Keep Yourself Entertained with Trump, Dump, Punch – Jump

Friday, May 6, 2016

If you're searching for a game that's fun enough to keep you entertained while the president elections are still running, we have a perfect game for you - your very own chance to become the one and only trump frontrunner. Trump, Dump, Punch - Jump is a game that will challenge you to the fullest and will have your attention glued to your phone. Amazing graphics with simple controls, it will totally get you hooked.

The NutriGuide App: Now, Know About The Food You Want to Eat

Thursday, May 5, 2016

While you do have plenty of food options, how would the food you eat effect you? If you're looking to be on diet, you need to make the right food choices. The tough question often is answering just what food is right - how do you know the nutritional value of every food item that you intake through the day? Does the food you take contain more calories?

iOS App of the Day - Vanish - Magic Trick

Our today’s App of the Day is one of the most unique apps we have reviewed. Vanish – Magic Trick is a cool way to trick and impress your friends or family members. With simple words, this app will enable you to hide all or certain apps from your iPhone home screen. With the use of the proximity sensor and several screenshots, Vanish can make your apps to appear as if they vanish from your phone.

Android App of the Day - Work Opportunity

Ambit Energy is a program located in the United States that enables its users to earn money through helping other people that want to save money on their bills. It is a well-developed business that enables serious amounts of income to the participants in their program. You can find about the program more here, and the app enables you to do your job as a consultant much more effectively. You can really develop a good business through this program and app.

Android Game of the Day - Adventure of White Ball

One ball, various rotating circles and one simple goal – to get the ball inside the circle. This sounds easy, but the the spinning wheels will challenge you to the fullest in our Android Game of the Day – Adventure of White Ball. It is one of those games that you’ll feel attracted from the start, just because of the pleasant surroundings, colors, design and sound effects. On top of that the game features interesting gameplay and movements. 

Android App of the Day - Vlinder

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Recently reviewed by our staff members, Vlinder still kept us interested and we thought to share it again as this app definitely deserves all the praise. We are still waiting for the butterfly to land on our devices!

Android Game of the Day – Path


Path is the game that obsessed us in the last few days. It is one of those cute, simple, arcade games that you’ll find yourself attracted to instantly. This new Android Arcade game has one simple goal, which was extremely challenging for us to accomplish on the long run. The goal is to follow the path with the white cube. There are huge blue boxes that will change their shape, and you’ll need to find the empty spaces and change the direction in the right moment and with the right pace.

Cross-Platform App of the Month - RoboAdviso

Game of the Week (iOS & Android) - Real Fantasy

Android App of the Month - Healthy Reminder

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