iOS App of the Week – Watchon Animal Alphabet

Friday, November 27, 2015

Occasionally we present apps that we think can be of great help for parents. Our this week’s iOS App of the Week – Watchon Animal Alphabet is an app dedicated to kids and intended to help the parents. It is called Watchon Animal Alphabet because of the character called Watchon created by the developer.

With this great alphabet app your kids will learn the alphabet in no time. The great thing is that the children will have fun and learn not only the alphabet, but also various types of animals. 

App of the Month (iOS & Android) - Frontdrop

Our this month’s App of the Month is intended for people that love to express their passions, whether it is a passion for sports, music, movies or a country. Launched in October, the app Frontdrop is an easy to use iOS and Android app that will be of great help to anyone using social media. It is a photo editing app in its core, but a social networking app as well.

App of the Day (iOS & Android) – iTrading

Thursday, November 26, 2015

If you frequently trade with stocks, binary options or you are just beginning to trade you should try our today’s iOS App of the Day – iTrading. This outstanding trading app will include great signals provided by Dr. Alessandro Moretti CFTe. What makes this app stand out is the detailed information you will get and the high quality signals. The app is so broad and detailed that you will be grateful to us if you really dig into it. 

iOS App of the Day - My Very Own Alphabet App

Alphabet Apps can really help families and parents to learn the children to the alphabet faster and more effectively. What differentiates those apps from each other are certainly the UI, graphics and how creative the app is. Our today’s iOS App of the Day – My Very Own Alphabet App is a great and well thought alphabet learning app. It is a combination of great graphics and excellent voice.

iOS App of the Day - Beyond Meditation Binaural Beats

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beyond Mediation Binaural Beats is an app intended for all people that meditate or are in the search of an app that relaxes. We used it in the last week and we must say that we are impressed from the content of the app. The app is actually a 10-level meditation program that is well-thought, beautiful, relaxing and enlightening. It will help you to experience deep meditation and simply enjoy your relaxation even more.

Android Game of the Day – Beat 30!

Our today’s Android game of the day is a very simple game. It is one of the most interesting and exciting time killers you will find on Google Play. The goal of the game is simple, all you have to do is tap the shaded square as many times as you can in 10 seconds. However, the fact that there are other objects flying around, makes things little complicated. 

App Review – Mo - Slow Motion Photos for Lifestyle, Action & Extreme Sports

Gifs, slow motion loops and short videos will practically be future of social media, especially now when Facebook introduced auto-video and is giving videos and gifs much better reach than photos or text.

Mo is an iOS app that will help you create such gifs, action shots and short videos. Intended for extreme sportsmen, Mo makes the creation of a video or a gif really easy. However, Mo can be used by anyone and can truly boost likes and follows on Facebook and Instagram.

App of the Month (iOS&Android) - Frontdrop

App of the Month (iOS&Android) - Frontdrop
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iOS App of the Week - Watchon Animal Alphabet

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