iOS App of the Day – ArrowScan

Friday, July 31, 2015

Our team has recently found the perfect scan app for the iOS platform so we decided to make it App of the Day. We are talking about the lovely, effective and highly functional scanning app called ArrowScan. This app will enable you to easily take pictures of your documents, edit them and save them as pdf or jpeg files. The neat thing is that you can scan single page and create a single page file, but also scan several pages and create a multipage file.

iOS Game of the Day – Epic Cat Runner

Our today’s Game of the Day is the lovely endless runner game called Epic Cat Runner. If you love endless running games and you adore cats, this is a win-win combination. Epic Cat Runner is in many way an amazingly cute and interesting game that will quickly become one of your favorites. The game has simple goal: run with the cat as long as you can avoiding all obstacles. 

Game of the Month – Super Penguin Rescue

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The outstanding Arcade game – Super Penguin Rescue available for both iOS and Android is our Game of the Month. The reason for that is because this game is unique and lovely in many ways. It is the game that was one of the most enjoyed games in our offices in July.


Game of the Month - Super Penguin Rescue

Game of the Week - Turtle Tumble

iOS Game of the Week - Space Max

Android Game of the Month - Mega Bucks Slot Machine

Android App of the Week - Voice Changer Allogag

iOS App of the Month - GPS Tracker Trackometer

App of the Month (Cross Platform) - iMorph 3D

Most Addicting Game of the Month - Candy Bubble Pop

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