App of the Day - Share and Sale

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The free Android app called Share and Sale is our App of the Day. This simple tool can be really useful for you when you are using new SIM cards or you want to change to existing pre-paid plans. Nevertheless, this app is a must have for every phone. It enables various features that could be very useful to you, your friends and family.

Game of the Day - Jetty Freddy

The free iOS arcade game called Jetty Freddy is our Game of the Day. This adorable, colorful and entertaining gaming experience, caught our attention with its great and addicting gameplay. The graphics and the characters are also amazing. Jetty Freddy is a cute character that must avoid all obstacles that come in his path.

App of the Day – TankoPedia

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The lovely educational iOS app called TankoPedia is our App of the Day. It is an encyclopedia app about tanks. It contains tons of information, basically for all tanks ever produced. So, if you are in the army, or you are interested in this powerful army vehicle, this is the right app for you. It contains picture of each tank and there is possibility to compare tanks from various countries.

Android Game of the Month – Swing Wizards

Monday, November 17, 2014

Swing Wizard is the game we played and liked the most in our offices, so, it was an easy choice pronouncing it like Game of the Month. Dynamic, sweet, enjoyable and entertaining, this outstanding game will stick on our Android devices for a long time.

[Press Release] Gumba

“Gumba” (without the quotes, duh!) means thumb in Swahili and that's the idea behind the game, you need your thumbs to play it and a great memory to win it. Each level starts by showing a drawing and you have a few seconds to memorize it, after that you'll need to replicate that using your thumbs (preferably but not exclusively, as in Twister you can use whatever comes handy). The trick is not to lift your thumbs after you started drawing.

Game of the Day – I Read Your Mind

The free simple iOS game called I Read Your Mind is our Game of the Day. It is an entertaining, unique and simple mind reading game. You can use this app to entertain your friends and family. It works in simple manner.

App of the Day – Daily Calculator Free Simple

The free calculator app called Daily Calculator Free – Simple is our App of the Day. It is an excellent replacement for the stock calculator app, with tons of neat customization features, but most of all this app is great because it is simple and easy to use. 

Game of the Day – Black Holes Shooter

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The free, entertaining, shooting iOS game called Black Holes Shooter is our Game of the Day. It is a minimalistic, but yet so lovely and tastefully designed game that you will simply adore. The goal is to destroy as many black holes as you possibly can, because if you don’t, they will suck in your ship. You will need speed, skills and good reflexes if you want to be successful player.


Android Game of the Month

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