Game Reivew - Eat Me - A Game that Makes you Eat your Friends!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Want to take a virtual exotic journey in ocean and have fun eating fishes? If yes, Eat Me is a perfect game for you. The game launched by US based Junglee Games makes you to get into the skin of a fish you like and play with your friends. The fun factor of the game is, you can even eat your friends (fishes) to grow bigger and stronger. But, always look out for bigger fishes who are just thinking about making you their meal!

Android App of the Day – Rios de España (Rivers of Spain)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Rios de España (Rivers of Spain in English) is a great new educational app that will enable you to earn the rivers of Spain in best and easiest way possible. This app is organized in that way that you will earn fast and effectively. All rivers of Spain are categorized in 3 big categories depending on which ocean or sea they flow in. So, you will be able to find out more about the rivers that flow in the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. 

Game of the Day (iOS & Android) – Bombed

Bombed is an excellent new puzzle game that has caught our attention with the excitement that is included in it. With its lovely, interesting storyline and gameplay, and the beautiful, colorful design, this game is one of the best puzzle games we have recently reviewed. The goal of the game is simple. You need to swipe the blocks in same color, but you need to avoid and watch out from the bombs. They will make things a lot harder for you.

Android Game of the Day - Hidden Objects Haunted House

Hidden Objects Haunted House is an excellent puzzle game that is basically the perfect game for the Android users that love hidden object games. It is a great combination of entertaining horror and hidden object game that can really entertain you. The developers made sure we have a really comprehensive and detailed game, so, this game features over 40 levels. The goal of the game is simple, you must find all objects before the time runs out.

iOS App of the Week – Weple

When we first try out Weple we knew instantly that we will love this app. It is one of the best new live streaming apps that you can find on the App Store, if not the best! After using and testing it for the last few weeks it was easy to see that it will be our App of the Week for the iOS platform. 

Game Review – Keepie Uppie

Keepie Uppie is a retro, arcade-sports soccer game with a simple goal, to keep the ball up in the air! We decided to do a little review of it, because we are basically addicted with this casual game. Even though it features simple gameplay and graphics, keeping the ball in the air is something really challenging, and that makes Keepie Uppie sometimes very hard. This is another classic produced by Sinas Games.

iOS Game of the Day – Cut A Pillar

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Our today’s iOS Game of the Day is very simple game. However, in the last 3 days this little, easy and simple game, got us obsessed and addicted! It has that simple swipe and play gameplay, but navigating and passing through the obstacles with his cool looking cat can become really hard task thing to do, especially as you progress. 

iOS App of the Week - Weple

iOS App of the Month - Mood Rescue

iOS Game of the Week - Extreme Flick Kick

iOS App of the Week - Life™

App of the Month (iOS&Android) - Ice BreakerQ

Android App of the Month - Text Club

Android Game of the Month - Earth Inviders Reloaded

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