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Android App of the Week - Fitness Motivation Wallpapers

Friday, July 22, 2016

Motivation and fitness must go together in order ultimate results to be achieved. That’s why, as summer is blooming, this week we decided to pronounce an app that is based on fitness and motivation. We are talking about Fitness Motivation Wallpapers, simple wallpaper app, with great content. It can surely keep you hyped, keep you going and help you achieve fitness greatness. Most of the wallpapers contain quotes that can really give you that feeling of inspiration and make you hit the gym right away.

Android App of the Day - Kids Education Words

Entertaining children isn't easy in these days in which you are not allowed to let kids get bored. Entertaining children so that you can slack off and watch the telly even harder. And the hardest thing of all is to entertain and educate, whilst grabbing back a bit of time for yourself. We have good news for you, the reader: your smartphone and tablet are your friends and our Android App of the Day – Kids Education Words can be the best education app for your kids.

iOS App of the Day – Birthday and Gift Reminder

Birthdays are extremely important for almost anyone. If you don’t want to forget them and have the best birthday gift ideas, then you should try out our new app of the day – Birthday and Gift reminder. This easy to use app is one of the simplest and most useful birthday apps you will ever experience. Having it, you will get guarantees that your family or friends always get the best gifts and be respected on time!

Wall Cat Run - Fun and Competitive Running Gaming App

Wall Cat Run is a brand new challenging and addictive arcade running game, which focuses on player reaction time and smart decision making. The game features beautiful and kid-friendly sounds and graphics, which make the game lovable by both parents and kids alike.  It’s being developed by Jarkko Huttu, a company that deeply and passionately cares about their game, constantly improving and updating it through user feedback. So if you’re on the market and looking for a fresh new running game, you must check this app out.

App Review – Battery Care

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Do you often worry about your battery’s condition? Are you constantly asking yourself is it working properly, at all the right parameters? If you do, you certainly need some help with it and we have in mind a great app for all your needs related to your device’s battery. The app that we’re talking about is called Battery Care, created by HungChun Lai and released on the iOS platform. This is one of the best utilities melted in a smooth and intuitive UI and wonderful graphics.

iOS App of the Day - AppGotTalent

If you think you have any kind of talent that needs to be shown to the world and want to get appreciation or get famous, our today’s App of the Day is the perfect app for you! AppGotTalent enables talents around to world to showcase their talent easily and get the needed audience and appreciation, and possibly get signed by talent hunters and become famous. The app is available on the App Store and it will help you start and post any type of talent videos instantly.

HashPhotos – The Ultimate App for Your Photos & Videos

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When you have hundreds of photos and videos stored in your device, it is quite hard to find a specific one, right? This is why we need some tool that can help us organize them, make then easy to access and bring life to them. We discovered the perfect one on the iOS platform, called HashPhotos. It is full of powerful and unique set of features – all of them packed in simple and smooth user interface. Besides, the app works and looks excellent on both iPhone and iPad.

App Review - Jarvis - News aggregator

In this fast-paced world where lots of important events are occurring around us, a news aggregator app is a must if you want to stay in line with everything. However, the current news aggregators solutions are either too crowded and complicated or too simple and lack features. Usually, the news shown through them are either irrelevant or lacking quality reporting. 

iOS App of the Day – Idealist

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How many times did you went shopping and forgot to buy a certain product that you’ve needed badly? Well, you can forget those frustrating moments using our App of the Day – Idealist. This shopping app acts like a neat and intuitive list creator and can also be used on an Apple Watch. With its lovely, appealing and attractive design, the process of creating grocery lists will never be easier and more enjoyable.

Most Useful App of the Week - Shopping Sherlock Mobile

It is a well-known fact that the Internet can save you a lot of money. No matter if you want to buy services or products, there are websites that work with a sole purpose: to give you discounts and deals. However, most of these websites differentiate and often offer different discounts. 

This week we have an app that is actually 5 in 1 shopping app that has 5-In-1 features such as price comparisons, flight comparisons, hotel comparisons, a price finder for a product or service that searches 11x different search engines all at once. Where are talking about the Shopping Sherlock Mobile app.

Where to get it and how to utilize this shopping app?

The video that describes the app and that includes the download link can be accessed here. After you click on it, you’ll get an invitation code and you can use the service via web or via mobile apps. No matter if you use the website, or you use the app, there are 5 different categories. The creators are working hard and the app looks amazing! It indeed offers great comparison options, deals and discounts. When you want to compare a flight, product or certain service, you can simply do that with few simple taps.

One example of using Sherlock Mobile is when you want to book a flight for let’s say New York. Through the app you’ll be able to enter the location and date, and then the app will do the rest. You will get the guaranteed lowest price and in that way you will save money. You can do that with other products or services as well.

The service is free and we shared the video again bellow so you can get it and see the video explaining the service.


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