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You Can Really Clean Up Your Android Device with Phone Cleaner Pro

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Android devices are sophisticated enough that regular maintenance is not necessary, but it is still a good idea to clean out the system every occasionally. Do not underestimate the impact of staying digitally organized. The trick is finding cleaner apps that actually live up to their promises. At best, a bad cleaner app clogs up disk space; at worst, it could infect you with malware and viruses. However, it is the fact that not all of these apps are useless however, so we are going to help you find the ones worth using. We are talking about Phone Cleaner Pro.

What is Phone Cleaner Pro?

Phone Cleaner Pro is the best Android cache cleaner app that easily cleans your Android cache. As well as most trusted Speed Booster, Android Optimizer, Battery Saver and app manager. On your Android device, cache and residual files take lots of space on your device and decrease the performance. So, just clean cache and residual files on your Android device with few tap using this super advance Android cache cleaner app.

If there are many tasks running in the background, which are not only occupying system RAM, but also waste your Android’s battery life. Memory Acceleration is able to stop other apps that are running in the background and free up more RAM space to speed up your Android device. This includes a convenient shortcut called “1 Tap Boost” that is easily accessible from your home screen.

It takes quite a number of seconds to reach optimal effects by cleaning the running apps this can also help you to cool down your smartphone if it is heating up too much. So, use Phone Cleaner Pro for Android and make your phone faster than before! It is free to download from the link given at the end.

Google Play Download Link: Phone Cleaner Pro

GPS Speedometer & Odometer is the best use of GPS technology to track your trip details

You can see how fast you are traveling with speedometer apps on your android phone. These apps use your phone’s in-built GPS system and they are accurate. There are bunches of android apps out there to perform this task, and we have tested them out and ended up our testing with an app, GPS Speedometer & Odometer.

Professional Invoicing App Review

The idea for a professional styled invoicing application was ingenious, and the follow-through has been impeccable. Trying to design templates on my own was time-consuming and often ended with subpar invoices. I am not proficient at the technical aspects of invoices, so this application was a dream come true for me. I was finally able to feel like my business was professional and legitimate, all because I now had access to high quality templates and tools for my quotes, estimates, purchase orders, and invoices. To make matters even better, Professional Invoicing lets me track payments and handle my accounting with little to no effort on my part. It’s incredible, and I’ve never felt more in control of my own business.
My company is oriented around providing delivery for everything from groceries to video games, and it has been challenging to maintain any customer retention when the design for my paperwork has been so lacking in terms of professional aesthetic appeal. Customers really pay attention to that sort of thing. And my freelance deliverers have been working with me, patiently, as I struggled to figure out the best method of invoicing. Finally, at last, I have found it. Professional Invoicing is the app for me, that’s for sure. I can use all of their professional designs and templates, but the entire system is oriented to me. I can pick the color scheme and input information about my business, without taking up all of the storage I have on my phone. Downloading Professional Invoicing is honestly the second best decision I ever made, with the first being starting my own business.

I can create an invoice that has been oriented to my business the very second I need to with the mobile invoicing feature, and the Real Time Sync has been incredibly beneficial for the majority of my employees. In addition to having these fundamentally advantageous improvements on simple templates and the like, I also get to send out notifications to all of my drivers about their payments and schedules through the app. Similarly, I can send professional emails to my clients detailing their services and their payment requirements with ease. I feel like I can finally relax and take a breath now that the majority of my financial stressors have been lifted with this invoicing app.
Even if I forget to create an invoice or quote, I can do it the second I remember. The app works offline, and I can invoice to go with no problems. If my phone is dead or missing, I can even access Professional Invoicing online through my computer so I never have to go without my newest favorite app.
App Store Download Link: Professional Invoicing

Snowloop - Search engine for camera roll pictures is an Artificial Intelligence app that can describe your photos and later find them in a glance

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It needs to be, said that not every gallery app was, created equal. Some of them work fantastically with great designs and quickness. Others are giant, bloated, and move at a snail’s pace. If you are stuck in the latter category, do not worry because you have plenty of options when it comes to gallery apps. Whether it is sorting Pics, hiding them away, or you just want something clean and quick, there are tons of choices available. In this review, we have covered an app, Snowloop: Search Photo Gallery.

Android Game of the Day – Samurai of Warriors X

Action games are among the most popular on any platform. They get the blood pumping, the fingers moving, and it’s a great way to test your reflexes and wits. There are a variety of action games out there, including shooters, fighting games, adventure games, platformers, and more which makes narrowing it down a little difficult. Nevertheless, here is one of our favorite action games on the Android platform.

iOS Game of the Day – Western West Cowboy Crush

The match-3 puzzle genre requires no introduction as it has captured the imagination of avid mobile game lovers throughout the globe. These are essentially casual puzzle games where the player is tasked with forming a sequence of 3 or more identical elements. The success of this genre is primarily due to its simplicity and flexibility, so that’s why we’re sharing a newly released one with you, our readers, today.

iOS App of the Day – UK Motorway Services Alert

When we’re out on the road, our phone serves as music, maps, weather guide, a place to find good food, and much more. There are some apps that we use on a daily basis, whether for commuting or when we’re out on the road on a longer trip. I'm sure you'll know some travel apps, but hey, maybe one can make your life a little easier, like the one we have for you today.

Android Game of the Week – Adventure Quest Monster World

Mobile games have come quite a long way in the last few years, but no matter the platform or what kind of games you prefer, everyone needs a little adventure now and again. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the top adventure games for Android, and chose one to present to you today. With all of the free time you might have coming up over the next few days, this game just might provide the excitement you need to carry you through.

KaKa Camera – The Critically Acclaimed Photo Editors Gets Featured on App Store in 8 Different Countries

Photo editing for iOS is essential in the world of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and many different social media apps. KaKa Camera, launched few weeks ago, represented another great photo editing option with more than 500 free ready to use filters that can fix your photos and make them look stunning with few simple taps.

Productivity App of the Month - Moiety

Moiety is a scheduling app for every phase of your life. Available for Android and iOS, let’s see why we were impressed by its features and why it has quickly become our #1 productivity app.

Apple's and Google calendar app have been good performers since their debut of iOS years ago. Everyone has a different workflow and that has opened the door for tons of calendar apps that suit a myriad of needs. If you need more than simple event entry and iCloud or Google Drive cloud sync, we will help you navigate the ocean of productivity apps available for your device, bringing you one of the finest ones today.

Productivity App of the Month - Moiety

Fitness App of the Week - Home Fitness

Action Game of the Month - Stickman legends

Sports App of the Month - Golf Buddies

Sports App of the Month - Golf Buddies
Stats Tracker

Social App of the Week - KAZZANOVA

Cross Platform App of the Month - MessagePet

Photo App of the Month - Paintastic

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