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Navigation App of the Week - Navigator PRO

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Get the guidance you need while travelling locally or abroad with our Navigation App of the Week. We’re talking about a convenient GPS navigation app called Navigator PRO, now available on the Android platform. Get a powerful Android navigation tool and you can be confident that you'll arrive where you want, discover places fast and use the app’s offline maps whenever you need them!

App Review – Exchange Rates

If you are abroad or simply curious, there are some great currency and exchange rates apps that can help you figure things out. With the right app on your smartphone you have the chance to get information on exchange rates of any worlds’ currency in real time, getting notified whenever a change happened in the rates. How to find the right app? No worries, we searched and we discovered one great exchange rates app for this purpose. Let’s see what the app offers you.

Action Game of the Week - Shooting Heroes Legend

Try your hands on FPS games with our choice for an Action Game of the Week. FPS games are among the most action-packed and mentally stimulating games out there. That’s why we’re sharing with you an awesome game called Shooting Heroes Legend. The game gives you a thrilling action-packed experience, so in this article, we bring everything you need to know about it – gameplay, features and why we liked it so much.

Travel App of the Week - MULMIN Sightseeing

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Build up your travel knowledge on the go, enjoy your personal tour guide anywhere you travel by downloading one of the best sightseeing apps on both Android and iOS platforms. Meet MULMIN, the perfect app that’s going to make your travel easier! See why we picked it to be a Travel App of the Week.

Finance App of the Week – CoinsNow

Get updates for over 1000 cryptocurrencies in real-time with our choice for Finance App of the Week. The app that we’re talking about is called CoinsNow, currently available for Android users who want to get updates and data instantly, directly on their smartphones.

Arcade Game of the Week – Tunnel Swipe

Monday, August 13, 2018

If you want to play a fun, exciting and fast-paced arcade game on your Android device, we highly recommend you check out Tunnel Swipe. This is one of the most addictive games we’ve played in a while, so keep on reading and find out why we’re pronouncing it an Arcade Game of the Week.

Android Game of the Week - Tricky 4 u

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Get ready to test your IQ and to tease your brain to the fullest with the one and only Tricky 4 u. Tricky 4 u is a new Android game that will try to trick you again and again, but you have to show your best thinking skills and solve as many levels as you can. Don’t get tricked and enjoy lots of fun with our Android Game of the Week!

iOS Game of the Week - IQ Jackpot

Thursday, August 9, 2018

If you want to enjoy a good, fun live trivia game on your iDevice and have a chance to win real cash prizes, then check out our iOS Game of the Week - IQ Jackpot. This is one of the most unique trivia games on the iOS platform because it has a live show every hour that can bring you real money and test your trivia knowledge to the fullest!

Action Game of the Month - Country War

If you're into war games, then you will definitely be excited about our Action Game of the Month. Full of modern warfare features, wonderful design and awesome action gameplay, Country War is one of the best games we've played this summer. The title is well-deserved - read on the whole article to see why!

Navigator PRO – Incredible GPS Navigator with Offline Maps

Sometimes when you look for a certain destination and for the best way to reach it without spending hours looking at maps or driving around a smart choice is a navigation app that can guide you to your chosen place and find for you the best route for it. However, among so many apps for this purpose, choosing the most quality one that works even without the need for you to be online is hard. To help, we searched and have a navigation app for you. Let’s see what the app offers you.


Action Game of the Month - Country War

iOS Game of the Week - IQ Jackpot

Arcade Game of the Week - Space Galaxy Attack

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Android Game of the Week - TapTap Boom

Business App of the Month - HostEvent

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Android App of the Week - Flipbook Animation Maker

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iOS Game of the Week - Square Dash - Geometry Blocks