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Social App of the Week – People-App

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Our choice for a Social App of the Week is an amazing social networking platform where people come to be seen. It’s called People-App, now here to connect users from all around the world. If you want to enjoy instant communication, this app is perfect for you. Let’s see why we love it an why we chose it to present to you today.
No lists – no restrictions
Most of the freelancing websites and app are quite difficult to navigate through and have the downside of lists and many other restrictions which make it hard for freelancers to get the chance to be discovered or for companies and businesses to find the right person for their needs. This is where the app we are going to talk about shines the brightest.
The People App is developed to help its users connect with each other more easily and in an instant no matter where they are located in the world. This means people can find other people and work with them to satisfy their requirements and needs. Most of the apps which offer these kinds of services incorporate some kind of a list which offers greater visibility for users who end up on it. But the fight to find yourself on these lists often makes these apps and websites not worth the time.
Instant, fast and reliable!
The People-App found out that most of the people find using these apps and websites extremely complicated, time wasting and expensive task. So, in order to simplify things, and create an equal place for every user, the People-App ditched the list system and created their interactive map one, which tries to present an equal visibility for every one of its users. This No-List system provides an equal opportunity for everyone to be seen and discovered for free.
App Store download link: People-App

Educational App of the Week - Chinese Strokes Order

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Simplify the whole process of learning the Chinese strokes and their order with one of the best tools on the iOS platform - Chinese Strokes Order. Master the strokes, their meaning and the logic behind the radicals with our Educational App of the Week and finally, Chinese writing will become a lot easier. Let’s see what the app’s all about.

Enjoy your Casino Games on your Mobile Device

Spinit casino is one of the many online casinos that has now available an app for those players who love to access their games anywhere. This really makes all the difference for those who travel a lot during their days or aren’t home as much as they would like. This gives them the possibility to be able to play their favorite games. Spinit casino makes it easier, offering their games for mobile. You have the games you want besides you can also play Live casino, which is incredible. There are many other games available at the mobile app of this casino, that you can enjoy and even win some money.

Food & Drink App of the Week – WineNights

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

For all wine lovers out there that read us, here comes an app designed just for your taste! Meet WineNights, an amazing wine-themed app now available on both iOS and Android platforms. We loved it so much that we proudly pronounce it as a Food & Drink App of the Week on our site. See why below!

Design App of the Month – monUnique

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Do you want to have a all-in-one tall to make unique photo designs? If you do, we highly recommend you check out our Design App of the Month – it’s called monUnique. With the monUnique app users can simply create multiple designs from a particular image using an original patented process. Let’s see what this cross-platform tool has to offer!

Android App of the Day – Musika4u is your Free Way to Enjoy Music & Download Videos

Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t always travel with us. So for those who are addicted to YouTube and love good music, being able to download YouTube videos & music is hugely valuable. So today we will talk about one of the best apps for android to download videos and music from YouTube – Musika4u.

Get Raid Notifications & Connect with Fellow Players Easily – PokeRAIDchat

Monday, May 21, 2018

If you are looking for the easiest way to keep track of Raid events, to get notified whenever a Raid event is organized and connect with your team and fellow players whenever you want, now you can easily do that directly from your phone with the right app. Using an app to do this can help you always find an event you would love to attend and get in touch with fellow players and your team whenever you need some information. We discovered the right app for you so let’s discuss what the app is about.

Cross-Platform App of the Day - Kyro - Cryptocurrency tracker

It’s undeniable that cryptocurrency is the new hotness and all the cool kids are into investing in various virtual currencies. Bitcoin might be in something of a slump right now, but that could change quickly, and there are tons of other virtual currencies you can invest in. But how do you know where to invest? How do you keep track of the market’s ebbs-and-flows? And most importantly, where do you keep your hard-earned cryptocurrency? Stop looking for the perfect platform, we have one of the greatest apps that will keep you up-to-date with everything crypto related. It’s called Kyro!

Get Free Daily Betting Tips for Football Games with Win Bet App

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sports betting is a billion dollar industry, and football is the most popular sports in the world to bet on. No, we are not talking about American football, we are referring to the real football or soccer as our neighbors over the big pond call it. If you are interested in betting online.. read on.

Shopping App of the Week - SPIN - New Cars for Sale

If you want to discover new cars that are on sale, to compare, build and buy, from the convenience of your own iDevice, we’ve got the perfect app for you. Meet our Shopping App of the Week, Spin. Here, you can find every new car – everything in one single platform, which by the way is totally free to use.

Food & Drink App of the Week - WineNights

Design App of the Month - monUnique

Sports App of the Month - Russia 2018 World Cup App

Health App of the Month - MyPsyDiary

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