App of the Day - KeyRingMe

Friday, December 19, 2014

The outstanding iOS Business app called KeyRingMe is our App of the Day. It is an innovative business app indeed. It’s called key ring because through the app you can create keyrings. Actually, you can create this keyring with few touches on your iPhone or iPad. Then through the app you can order as many keyrings as you want and get them delivered to your home address.

App of the Day – PICBEL – Image Search

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Searching an image or any type of media can be really frustrating on mobile devices. Even the famous Google search can get really slow, especially when you search photos or any other type of media. That is why our today’s App of the Day is the lovey PICBEL – Image Search Download. It is an app specialized for search of images. However, the app can search any other type of media as well.

It has one of the simplest and neatest user interfaces we have ever seen. Its design is based on light blue color that is pleasant to the eyes. After you search for a desired keyword, the app will recommend you the most relevant images. The search is blazing fast and you will get the needed results very fast.

When you find the desired image you can easily zoom in, slide through several images, download or share them directly within the app. We have used this app for the last days and we didn’t experienced any type of lags. Everything was smooth and we are definitely keeping this on our devices. Get it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: PICBEL – Image Search Download

Game of the Day – Family Time

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The amazing free iOS app called Family Time is our Game of the Day. It is an outstanding, comprehensive free app that includes tons of other great games that are easy to play and child friendly. Family Time is a completely new approach to family games, something you definitely haven’t seen before. So, lets see what Family Time includes and how you can use it with your kids.

First of all it includes activities that you can together with your kids. There is a bookshelf filled with classic kid books, you can use them to read a bed night story. There is drawing, maps which you can use for Geography lessons, videos specially made for kids and board games like chess or tic-tac-toe.
In order Family Time to be more complete there is Dinner Time, which enables you to enjoy meals, tea time or holidays and birthdays. For the smallest kids there is also “Time” which will learn them to read the clock.

So, with all these features of Family Time there are tons of activities you can do with your kids and family like: reading, spelling, geography, singing, creating healthy habits or learn time, weather and seasons.

This is one of the most complete family apps that you can find on the App Store. Get the basic app for free, or get the paid version which includes several additional features for $2.99.

App Store Download Link: Family Time

App of the Month – Mobile App Real Estate Listings

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lets face it, finding an apartment can be really frustrating. Some real estate websites are a good solution, but most of them are spammy and simply not relevant. Few weeks ago we were introduced by the app called Mobile App Real Estate Listings, and without any doubt, it has quickly become our favorite real estate app. The app is Canada based, but it represent a pure example of how every real estate app should be developed.

[Press Release] Traffic Crash: Highway Racer

“Traffic Crash: Highway Racer” fulfills a fantasy all drivers have, to drive recklessly without any real consequences. This game gives you this and even more as you choose a fast car and then head on into chaos, crash into other cars, escape from helicopters, drift and sabotage other participants.

Game of the Day – Football Quiz: FootieQuiz C&C

The outstanding sport quiz app called Football Quiz: FootieQuiz C&C is our Game of the Day. It is a trivia game that will entertain you and challenge you in a fun and interesting way. It is intended for every football fan, trust me it will really test your knowledge. However, the app is not only a regular trivia app, it also includes tons of additional features that will keep you interested in the game. 

App of the Day - Panic SOS Button

Many of us don’t live in safe environments. Even if we do, sometimes we have to pass through unsafe environments that could harm us. Our today’s App of the Day – Panic SOS Button will definitely increase your safety and spare from such uncomfortable situations. It is an iOS lifestyle app that will sent alert message to the contacts you previously select.

App of the Day – Simpl Website Builder

Monday, December 15, 2014

Nowadays having a website is a must for every business or service. Additionally, if you want to create any type of website you have to hire web designer or some knowledgeable IT guy to help you. 

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