Press Release – Home Sheep Home Free Game

Friday, April 24, 2015

Bored of endless running through temples, Poppin and Triads ? The home sheep home 2 game has a pack after his bones and needs YOU to guide him through the spooky graveyard in the dead of night to escape them!

iOS App of the Day – Arise Diet Coach

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The actually effective, free and truly helpful health & fitness apps are pretty rare on the App Store. Unlike tons of other health apps, our today’s App of the Day – Arise Diet Coach is certainly one of the best for losing weight and improving your health. Actually, this app is ranked in Top 5 Health and Fitness apps in several countries. Based on our experience in the last few days, that is all deserved, as this app is highly effective and easy to use. 

Android App of the Day – Sports Center NBA NFL NHL MLB

A good sports app that will enable you to follow the scores of different sports is always a good asset to have on your Android device. Well, our today’s App of the Day – Sports Center NBA NFL NHL MLB is most certainly the perfect sports app for every sports fan. It will enable you to have all of the results, standing, fixtures and many additional statistics right at you hand.

Press Release 123 QWERTY: Customize Keyboard Keys

23.04.2015. From the developing team of 123-QWERTY LLC there comes the outstanding utility app called 123 QWERTY: Customize Keyboard Keys. With a simple goal to customize your iPhone or iPad keyboards with your preferred and most used phrases, this app tends to save you time and increase productivity. If you use the popular messaging apps every day, 123-QWERTY can be a great partner for you.

Safe time with organizing your keys

123 QWERTY is basically an on-screen keyboard that will enable you to assign different keys. When writing a message, we all need to swipe screens in order to add diferent marks to our messages. Well with 123QWERTY we will avoid such situations, because there will be an extra row of 10 keys that you can fully customize. But, those keys can also be words and phrases. You can easily add greeting, sign offs, signatures etc.

With 123 QWERTY: Customize Keyboard Keys you can add rows above the keyboard and customize it according to your needs. With two screens of marks and characters you will avoid the largely annoying changing between screens that can lose you a lot of time.

The number entry has never been easier

123 QWERTY shows the number pad on the right side in the landscape mode on the iPhone. This makes the number entry a lot easier and more effective. The same goes with iPad, but there the number pad is available for both Portrait and Landscape.

With 123QWERTY: Customized Keyboard Keys you will definitely spend less time swapping screens to write your message. Bring speed and efficiency to your texting and emails. Get 123QWERTY for $0.99 on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: 123 QWERTY: Customized Keyboard Keys

Android Game of the Day - Gravity Jar

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our today’s Game of the Day – Gravity Jar comes with a great story and concept. This cute puzzle game is a nice refreshment in the puzzle game category on Google Play. The story line is as following. Norman got lost in space, and he can get back home only if he has energy in his gravity jar. The gravity jar can convert specific elements into energy.

iOS App of the Day - FIT Radio Workout Music

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our today’s App of the Day – FIT Radio Workout Music is loved by our staff. We frequently use it for any kind of workout. It contains amazing mixes that can really get you pumped up before you go for a run, or to the gym, and while exercising. This app contains high-quality, perfectly tailored and selected mixes that are frequently updated. You will never get bored of this app, and we know that it will quickly become your favorite workout app.

App of the Week – Broker Map [Cross Platform]

Our App of the Week - BrokerMap will definitely help you get organized in searching the best possible property for you or your clients. It is the perfect app for mobile mapping for real estate. The idea of the app is that it will enable you to create property and map directory. You can also create tour for any property with just taking pictures with your phone. It is the ideal app for any real estate agent or company. 

[Press Release] Don’t miss the new Legacy Games Bundle and the Counter Strike Complete Giveaway from Playinjector

Playinjector is a new game distribution platform made especially for the purpose of supporting game development teams. Frequently this platform is running game bundles and giveaways that not only are beneficial for consumers, but also for game developers. This time Playinjector’s bundle and legacy are: Legacy Games Bundle and the Counter Strike Complete Giveaway. For very affordable prices you can get great games and help the game developers to create even better games.

The Legacy Games Bundle consists of 11 fun games split into 3 tiers: Tier 1 - “Legends of Atlantis: Exodus”, “Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep”, “Murder, She Wrote 2”. You can get these games for only $1. Additionally, for beating the average range price the Legacy Games Bundle can be extended with Tier 2 in which you will get “League of Mermaids”, “Criminal Minds” and “Paranormal State: Poison Spring”. Another great attribution is the featured game: “Doctor Who: The adventure games – 5 Episode Bundle”, which you will get, together with the other games, for just $6.49. or more. All these games are created by the high quality developing team of Legacy Games.

Distribute your contribution to developers, charity, game starters, and tips

This platform is amazing because it will enable you to distribute your contribution however you like. You can do that by simply dragging the button to select price, games and where the money go. This way of distributing the income has 4 effects:

- It supports the indie developers for creating more awesome, original games! All money directed to Developers will go to the creators of the wonderful games in this bundle.

- It helps the research of alternative cancer cures by donating some of your contribution to the AP John Cancer Research Institute.

- It takes part in funding future indie games initiatives, by sending some of the money in the Game Starter Fund.

- It helps the team of Playinjector to grow and be able to bring more awesome bundles and innovative new services.

Only 8 days left for these astonishing deals, don’t miss it.

Enter the contest and you can win Counter Strike Complete

Join the millions of gamers already playing Counter-Strike and enter for a chance to secure your copy today! Playinjector is giving away a Steam key for Counter-Strike Complete, all you have to do is to raise points by simply following the website’s social media profiles. The giveaway is independent from the bundle, but if you purchase one it will bring you extra points and more chances of winning.

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