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App of The Day - Catholic Cases App

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Using your smartphone or tablet to learn from just makes sense. It’s a device that is almost always with you which means you can take your learning everywhere and there are a metric ton of resources to teach you what you need to know. Some learning apps are better than others but they all achieve the same goal of helping you know something you didn’t previously know. If you want to fast track your progress and learn just about anything, here are some of the best educational apps for Android!

Humanitarian ATL-B&W Party App for Raising Awareness and Compassion

Shopping online is pretty much the way to shop these days. Brick and mortar stores are fun, but at the end of the day, the ability to pick up your mobile device and search for stuff online is just infinitely more convenient. There are a ton of ways and apps you can use to shop for stuff on your mobile device. Here is our pick of the best shopping apps for Android.

What is ATL-B&W Party App?

Today we have covered a very special app that gives information about the prestigious black and white party which was created to raise awareness and generate funds to foster the goals of Orphan kids Help Foundation (OKHF). The mission of the OKHF is to support the children to sustain their physical, emotional and spiritual needs and emphasizes the need of building awareness for the orphan children around the world and the possible ways in which their needs can be addressed.
Another cool thing that black and white party emphasizes is the dress code to remind us and stimulate us while partying to make a great cause, so we can visualize ourselves in unison trying to achieve the same goal. It’s quite a nice thing to have in mind while we celebrate the good things and we enjoy the life carelessly, that a little help for the less fortunate ones is always welcomed.

Get More Info

In order to get more info download the app on Play Store and raise your human compassion because that is what is the most needed in the world today.

Google Play Download Link:  ATL-B&W Party
App Store Download Link: ATL-B&W Party

Cross-Platform App of the Week – PokeRAIDchat

Monday, April 23, 2018

Today we’re introducing you an awesome app specialized in Raid events. Meet PokeRAIDchat, a platform where users can come to get notified when a Raid event is organized and easily connecting with other fellow players from all around the worlds. The app is our choice for a Cross-Platform App of the Week.

Strategy Game of the Week - Star Tactics Redux

As our Strategy Game of the Week, we chose a fantastic cross-platform game called Star Tactics Redux. If you like tactical games that will tickle your mind and test your strategic skills, then this game is the one you need. Get your fingers ready for some space action, infinite combats and battles, cool spaceships and a challenging gameplay!

Fitness App of the Month – JabMix

Here comes a powerful iOS app that can help you you find the right MMA trained partner to help meet your self-defense training needs. JabMix is a simple self-defense training app that you can use to chat, schedule, connect with other people and discuss your training needs and routines. We loved its overall design, we find it extremely useful, thus we’re pronouncing it a Fitness App of the Month.

Medical App of the Week – PharmacyPal

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Our Medical App of the Week is an amazing cross-platform app that will definitely change the way you order medicine, by only using your iOS or Android device. It’s called PharmacyPal, and it is one of the most convenient, easy-to-use and useful apps we’ve ever encountered. Let’s see what the app’s all about.

Music App of the Week – Rythme

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Rythme was introduced early this week and it was instantly reviewed on Intellectuapp. With its extremely handy features & flawless functionality, this free music player & streaming app definitely deserved another worthy appraisail, this time as our Music App of the Week. See why!

Android Game of the Day - Word Cookies 2018: Word Chef

Friday, April 20, 2018

Puzzle games are among the most popular, ever. In fact, the most popular individual gaming franchise on mobile (Angry Birds) is a puzzle game. The genre has evolved consistently and developers have been finding new and exciting ways of teasing our brains, making us think, and stumping us entirely. It also helps that puzzle games are easily playable on mobile devices which have only helped skyrocket their popularity.

Apps and their advantages

Thursday, April 19, 2018

With an app you can do a lot. There are a lot of apps available at the App Store that you can download for free or for a certain money amount, which is usually not a lot. It’s easy to use an app after downloading it.

You have a lot of apps but each one is used for a specific purpose. There are video editing apps, photography editing, music editing, different emails, weather information, calendar, social media, notebook, and even slot games. There are thousands of apps available that anyone can get access to, which is incredible.

Some apps are paid but it depends on the developer. Of course, that paying for an app will depend on the amount of money that is asked as a payment. There is a lot of reasons someone would pay a lot of money for an app, but if it’s a good one then paying for it is more than explained. For example, there are photography editing apps that are payed but these have high quality and are specific for that. Those who are into photography will pay for an app that has such quality. It all depends if you have the money and are willing to pay, but if the app is good then it’s normal to have a lot of success.

Something that is also good when you have an Apple smartphone is that you can connect many apps to your software on your MacBook, which is something incredible since you can do a lot more with that feature available. Basically, you can start editing a photo on your iPhone and finish editing it on your Mac. It’s obvious that you will need an Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop program to do so, but this is amazing and very useful for many people. This can be used on photo editing and other types of apps as well.

Apple smartphones have revolutionized the world and how we work as well. It’s now easier to work on our smartphone and with them as well, especially in the photo industry. The last iPhones have incredible quality when it comes to their cameras.

Tool of the Week - Who Hack My Wifi App for Android

Few days ago our team reviewed Who Hack My Wifi App. This great wifi analyzer is sure a handy tool that can spare you from a lot of uncomfortable situations and prevent slow internet! Because of its usefulness we pronounce it as our Android Tool of the Week.


Fitness App of the Month - JabMix

Medical App of the Week – PharmacyPal

Lifestyle App of the Month – Parrot Amigos

Social App of the Week - Anonymous Chat Rooms

Travel App of the Week - eyeParaty

Excercise App of the Month - A 7 Minute Workout Challenge

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