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Educational App of the Week – Clapp

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Being a teacher is rough. They are responsible for the education of our young ones. They often don’t get all the tools they need to be successful. Thankfully, technology can help a little bit. There are apps around now that can make some of the process a little easier, like our Educational App of the Week. The app is called Clapp, and it is one of our favorite apps of all time! Let’s see what it is all about.

mSpy software is an amazing fix for your parenting needs

Friday, August 18, 2017

mSpy is an amazing monitoring application that allows you to remotely monitor activity on your child’s phone or computer and it can be considered as one of the best cell phone monitoring software on the market. By using this app now you can keep an eye on what your kids are doing online, who they’re talking to and where they are. It is a bit pricey, but it’s well worth it. One of the best things about mSpy is that it keeps improving and the version you can get to day is far better than the earlier ones.

Fantastic swiper game that will fill your free time with epic fun – Diamond Glide

We know that we give our smartphones/tablets to our loved ones, kids and it would be a lot much better if we download these addictive games and give them in 2017 because they will definitely thank you for that. In fact, kids will be more appreciative than giving away candies and chocolate while Halloween season. Anyways, here is the top one most addictive Android arcade game that select for today.

iOS Game of the Week - Zombie Graveyard: Kill Frenzy

Zombie games are now more popular than ever, and, as the saying goes: “you can never have too much of a good thing”. There’s something about being a stocked-up survivor trying to make it through desolate wastelands of civilization or a gun-toting undead killer that connects with gamers. If you want to play an awesome zombie-killing adventure on your iDevice, check out our iOS Game of the Week – Zombie Graveyard: Kill Frenzy. Since we first tried it, we simply can’t stop playing it!

Surprise your loved ones with Best Greeting Cards App

Need to send a rush greeting card to a friend or holiday wishes to a relative halfway around the world? A wealth of mobile apps can do the job for you. Whether you want to send a neat looking card or picture message, or you want to go all out with a customized, personalized eCard or physical post card, there's an app to fit your needs.

Ultra cool racing game app for adrenalin junkies – Motorbike Racing

Games are much of an interest than a hobby for many people. Everyone loves to play games from children to people aged above 50. Games got attention from almost everyone. And when it comes to racing, people usually go crazy about them. Racing has been one of our personal game interests and we just love to play it. Racing games provide real entertainment and excitement! Today we’ll speak about one great motorbike racer game for Android.

Apps Are Replacing Websites As The Number of Mobile Users Increases, But Is It Always a Good Thing?

We’ve all heard someone jokingly say, “There’s an app for that”, and truthfully, there really is an app for pretty much everything. Whether you’re sending an email, doing some online banking, or even making a payment on a student loan, you are probably doing it from an app, right?

Think of the amount of time you spend on your smartphone. Are you actually going to websites or using an app? Depending on what you’re doing, it’s probably a little bit of both. While apps are slowly taking over apps with the increase of mobile users, browsing a website may still be just as good if not better.

How Many Apps Are You Using a Day?

Research findings vary, but it’s estimated that the average U.S. mobile spends about five hours a day on his or her smartphone. During this time, it’s not uncommon to use around 30 apps on your phone a day. While this stat may seem high, keep in mind that many mobile users will upload an app only to delete after trying it out once or twice.

Think about your own app usage. You probably use less than ten, right? There’s no right or wrong answer to how many apps you should or should not use on a daily basis, but most mobile users never use all of the apps that they have on their phone.

Is The App Better Than The Website?

You may not even think about it much but are apps really better than the website version? It all depends on the app and the website. For instance, some companies actually encourage their customers to use the app over the website for convenience and some easy-to-use features that aren’t on the website.

Some mobile users are forced to use the app because the website is all but defunct and is not mobile-friendly. Whether you use the app or the website usually comes down to user preference. Hate the idea of doing your banking while on the go? Using your home computer is probably better.

Other times, apps aren’t available for your favorite websites. Take https://www.onlinecasinobluebook.com/, for example. This popular online casino gaming review website functions much better as a website than an app because you can select where you live, the type of games you want to play and casinos to visit. It’s secure and is also mobile-friendly; therefore, no app is needed.

Will Apps Completely Replace Websites?

Eventually, it’s highly likely, particularly if the number of mobile users continues to outnumber desktop users. Again, it all comes down to user preferences and what makes them comfortable and trusting. As the demographics change, it’s likely to become an “app happy” society, but we may also run into a problem with too many apps and too many unresolved problems.

Just because apps are convenient, it doesn’t always mean it’s an ideal platform to work on projects or even get a good view of the “big picture.” Use whatever makes you happy but don’t get ready to phase out websites yet.

Cross-Platform Game of the Week – Nolly By Nature

We love playing games. They feel awesome on both Android and iOS devices and can be really fun time killers that anyone can enjoy on the go. We reviewed different games in the past week, but no game has stunned us more than Nolly By Nature. This cool cross-platform running and jumping game will easily get under your skin and you will enjoy every second of it. Read on and see why we made it Cross-Platform Game of the Week.

Simulation App of the Week - Galaxy Space Simulator 3D Pro: Gravity Orbits

Thursday, August 17, 2017

There are simulation apps that stick to our own solar system, while others push the boundaries of our cosmological projections, procedurally generating star systems far beyond our galactic neighborhood. If you want to enjoy a good space simulation app, check out our Simulation App of the Week - Galaxy Space Simulator 3D Pro: Gravity Orbits. It is one of the best apps we’ve ever reviewed here on Intellectuapp!

Lifestyle App of the Week – Rocketing for Instagram

There are some apps that just make life better. From dining out, to managing your finances to meeting new people, iPhone apps have played an important role in how we eat, exercise, shop and date. We evaluated lifestyle apps based on their design, cultural impact and how they resonated with users. That’s exactly how we’ve decided to make the Rocketing for Instagram app our Lifestyle App of the Week. Let’s see what it has to offer and why did we choose it!

iOS Game of the Week - Zombie Graveyard: Kill Frenzy

Communication App of the Week - Contact Memory

Weather App of the Week - Barometer Plus

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