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Android Game of the Day - Kill Virus

Saturday, February 25, 2017

For many of us a good Casual Game is a great necessity in life. Sometimes you just want to play a game for awhile without the commitment of beginning a full length game. Same goes with the casual shooters with unique themes and goals. They are fun thrilling and hard to let go once you get hooked. One of those thrilling and ultra-interesting shooting games that addicted and entertained us is Kill Virus. It is indeed a game that will test your precision and reflexes skills!

Simply select your workout routine and follow along with FITJOY – Simple Workout App

You already take your smartphone with you everywhere. You might as well use it to power your workout routine and glean precious data from your bike ride. You can now stick this year to your fitness routine for good. Moreover, with smartphone computers and sensors getting better and better, health and fitness apps have finally turned the corner from clunky to crucial. So we combed through rankings, user feedback, and reviews to find a fitness app for every guy, and we ended up with the selection of “FITJOY – Simple Workout App”.

Enjoy typing up to 70% faster on iOS & Android with WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)

Now prepare for a completely new typing experience with WRIO Keyboard by Icoaching. It has all characteristics of a successful android and iOS keyboard plus much more. With WRIO, you get emojis, intuitive interfaces, multi-language support, smarter auto-correct, intelligent swipe typing gestures, and more.

What it offers?

It comes up with Go-ahead layout, which learns the way you type, and optimizes the keyboard for your needs over time. Its layout is, based on the common QWERTY keyboard and the gestures are easy and intuitive, and you will get noticeably faster quickly. With its amazing auto correction feature now, you just type and leave the rest to this smart keyboard app.

Typing in different international languages is now more fun as it offers you to type in 30+ languages and you can easily access these languages whenever you need. WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji) is not just about typing the text as its clear from the name it also gives you an option of 1000+ emojis so that you can express exactly what you are feeling.

Well it last but not the least amazing feature is that you can also set your personalized theme color for your emoji keyboard, which you can easily change from the setting within few clicks. Well the unique part of this app is its gestures that make your overall experience with this keyboard app even more amazing and cool. If you want to write capital letters, simply swipe up and t delete one or multiple characters swipe left. If you want to undo that delete process just swipe right.

Increase your typing speed now by 20-70% percent and install this app on your iOS and android OS devices. You can also avail it 60% discount offer, so do not miss a chance and tap the recommended store link to begin the installation process.

App Store Download Link: WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)

Google Play Download Link: WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)

Word Search, is the best game app for your leisure time with much more productive features

An immersive and challenging word puzzle is often just the tonic for sleepy brain– the kind meant to give your brain a good exercise, that can keep a nerd occupied for hours at a time, and that can get you hooked up without relying on flashy graphics and sound effects. Better yet, we have chosen a game app from the Playstore named, Word Search.

What is Word Search?

Word Search new FREE word search puzzle game that challenge your brain with addictive & fun puzzles. Playing this game will boost your brain thinking power and improve your word vocabulary. The game comes up with simple but high quality graphics with beautiful background. There are about 21 levels to play right now in the game. The levels are, arranged in the beautifully themed path.

In each level of the game, you will have to find about 12 words with different number of alphabets. When you start playing each level you are, notified with pop up screen about the direction you can follow and the timespan for those levels. The faster you will find all the words the more good points and the more stars you will earn.

The game is available in different languages so you can also have the chance to get familiar with the letters from other languages and on the other hand you it will also increase the difficulty level to some extent. There are three modes of game play in the game; the first one is single player where you have to find the required words in the given time. The two player modes allows you to either challenge your friend or to accept the challenge from your friends, apart from these two modes there is also offline mode where you can practice your game play before going for the rest of two modes.

Overall, this game is worthy exercise for your brain and boosts your memory power. Download it without any hesitation, as it is available free for Android devices. You can find the direct download link to the app present at the end.

Google Play Download Link: Word Search

Goodbuy$, an app to just make your lives simpler and manageable

These days it is even easier than ever to get a hold of what you want, have it delivered to your door in no time and pay very little for it. Of course, this is if you are, armed with the right tools. There are countless different apps and stores online that all offer similar services and selections, there are many apps and services that are available on Android right now. Some of which will be great for those new to Android, some of which are standard options and some of which you might not ever have heard of. However, to help you find the right one we have picked out an app from the same category that is, Goodbuy$.

iOS Game of the Day - We Connect - World Leaders Together

Friday, February 24, 2017

If you're into casual puzzle games, chances are you've come across one or two match-3 games throughout your journey. Or maybe a few dozen. The fact is, the sheer number of match-3 titles available makes it hard to separate the good from the bad. But we're here to help. What follows is a list of some of the best that the genre has to offer. We Connect - World Leaders Together is a new and really cool match 3 game.

Music App of the Week – Music Mix DJ

Being a DJ can be expensive. You have a load of equipment to buy and then you have to invest the time to learn it, use the software, and create awesome music. Believe it or not, there are some decent DJ apps on App Store. There aren’t any currently that can run the whole show but you can use these to augment a set up and make it a little bit better. 

Android Game of the Day - Super Micky Adventures

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Two of the more popular gaming genres on Android are the endless adventure runner and endless adventure jumper game types. In these games, you are tasked with moving either forward or up through a level and attempt to survive as long as possible. As you move through the level, things get more difficult, and your skills are pushed to their maximum. This offers a great way to play on the go because you can pick the game up and play for just a couple of minutes and still have a great time.

Adventure Jump World 2017 is a multilevel running game with super addictive dynamics that you will never get tired

Mobile games have come quite a long way in the last few years, but no matter what kind of games you prefer, or the platform, everyone needs a little adventure now and again. Therefore, we have brought the best Adventure game for Android. With all of the free time, you might have coming up over the next few days; this game just might provide the excitement you need to carry you through, we are talking about Adventure Jump World 2017.

Kids ABC Learning & Tracing is a fun, free, and simple educational app to help your toddler learn ABC

As the huge amount of developments in technologies, it appears that an ever-increasing number of guardians will give their children tablets, let them play with cell phones, and permit them to draw in with innovation overall. Obviously, in the event that you will give your children a chance to play with tech then they ought most likely to have some applications to play with that are age suitable. However, you do not have to worry any more now as we have found an app, Kids ABC Learning & Tracing.

Photo App of the Month - Paintastic

Most Addictive Game of the Week - Cake Boss

iOS Game of the Month - Rapid Recharge

iOS Game of the Month - Rapid Recharge
Win $50 in prizes

Most Useful App of the Week - VESNA BREAST CANCER SCREEN

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