Android App of the Day - Billing Software POS

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

For months we haven’t recommended POS apps that businesses could use on their Android devices. These billing apps are usually really helpful, easy to use and functional. Billing Software POS is one of the best for the Android platform, not only because we liked the features and had no problems using it for our own purposes, but also because there are so many users saying that it is a great and helpful app on Google Play.

Cross-platform App of the Day – Get4X Cash Exchange Rates

If you travel frequently, then you must know how frustrating it is when you get outplayed by some crazy money exchange rates. This can happen to anyone as there are a lot of scammers in the bigger cities around the globe. However, with our today’s App of the Day – Get4X Cash Exchange Rates, this risk could be large decreased. The app is available for iOS and Android and it will enable you to search and find the best rates.

Most Useful App of the Day - VaPay

Reviewed few days ago by our staff, VaPay needed to be appreciated again because of its great functionality and the fact that this is almost a perfect money saving app. This finance app is developed by Vapay, llc. and it is available for the iOS users.

Android App of the Day – N File Manager

The stock Android file managers are bad. Especially, on older mid-range devices. They either don’t exist or are clunky and dated. That is why today we will present you a great, useful and quality productivity app called N File Manager. It’s one of the best rated, new file managers available for free on Google Play. Besides looking beautifully, with neat typography and red color background, the N File Manager also has all the needed features for anyone to better manage the files on any Android device.

iOS App of the Day – Cymbol

With our today’s App of the Day we tend to help teachers and writers. Cymbol is a great educational tool that will help you in your writing. You can use Cymbol for easy creation of footnotes and other common symbols and is mostly used in ESL writing. With its great set of features, design and UI, the app tends to use the available technology for creating, revising, editing, and publishing texts.

Cross-Platform Game of the Week – Hexadrome

When great retro games, creative idea and talent meet, the results can’t be bad. Within the last week, the game that left us the best impression, and that is still largely played in our office, was Hexadrome. This retro, arcade, endless game has one simple challenge. That is to protect The Grid by collecting red projectiles into your Ring Reflector and charging it with the blue ones. What makes this game cool is the interesting gameplay. You are moving all the time in awkward directions and you need to remain calm and keep fighting.

App Review – Spuds

If you are a French fries lover and want to own a tool that can tell you the best places where you can find them, we have the perfect match for you. Spuds is an amazing and unique app developed by Proximity Design and it was released few weeks ago on the iOS platform. It really stunned is with the whole idea and concept and that is why we decided to share it with you today.

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