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App of the Day – Bold Focus

Monday, October 26, 2020

What is Bold Focus?

It is a new to-do task management system that helps you build a focused mindset. The app let’s you create cards (you can think of them) and put 3 tasks related to that project. There are no deadlines. Everything you do in the app is analyzed so you can improve your productivity and focus like never before.

Standout Features:

- 2 project cards with 3 tasks

- add titles, notes and estimated time to each task

- flip cards to add info on the headers

- planning tasks with time to competition estimation

- plan and track work/sprint blocks

- track the actual task times

- check the productive metrics for your productivity

- get badges for achievements

- daily inspirations to keep you motivated

- learn more about the science of productivity

Uniqueness: High

Usefulness: High

Potential of going viral: High


Compatibility: IOS & Android

Developer: Wesapi

App Store Download Link: Bold Focus

Google Play Download Link: Bold Focus

Website: https://boldfocus.app/


Social App of the Week – Spodid

Friday, October 23, 2020


Spodid was already discussed here as the social network for people that like to travel the world, save and share their unforgettable moments with others. We really liked the app and the features it offers for you to make memorable experiences so we decided to be our Social App of the Week.


Basic Introduction 

This social networking app will allow you to travel the world and share your adventures with others. Developed on the IOS platform, easy to use with a user-friendly interface, this social network is your personalized, organized scrapbook for making memorable experience. Allow others to live through your adventures in real time and relive your favorite moments with this app.  


Post, Filter Search, and More  

Spodid with the features offered on it will allow you to document your travels. Snap selfies using the app with a star, landmark, or monument and select a location and write a caption for that experience. Store all the moments in your personal profile on the network. You can search for landmarks, stars, and monuments nearby, comment and share with others. 


Pan around the map, zooming in and out and redo searches with ease, seeing results for another location easily. Filter searches on the app by time, distance, favorites, by 24 hours, or by monuments, landmarks, and stars. You can get notifications for real time moments nearby and select all the categories you want to receive notifications for in this network.  


Download it on App Store to travel the world and share your adventures with others! 

Official Website: Spodid  

App Store Download Link: Spodid  


Social App of the Week - Spodid

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