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Travel App of the Week - Colibra: Instant Flight Delay Compensation

Monday, May 20, 2019

Travellers often encounter themselves with postponed, cancelled or delayed flights which they are owed compensations and refunds for. Colibra: Instant Flight Delay Compensation is a reliable flight app that offers the easiest and fastest way for you to get flight refunds and compensations for any flight cancelation, postponement and flight delay. We liked this app so much, we decided to be our Flight App of the Week. Read more about it. .

What is this travel app about?

With the help of this incredibly reliable and yet super easy to use flight app, you will get your chance to get flight delay compensations with instant payments, without any flight delay claim processes in between. The app is developed on IOS platform, offering a clean user-friendly interface and various features that offer users the easiest and fastest way to get flight delay compensation payments for their wait time and delays, without being time-consuming and financial burdens on the users.

Why do we choose it?

Using this flight app and its features offered, the user gets the chance to get direct flight delay compensations by providing the user with delay compensation payments from 20-100 euro for a 3+ air flight delay. The user just needs to claim his flight delay compensations by entering his flight details like the flight id and boarding pass and the app will provide him with instant flight delay compensations to his account directly. The user does not need to pay anything for himself to get the compensation, without filing and processing the claims for delayed and postponed flights. To compensate big delays with up to 600 EUR, the EU 261 directive obliges airlines for all Europe flights. Claim your rights for instant payments without time wasted on file claims, waiting months to get the compensations, go to courts or pay any fees. Instantly get your coverage and payments, on your phone. Flight refunds and compensations are provided for you and everything you are owed for any flight delays, postponements and flight cancelations.

Download this app on App Store for free to easily and fast get delay compensations for your wait time and delays!

Google Play Download Link: Colibra

App Store Download Link: Colibra

Finance App of the Week – WeVest Financial Planning

Few days ago we reviewed WeVest Financial Planning. Since this app impressed us, and we thoroughly believe it can be of extreme help for your personal finances, we decided to give it another appraisal. Namely we decided to pronounce it as our Finance App of the Week. Read more why.

Minds Shuffle is an Exciting New Arcader which Requires Sharpness & Fast Reaction

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Even as modern video games grow ever-more advanced, many of us miss the arcade classics that we enjoyed as kids. So, if you’re interested in playing new arcade minimal game and beat the boredom effortlessly you should check out Mind Shuffle - a challenging arcade that will activate your mind and put your reflexes at test.

Why you’ll love it?

The fast paced challenging and addictive gameplay is ideal for mental fitness, testing reflexes and having incredible fun at the same time. It has that fun and addictive fan factor in it that will always leave you wanting for more.

What to Expect from this Game?

What’s really cool about Mind Shuffle are the fun controls of the bouncing ball, which can move it in 3 directions. The tricky part comes when these directions change their places. This makes the fast tap arcade very challenging at times!

The fun and hard gameplay is enhanced with lovely colorful backgrounds, sharp graphics and quite cool sound effects which are a great combo of features to help you stay on track and keep creating high scores till you master the game. Thinking fast and making precise reactions are the fundamental key to this purpose. Don’t forget also the option to compete with friends if you like to take the fun to an even higher level.

All of you who wish to give a try of this tricky arcade, Mind Shuffle is available at Play Store and App Store for free downloading. Check it out, push your mind to its limits! Enjoy it!

App Store Download Link: Mind Shuffle 

Google Play Download Link: Mind Shuffle

Ask and Discuss about Your Car in Real Time – ZACAR

Friday, May 17, 2019

Getting information and engaging with people that share your passion for cars and interests, nowadays is easily done if you have the right social app on your smartphone. When it comes to car owners and their passion about cars, there are especially designed social apps to make it easier for them to connect with real car owners, share their experience and learn more about their present or future car. We did our research and found the app for this purpose. Let’s see what the app is about.

What is ZACAR all about?

Developed for IOS users, very simple and yet highly efficient, this is an incredible social app that is made for all car owners out there that look for a dynamic destination for knowledge. The app with its clean user-friendly interface and the practical features offered will allow you to connect with real people and engage with car owners in real time to ask questions and discuss about your current or future car, getting information and sharing your experience with others. 

