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The Best Game for Selfie Addicts – Top Thaaat

Friday, August 26, 2016

Are you ready to take your selfie addiction to a whole new level? Have you ever wondered if there’s a game out there that is selfie-centered? Well now you have the answer, because there’s a brand new iPhone game out there called Top Thaaat that will finally quench your selfie addiction. This game app is a fun new way to interact and have fun with other people in a challenging way.

Game Review – Tropical Dash

Thursday, August 25, 2016

When we were searching through the Games category on the App Store the other day, we found a new fun game and we thought to ourselves that we must share it with you today. It is called Tropical Dash and it can entertain you and challenge you at the same time. The developer, Peter Sairangka, made this game with amazing graphics and engaging sound effects and we think it is the perfect time killer for any age.

CALC Smart – A Smarter Way to Do Your Math

Unlike other calculator apps on the market, today we offer to you a hassle-free, smarter one that can help you do your daily math and much more. Featured by Apple, CALC Smart is one of the most loved calculator app on the App Store. 

The developers (QApps) designed it for both iPhone and iPad and even made it available for Apple Watch. According to tons of customers’ reviews, the app is a real combination of intuitiveness and functionality.

App Review – Envicase

Do you enjoy shopping and just love worldwide famous brands and celebrities? Do you want to know which items are currently trending among the top influencers? You can do it all, by simply getting this amazing app that we present to you today. The name of the app is Envicase, and it can become your personal showroom. If you have it in your device, you will get a unique chance to become one of the top influencers in the world and be envied by people from around the world.

Puntr – Incredible App for Sport Bets

Are you looking for a smart new sport betting app? Well when it comes to safe betting, there really is only one option for you. And that option is Puntr. It is an amazingly designed app that lets users bet on many different types of sports league for free. The app has a slick and minimalistic design. Thanks to its interface, you get all the information you need without getting a headache. Unlike other betting apps, this app holds tons of cool features for you.

Enigma Test – The Hot New Puzzle Game

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting tired of all the easy puzzle games out there? Maybe you have a higher difficulty expectation for puzzle games, and today’s app market just doesn’t seem to have any game that fits your competitiveness? Well you’re in luck, because we just found out the new best puzzle app game on the market, and its name is Enigma Test.

Game of the Day – Fruit’Y

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fruit’Y is a new Android game that we recently discovered in the Puzzle category. This brain game is created by the unique game development studio that goes under the name “Retroguru”. This creative professional has great passion for retro games and they resembled that into Fruit’Y.

Software of the Week – StringMaster

Monday, August 22, 2016

Splitting one large data source file into 2 or more files can be performed by a use of a simple and easy to use software that is also feature-rich. As we recently discovered StringMaster that enabled us to successfully perform tons of splits we decided to make it Software of the Week, because it deserves the praise! 

Android App of the Day - Art Coloring Book for Adult

Who said coloring was for kids only? For the past week we have been exploring the mobile coloring apps, and quite a few apps have the adult audience in mind. Not to mention if you want to show some productive, creative mobile games to your youngsters.

Cross-Platform Game of the Day – Treellionaire

I guess at least once in our lifetime we heard the saying “Money Don’t Grow On Trees!”. Well, in our game of the day, they most certainly do.

Treellionaire is a new casual game that is filled with exciting moments, interesting rewards, lovely gameplay and idea.