Cross-Platform App of the Day (iOS & Android) - Hello Pal

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hello Pal: Talk to the World has impressed us in the past and was already reviewed on Intellectuapp. But from few weeks ago, the team of Hello Pal has released an iOS version. For you who haven’t hear about Hello Pal, this app has a great idea, functionality and a goal it wants to achieve.

Most Addictive Game of the Day - 100 Balls

100 balls is one of the most downloaded ball puzzle games on Google Play. With over 280k reviews, this game was rated as one of the most addictive games ever. We tried and we can easily confirm that. 100 Balls is so adorably entertaining and will get into your veins really fast. You will always want to achieve more and more and end up replaying the game all time. The feeling is amazing though, you’ll love it.

iOS App of the Day - Do Eat

If you don’t know where to have a good meal near your location, our today’s App of the Day for the iOS platform can be of great help. With Do Eat you’ll be able to get randomized recommendation for places to eat. They are all neatly organized in this cute iOS app that can offer great amount of restaurant recommendations. This app divides all recommendations according to the type of cuisine you are looking for.

Android Game of the Day – City Builder

If you want games that involve building stuff, then our Android Game of the Day should look and feel interesting to you. It is a building game that is suitable for anyone. Just download it for free and you can easily start building your city. Everything in this game is controlled from the crane and the fast swinging cable rope. The goal of the game is to release the houses in a way that they don’t fall.

App of the Week (iOS & Android) - Accomplysh

Accomplysh is a neat education app for iOS and Android that we truly think can offer great value to students. Not only that Accomplysh represents a great way for students to collaborate on courses, but also offers a marketplace page to sell and buy textbooks from schoolmates quickly and conveniently.

Create Neat and Beautiful Collections of Your Favorite Content With Cubes

Cubes is a productivity app that we recently stumbled upon while browsing the App Store. It has certainly got us interested instantly because we receive tens of emails daily. These emails are often forgotten after we read them and are never seen again, even though some of the content shared on them is worth remembering and keeping. This is where Cubes can become a useful tool to anyone.

Android Game of the Day – Bounce Upward

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bounce Upward is an Android game that could easily become one of your favorite casual games. It is relaxing, but challenging and you can easily get addicted to its simple gameplay controlled by a simple tap. The goal of the game is also very simple. All you need to do is tap the screen and bounce upward between the different orbits while you avoid them. In Bounce Upward everything is up to timing and reaction.

App of the Week (iOS & Android) - Accomplysh

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App of the Month (iOS&Android) - Frontdrop
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