Standout features

This car social network offers all the features that the car owners need in one place, directly on their phone to get the needed information about their future car or present car. Just create your profile on the app, edit it as you like it and put your car on the spot. Ask questions you want to know and discuss with real people in real time, sharing your experience and making new friends with the same passion for cars. For personalized content the app offers a smart feed highlighting. Instant interest based chat groups are offered so you can stay informed when there is a discussion about the things you are interested in. The history of your answers and questions can be found on the app and also all the car ratings you discover are completely unbiased. Get vital info and talk to real people that can help you choose your next car carefully without any biased reviews or fancy catalogs.

Download it now for free on App Store to ask questions and discuss about your car with real people!

App Store Download Link: ZACAR

Google Play Download Link: ZACAR

iOS App of the Month – My Perfect Day

Changing unhealthy habits and our completely daily routine can be quite hard if you don’t have the right tool to guide you and help you out. My Perfect Day is an amazing daily routine builder that can help you transform your life and become a better version of yourself, creating a new daily routine and maintaining healthier habits on a daily basis. Because of all offered, we’ve pronounced this app as our iOS App of the Month.

Most Useful App of the Week – Ultima Rewards

Thursday, May 16, 2019

If you are looking for a simple and legitimate way to earn extra money online, there are different apps and programs to help you out. Ultima Rewards is an amazing earning app that offers you to complete simple fun tasks that can bring you cash rewards. We loved this app and the features it offers and because of that we decided to pronounce it as our Most Useful App of the Week. Learn more about this fantastic app.

Android Game of the Week – Rise Up – Save The Soul

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Tons of adventure games are available for playing on our smartphones and because of their variety, choosing the best one among so many of them is not easy. Rise Up – Save The Soul is an incredibly fun to play, thrilling and yet challenging adventure that requires from you to rise up and save your soul on the journey through the 7 circles of hell. We liked this game so much, we decided to pronounce it as our Android Game of the Week.

Android App of the Week – WIZT

There's a reason they call it a smartphone. Take advantage of everything your device has to offer and get your home under control with this hardworking app – WIZT. WIZT is an incredibly useful home inventory app that brings professional organization right at the tip of your fingertips. This app is our choice for Android App of the Week – see why in the review below!

Entertainment App of the Week – MPoints

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

If you like to earn some extra cash or get some free gifts online without any effort, there are rewards app created to help you do that. MPoints is an amazing reward app that offers you the chance to get free gifts and gift cards by completing simple and quick tasks or by playing fun games, collecting even points that can be turned to cash. We liked this app much, we decided to pronounce it as our Entertainment App of the Week.  

Word & Spell Learning for Kids is an Excellent App for Toddlers to Learn New Words

Education has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. Institutional based education is still present. However, there is more focus than ever on learning at home, continuing one’s education, and using the Internet for the glorious information tool that it is. Childhood is particularly important for learning. We obviously can’t do all the work as every child is different.
However, we’re hoping that the app that we have found called Word & Spell Learning for Kids can help a lot in your kids developing mind!

The App’s Features

From many educational apps for kids on Play Store we have selected this one because it’s simple, fun and we think will do a great job in the learning process of your kids, and probably they will love it, because features amazing and colorful graphics, interesting images and categories that will keep your toddler’s attention on. This app covers the great combination into the educational process: knowledge and a lot of fun!

What Kids can learn from it?

Using Word & Spell Learning for Kids app your little loved one will learn new English words with spelling, pronunciation and will develop its mind with the help of beautiful images. All the words are categorized and feature HQ voice overs.

The creators of this educational app dedicated it for toddlers and kids aged 3-5 who are eager to learn new words to prepare them for the higher phase of education.

If you think that this is a perfect app for your kids growing then visit the Play Store link, where you can download for free. Give it a try and share your experience with us!

Google Play Download Link: Word & Spell Learning for Kids


iOS App of the Month - My Perfect Day

iOS App of the Month - My Perfect Day
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Entertainment App of the Week - MPoints
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