[Press Release] Softros LAN Messenger now supports OS X and becomes cross-platform

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Softros LAN Messenger, the LAN messaging application that enables safe, secure and effective intra-office communication is now available for Mac OS X. Thus, one of the most popular and used messaging apps for intra-office communication is now cross-platform and you can use it for messaging between Windows and Mac computers.

iOS App of the Day - BOOM Messenger

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Our today’s iOS App of the Day - BOOM Messenger will probably become the next huge messaging app on the App Store. It is a highly functional, nicely designed and simply outstanding app that will enable you to chat with your friends and family with text or photos. The app is growing quickly and it is one of the new best and critically acclaimed messaging apps for iPhone.

Android App of the Day – Receipt Scanner: Money Manager

Our today’s App of the Day is the great Android finance app called Receipt Scanner: Money Manager. It is one of those app that are simple to use, designed in minimalistic manner and very useful! Actually this app has enormous number of features that could improve the management of your accounts, expenses, receipts and bills and thus significantly improve your business, or your personal life.  

[Press Release] - King of Solitaire

From the University of Games there comes another exciting and ultra-interesting game based on the classic Windows game Solitaire. Designed in a lovely way, with a lot of attention put to detail and functionality, King of Solitaire will surely take the top place among the best solitaire games for Android very fast. Flawless, light, sharp, challenging and exciting are the 5 words that could describe this game the best. 

App of the Month (cross-platform) – blabel

Friday, March 27, 2015

Blabel is the new cross-platform messaging wonder app that will surely grow fast and it will achieve worldwide success. This free communication app is a huge project, there is a lot of time and effort invested in it, and the result of such a hard and creative work is outstanding. Practically, we are impressed by how this app is highly functional and offers tons of useful features. It is the new messaging apps that our writers use to communicate with each other. All other messaging apps are put on hold or uninstalled.

iOS Game of the Day – Shades: A Simple Puzzle Game FREE

We haven’t written about a good puzzle game for few weeks, so it is a good time to inform you about one of the best puzzle games available on the App Store. Our today’s iOS Game of the Day – Shades: A Simple Puzzle Game FREE will enable you hours of joyful times, especially if you like puzzle games. The game is difficult and challenging, so be sure to try it and test your skills in puzzle games.  The quality of the game is proven as Shades was featured as App of the Week on the App Store back in January.

iOS App of the Day – Sheinside

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sheinside is a free lifestyle iOS app that is intended for the women aged from 18 to 35. This outstanding shopping app will enable you to choose from tons of quality dresses at very affordable prices. The app features amazing discounts and we must emphasize that every new user gets 20% of the first order. The app has clean design with white backgrounds and it extremely fast. You can easily browse through various clothes and easily order in seconds. Browsing through the different fashionable clothes will be a pleasure.

iOS Game of the Month – Games of Jewels HD

In the last 30 day the game the impressed us the most was the outstanding Games of Jewels HD. We actually found this accidentally while browsing through the App Store, and now we are amazed of how addicting, entertaining and perfectly designed this game is. It is jewel saga game that is pleasant, joyful, with wonderful HD graphics and great sounds. On top of that the app contains over hundred puzzle levels that will enable you hours and days of iOS gaming fun. You think you can achieve great high scores? Well we can definitely challenge you at any time, because we have basically master it as we play it frequently in our office.

App of the Month - blabel

iOS Game of the Month - Games of Jewels HD

iOS App of the Week - Showaround

Android Game of the Day - Vegas Wheel Slots

iOS Game of the Week - Guess the Card?

Bubble Jeopardy

Software of the Month - Videzilla

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