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App of the Week - ParentoScope

Friday, December 2, 2016

Digital assistants are all the rage at the moment. Apple has SIRI, Microsoft has Cortana, and Amazon has Alexa, but this was the first time we heard of Belinda, a digital assistant dedicated to the art of parenting. It is a part of the ultra-useful parental control app - ParentoScope. Using it for the first few days we instantly knew, this is an amazing app and it must be featured as App of the Week!

iOS Game of the Day - Archeopad free

When amazing artwork, illustrations and creatively exciting environments combine with the classic tetris puzzle gameplay, the end results can’t be bad! Our today’s Game of the Day – Archeopad combines just that. This stunning game will guide you in a puzzle journey around the globe within the eyes of an archeologist-adventurer. There are hidden treasures in more than 90 levels, and your weapon is the archeopad.

Cross-Platform App of the Day – ShedWool - Employee Scheduling

Planning employee work shifts across time slots and locations is difficult and time-consuming. We tested one the latest employee scheduling and shift planning apps that will make that task easy and efficient. One of the best new employee scheduling apps we tried is ShedWool. This iOS and Android app can do so much for you as a business owner. It is so easy to setup and use you will never want to use any other similar software.

Most Addictive Game of the Week - Turtle Warrior

When we first played Turtle Warrior we wanted to quickly deleted it and forget about it. However, after playing with it for more than 20 minutes, we are still having hard time turning it off. The thing with Turtle Warrior is that you will need little time to get into the gameplay. After that everything is easy and you will enjoy every second of the game.

Improve Team and Project Work With CollaBoard

Nowadays, many big ideas incept from a team, sitting together in a brainstorming meeting. This collaborative approach uses the collective knowledge and creativity of the team, and is greatly beneficial in the achieving end products. The advent of computers and digital media, and increased availability of high-speed networks, enabled remote brainstorming sessions. Today, we are pleased to review the app that will vastly improve the way you work.

Triscent is a challenging game that will entertain you to the fullest

A bright, dynamic and challenging game is finally here for you developed by Mark Metry ,with varying levels of difficulty. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a recreational player or a hardcore gamer, it keeps a challenge for you.Triscent is a timing-based precission game fit for all ages. It is frustratingly addicting and, if played for too long, will make you see spinning, barrages everywhere!

Always have yours or the best content from Instagram on your Android device with Insta Video Downloader

Downloading your favorite videos, pictures and other media contents from Instagram for reposting or saving it to your gallery is no more difficult now. We are here to suggest you the app, which has made this quite easy. People we are talking about Insta video downloader.

Android Tool of the Day – Pixel Nut

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Users of Android devices appreciate apps that offer a powerful mix of features and customization options, especially ones that are free. The apps listed below represent some of the best free Android apps available for working with wireless networks. Whether a home or business network user, our today’s app of the day – Pixel Nut, can be of great help to anyone.

Tool of the Month - Swift Currency Converter

When we reviewed Swift Currency Converter few days ago, we instantly knew that this app is something different. It is the best currency converter app for Android we ever used till date.

This app is a time saver. In no time you will select your most reliable source of currency info, base currency and currency you want to follow and you are ready to go. No matter where you are traveling, it is always important to know what you are paying for items or simply know the value of that currency. With Swift Currency Converter App you will know the real value of any currency and do fast calculations offline.

Sports App of the Month - FireFan

On Thanksgiving, after months of announcements, Firefan finally launched for Android and iOS. This was one of the most awaited sports app for the start of the NFL season too. After 1 week of trial, we can say that we are impressed.

Sports App of the Month - FireFan

Photo App of the Month - PicStackr

Game of the Month - Rescue Paws

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