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App Review – Crowd’s Feed

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Facebook and Twitter are the leading social media apps, but in the past few years they've been joined by additional social networks including Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Pinterest, all of which seem to have taken the internet by storm. So what's the next big thing in the social space for 2016? We bring you the next ultimate social app on the Android platform, an app that we hope will vastly grow in near future.

Zombie SkyKiller – A Thrilling Zombie Shooter Game

From games and television shows to movies and comics, it’s clear as day we’re all hooked on zombies. Love it or hate it, this craze has no end in sight. Are you infected like the rest of us? Looking to get your z-wars on? Get your iPhone or iPad in your hands and prepare yourself for one of the best zombie themed games on the iOS platform!

Most Useful App of the Day - Anatomy – Cytology

Monday, October 24, 2016

The educational app – Anatomy – Cytology is an app for anyone that is into anatomy. It is produced by the critically acclaimed developer’s studio of Web N App Programming UG. This developing studio has already developed some useful anatomy apps and this is the second in their series. At its core this educational app contains everything you may want to know about cytology. In the 23 questions everything is covered and we are sure that you will have a great knowledge about cytology.

iOS App of the Day - Instant Translator - Translates as You Speak

Produced by the critically acclaimed iOS developers – Neoappz (Private) Limited, the Instant Translator – Translates as You Speak iOS app is a great way to secure yourself with an amazing translating options on your iPhone. It is definitely one of the best translator apps we have ever used.

Android Game of the Day – Kiz10 Top Game

From one of the best game developers for kids games – Kiz10 Game, there comes our Android Game of the Day – Kiz10 Top Game. In this stunning selection of the best kids games you will find different type of games for every taste and satisfaction. In that way you will give options to your kid and enable them to have fun in the best way possible.

iOS Tool of the Week - Daily Sales Record | Simple Sales Tracking

When we find apps that are of great help to users and businesses we always feature them in our App of the Week section. That was the case with Daily Sales Record, an iOS Finance tool that can be of great help to anyone. No matter if you are an individual or a freelancer selling services, or a business that is selling products, Daily Sales Record is one of the simplest free apps that anyone can make use of. 

WhisperMe – Join the Vocabulary Adventure

Word games can be wonderful exercise for the brain, no matter what age you are. Increasing your vocabulary and expanding your knowledge is a smart and fun hobby. We all enjoy playing word games with our friends and family, but we often turn to mobile games. That is why today we’re sharing with you one of the most entertaining word guessing games on the App Store, called WhisperMe.

Game Review – Dunes War - Tower Defense

Who does not like to play games on their mobile phones? Everyone likes it, especially the action games which are at the top of this list. But there are thousands of action games available on the market. Too many options come with confusion to choose the best one. Today we’ll be helping you by presenting to you one of the best combinations of strategy and action.

Android Game of the Day – Smash'Em-Up!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Retro games have always had a certain charm. They invoke nostalgia and make us think of the old days. They are odes to a simpler time when the graphics didn’t matter so much and developers were forced to craft video games around ideas rather than looks.

Pinball BOOM – One of the Best Halloween Themed Pinball Game

Most of us remember spending tons of hours on our old computers, smashing “z” and “/” like maniacs sometimes for hours on end. Well if you thought that was that the golden age of pinball games is over and done for, think again. Thanks to games like the one that we will be talking about in