages children to explore and learn at their own pace.

Comprehensive Learning Approach

The 15 levels of the app are aligned with real-world preschool and kindergarten curricula and common core state standards. Each level focuses on different basic concepts that children encounter in their everyday lives, making the learning experience practical and relevant.

Encouraging Family Participation

Learning Games For Kids A-Z also promotes family involvement. Parents are encouraged to play along with their children, turning screen time into a valuable opportunity for bonding and collaborative learning. This interactive approach helps reinforce the concepts being taught and makes learning a shared experience.

Perfect for Any Time of Year

This app is not just for everyday learning but also perfect for special occasions like Christmas, when parents might be looking for educational activities to keep their children engaged. Its versatility makes it a useful tool for year-round education and entertainment.

A New Standard in Early Education

Learning Games For Kids A-Z sets a new standard in early childhood education by combining fun and learning in a way that is accessible and engaging for young children. It provides parents, babysitters, and educators with a valuable resource to help children develop essential skills in a natural and enjoyable manner.

Available for free on iOS, Learning Games For Kids A-Z brings the classroom to life on your child's device, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the next steps in their educational journey. With its innovative approach to learning, this app is poised to become a staple in early childhood education.


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