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Shopping App of the Week – Fairbuy

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tons of shopping apps are developed which can make it quite hard for us when we look for a product we like to purchase online and finding it at the lowest price. Fairbuy is an amazing shopping app that offers you to find a product across different shopping apps so you can compare prices and buy it at the lowest price as possible. We liked this app so much, we decided to pronounce it our Shopping App of the Week. Read more about it.

Car Drifter 3D - One of the Best Race Simulations for iOS

If you're a gearhead with gasoline in the veins, there's a pretty high chance that drifting is chief among your favorite driving techniques. It's fun, it's crowd-pleasing and needless to say, experiencing it first-hand is one of the more unforgettable experiences.

One of the Best Race Simulations

In today’s article we have covered one of the hottest race simulations available for free downloading at this moment for IOS users, so that’s why you need to keep read carefully. The name of our favorite pick is Car Drifter 3D, a perfect race and drifting game that surely will glue to your mobile device for the next couple of hours giving you an exciting and remarkable experience.

What to Expect

As a player expect outstanding and sharp graphics with super realistic sound effects that surely will boost your gaming adrenalin and entertain you on high levels. Your duty is to successfully cross your competition and win the race by mastering the streets of New York. In this game also expect many city stunts that will help you in testing your skills or to improve them. Another great feature about Car Drifter 3D is that there will be beautifully designed cars available for you to choose from which will make your gameplay even more addictive, but also more enjoyable. 

Compete with Friends

Don’t waste your time on average race simulations and download this outstanding drifting race game on your IOS device for free and share it with your friends so you can compete with them also, so the fun can be doubled. Check it out!

App Store Download Link: Car Drifter 3D

Sports App of the Week – VISU

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Tons of sports are available for many kinds of sports that can make your game better and stronger. If you play golf and like to improve your game and golf swings, there are sports app that can help you out. VISU is the most efficient golf swing analyzer that offers you the ability to analyze your golf swings, practice and measure the metrics to learn how to improve the swings. Because of that, this is our Sports App of the Week.

Android Game of the Week – Cleopatra Solitaire TriPeaks

Solitaire games are quite fun for card players that like to test their skills and have fun on the go, directly on their smartphone. Cleopatra Solitaire TriPeaks is an incredibly fun to play, addictive and yet challenging solitaire game with lots of challenges and levels to complete and many prizes and achievements to win if you play smart and clean all the cards. We liked this game so much, we decided to be our Android Game of the Week.

Card Game of the Week – 4KingRoyale

Card games are quite popular among smartphone users and there are tons of them offering different type of gameplay to keep us entertained. 4KingRoyale is an incredible fun and addictive Las Vegas style card game that will put your skills on the test as you try to eliminate the cards so you can win playing against others or as solitaire. We liked this game so much, we decided to be our Card Game of the Week. Read more about the game.

Fairbuy – Amazing Online Shopping App to Save Your Time & Money

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Online shopping apps are one of the most popular apps across users worldwide. With this type of app, you buy products you like online at good prices, without wasting much of your time. However, sometimes many shopping platforms offer the same product but at different prices and for you to compare prices and find the lowest one, you need the right app. We searched and discovered the perfect shopping app for these purposes. Let’s see what the app offers you.

Cross-Platform App of the Week – Stop Gap Dental

Monday, March 18, 2019

Nowadays, job search apps are a great choice if you are looking for the right job or personnel without wasting much of your time. Stop Gap Dental is the perfect platform for the dental industry, allowing both individuals and dental offices to engage with others, easily discovering dental jobs and personnel directly on their phones. Because we liked this app so much, we decided to be our Cross-Platform App of the Week.

Productivity App of the Month – Grow - Habit Builder

If you like to increase your motivation, productivity and persistence to reach your goals faster and easily with the help of psychometric measurement, you need the help of the right app. Grow is an incredible habit builder app that offers you all this and more. 

Build any individual solid habit, track your progress and reach your long-term goals, optimizing the whole habit process as you like. Because of the uniqueness, great execution and scientific proof that the app works, we pronounce it as our Productivity App of the Month.

Best iOS & Android Productivity Apps

Friday, March 15, 2019

Today we are going to present you best productivity apps for Android and iOS. They are can be useful in anyone's life if used and implemented in the right way.

VISU - Analyze Your Body throughout Golf Swings & Measure Metrics

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Golf has changed a lot over the years and like many other sports, technology has completely redefined the way the game is played and experienced for better. For golfers that need help to train and learn to keep their head steady during the golf swings, there are apps that could help with that. Among so many sports apps, choosing the best golf app for training is hard. We searched and discovered a great golf app you need to try to improve your golf swings.


Android Game of the Week – Cleopatra Solitaire TriPeaks

Cross Platform App of the Week – Stop Gap Dental

Productivity App of the Month - Grow - Habit Builder

iOS Game of the Month - The Shapeshifting Detective

Sports App of the Week - Tipsters Round-Up

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