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GOOSE VPN private proxy server for secure internet is very comprehensible for casual VPN users

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Your iPhone may be well protected against malware, but it can’t protect your data as it travels the internet. Using a VPN keeps your information safe and private, even when you’re connected through an insecure Wi-Fi hotspot. A VPN most importantly enables you to protect your data from snoopers and mask your true location. It hides your online forays in a secure tunnel that outsiders can’t penetrate, but you must choose wisely since you’re trusting your VPN provider with all your online activities. There are well over 1000 of VPNs on the market and not every VPN works well with an iPhone, iPad or another iOS device. To make your life easier, in this review we are presenting you our favorite pick that is, GOOSE VPN Private Proxy Server For Secure Internet.

What is GOOSE VPN Private Proxy Server For Secure Internet?

GOOSE VPN Private Proxy Server for Secure Internet is trying to provide its customers in the digital world; complete protection of internet traffic and the safeguarding of one’s privacy and personal information. GOOSE VPN Private Proxy Server For Secure Internet is ideal for securing your connection when using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Furthermore, the service hides your true IP-address from hackers, the websites you are visiting and the authorities.

This VPN service opts for an accessible approach and keeps it subscription structure simple. There are 3 packages to choose from: the Basic Package for €2.99 per month, an Unlimited Package for €6.99 per month, and an unlimited annual package for €59.99. Payment methods include Credit card, PayPal, IDEAL, and GiroPay. The service allows you to try out the product for free for 30 days without obligations.

It is especially interesting for those seeking a simple, qualitative and fast VPN. P2P and Netflix compatibility are also noteworthy assets. Installing this app is free and you can get this for your iOS device from the direct download link given below.

Productivity App of the Week – U Assist

Friday, July 21, 2017

Productivity apps are proven to be most useful and handy Android apps. There are stones between the gems, but we always try to eliminate them and bring you the best of the best. Likewise, today we have U Assist, our perfect choice for a Productivity App of the Week. We have already talked about it, but it’s so great so we simply couldn’t resist from sharing it again.

Android App of the Week - Handsfree for YouTube

Listening YouTube in a car is possible only with using your hands with the native app. But few months ago we presented a great tool that gives great control over YouTube and playing songs and playlists on it with voice commands. Totally deserved the app earns our App of the Week feature. Read why.

Most Useful App of the Day - YO TV Guide

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Have a favorite show or movie that you want to know when is airing on TV? Or maybe you are searching for something good to watch? In both cases we have a great solution for your TV entertainment needs. With our Most Useful App of the Day – YO TV Guide you’ll enjoy full TV listing, not only from major cable and satellite TV stations, but also from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

UAE Cinema Showtime – Get Information for Movie Listings and Cinema Schedules

You love watching movies and spending your free time at the cinema but you hate looking up movie information on cinema websites or searching details about the movies you like to watch. Lucky for you, there are apps for your smartphone that could help you make your cinema experience simpler. We found an awesome app for movie listings and cinema schedules – UAE Cinema Showtime. Let’s discuss about it.

Cross-Platform App of the Day - Bzzy

Juggling tasks is an important skill in the modern world. From that presentation you promised to send your boss by today to picking up some ingredients for dinner, from holiday planning to present-buying, remembering everything can sometimes be overwhelming. Fear not – your smartphone can help you avoid drowning in a sea of tasks. There are a range of apps aiming to help you get on top of your to-do lists, but for today we’ve picked only one. We’re talking about Bzzy!

Help your Kids Learn and Have Fun in an Incredibly Amusing Way with Kindergarten – Games for Kids

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, all of you that are looking for a great app to educate and entertain your beloved kids, don’t look further! We have the nice surprise of an app for all of you that your children simply will adore it, trust us.

Android Game of the Day - Stream - Circuit Puzzle

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Puzzle logic and problem solving games are among the most popular games that also train and sharpen our brain. The genre has evolved consistently and developers have been finding new and exciting ways of teasing our brains, making us think, and stumping us entirely. It also helps that puzzle games are easily playable on mobile devices which has only helped skyrocket their popularity.

Today we have a puzzle game for our “Game of the Day” section. With its lovely idea, amazing gameplay & challenges, it is definitely one of the most interesting and challenging puzzlers we ever played. We are talking about Stream – Circuit Puzzle!

Why we loved it?

First of all, it differs from any other puzzle game with its cool & compelling graphics. Once you start the game, you’ll immediately love the intuitive UI and sleek visuals. So, the technical part of the game is top notch. Then come the great puzzle challenges.

The goal of the game is to connect the bulbs in order to light them. In the first few stages it seems like the game is easy, but as you progress, you’ll be surprised of how challenging and interesting it can become. With more than 55 levels, you have hours and hours of mind-joggling entertainment.

Will you able to pass and connect them all? Try this problem solving and logic puzzle game on Google Play!

Google Play Download Link: Stream - Circuit Puzzle

Tool of the Week – Any Unit Converter

Android tools are always here to help us save our time and be more productive. They strive to make our lives less stressful, but it’s hard to tell which one is powerful and which one is going to be a waste of a download. A couple of days ago we did a review about an amazing tool called Any Unit Converter, but it impressed us so much so we decided to proclaim it a Tool of the Week.

Cross-Platform App of the Day – IncludeAs

In the digital era where we're always connected via social media, email, and texting, it just makes sense to have some sort of convenient solution for finding and sharing events. And that's exactly why there are so many great mobile event apps available today that take the pain and information overwhelm out of having to pay attention to every favorite band, organization, venue, or another type of event host online.

Dating App of Week - Picka

Puzzle Game of the Month - Zen Sudoku Game

Social App of the Month - Pyxsee

Finance App of the Month - AntPocket

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