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Kids Academy – Fun Kids Preschool Learning Game

Friday, July 19, 2019

Kids Academy is a kids education app that was recently reviewed on Intellectuapp. Since it impressed us with its all round features, great design and graphics, we decided to give it another appraisal – this time as our Kids App of the Month.

What is Kids Academy?

Developed for android users, especially designed for little preschoolers, this preschool educational app is fun, exciting and simple with intuitive interface and great graphics. Parents using the features offered in this all in one kids’ educational app are able to help their kids to learn ABC, basic Math while playing math games for kids, instructing to focus and perceive colors and shapes. Through tons of fun categories kids get the chance to train and learn with variety of exercises and activities. 

Standout features

Playing quizzes and learning on this app helps kids to differentiate animals, fruits, birds, vehicles, letters and more. In a progressively fun manner the app will lift up preschool children brain skills and IQ at home while offering 4 different categories. The first category is the starter category so the kids can learn shapes, months, days, animals, fruits, birds. The seconds is the math category for kids to learn numbers, counting, money, addition, time, clock, missing numbers and other.

The third is the language category for kids to play phonics game and ABC tracing, learn letters, alphabet matching and more. The last is the game mode for the kids to play tap alphabets and learn ABC through fun game, connecting dots and learning 123 game and other educational games as well. The oral abilities of the kid will be improved as well the vocabulary of the kid will be augmented in hues, creatures, vegetables, body parts, months days and more.  

Download the app on Google Play for free to help your kids learn, focus and improve their motor skills!

Google Play Download Link: Kids Academy

Race Change Infinite racing 2019 is a Cool Android Racing Game

What is Race Change Infinite racing 2019?

This 2D racer replicates the classic 2D racing quests in a fun android endless racing game. Your goal as a player is to keep the car on the road as long as possible. The cool thing is that you are controlling the racing car by tilting your smartphone, meaning you can play it with one hand. Use the high speed pedals in the top right corner and collect as many coins as possible along the way.

Travel App of the Week - Travemo

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Travemo is a recently introduced translation app which was already covered by Intellectuapp. Since it impressed us with its functionality to translate text to emojis quickly, we decided to make it our Travel App of the Week. Learn more on how you can make use of this powerful tool.

Basic intro

With this incredible emoji translation app that is quite easy to use, simple and yet helpful and efficient, you get the chance to enjoy yourself and travel the world, communicating with foreigners using just emojis. Developed for android users, the translation app helps you to communicate with locals without any communication gaps, asking questions and translating them to emojis just with a tap on your smartphone.

Why do we choose Travemo?

On this translation app you will get all the features you need in order to avoid communication gaps anywhere in the world. You just need to open English translation app and ask the question you want to in order for the translation tool to translate your question into an emoji question.

On the app you can ask as many questions as you want to and the answers will be translated into emojis instantly and available on your phone so you can communicate with foreigners. With the help of this emoji translation app you will save time and effort, enjoying your travels and communicating with locals all around the world using the virtual global sign language, the emojis.

Travel and enjoy yourself without any communication gaps no matter where you are with this symbol translation app.

Download this app on Google Play for free to travel and communicate without any communication gaps!

Google Play Download Link: Travemo

Traffic Run – The Ultimate Cross Road 1 Tap Racer

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

What is Traffic Run?

Traffic Run is an Android one tap racing quest in which you need to control the cars in the traffic without collision. In order to avoid a crush, you can tap to stop the car and tap to keep it moving again. The fact that the car speed is constantly changing and that cars are constantly coming into each of the 8 paths (2 for each side) is making the game extremely challenging.

Shopping App of the Month – QAS KID STORE

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

QAS KID STORE was recently introduced on Intellectuapp. Since it impressed us with its features and seamless shopping experience for kids clothing, we decided to make it our Shopping App of the Month. Read more why and learn how to make use of it below.

General Info QAS KID STORE

At its core, QAS KID STORE is a high-quality online kids clothing and accessories shopping app. It offers both girls and boys clothing options, as well as baby clothing. This makes it ideal for parents, grandparents or anyone who wants to buy high-quality clothes for their kids.

Features & Benefits

Designed to be simple and effective, QAS KID STORE makes it easy for you to search for products by keyword or category. Currently, there are 3 large categories: baby clothing, girls and boys clothing and accessories. Alternatively, you can search for a specific wardrobe piece by keyword.
No matter the way you get to a listing, once you are there, the app showcases the price, specs, and photos in a beautiful way. You can see the price for each product in your own currency too.

If you decide to order, there are a variety of paying options and you can also track your order within the app. For any questions, you can talk directly with the QAS KID STORE customer support.
The offerings in each category are vast so we recommend to thoroughly look at them before you make a final purchase. There is truly something for everyone. The app is currently available for iOS & Android, and you may also browse and buy from the official QAS KID STORE website linked below.

Our overview

QAS KID STORE is verified by us as a safe and reliable way to purchase kids clothing. With great shipping options, reasonable prices, variety in sizes and excellent customer support, it is one of the best kids shopping apps at the moment.

App Store Download Link: QAS KID STORE

Google Play Download Link: QAS KID STORE


Health & Fitness App of the Week – 21 DAYS TONE UP

Nowadays, workout apps are becoming more and more popular among users that like to achieve their fitness goals without spending much money on expensive trainers. 21 DAYS TONE UP is created to be your personal fitness trainer, offering you the most effective workouts plans that will help you achieve your body goals and tone your body in just 3 weeks. Because of all that, we decided this app to be our Health & Fitness App of the Month. Learn more about it.

Breewe is a Must Have for Beer Lovers

What is Breewe?

Breewe is an iOS & Android brewereees discovery app specially crafted for beer lovers. It lists thousands of breweries giving you tons of options to try new beer. The app features reviews, directions, websites, photos and more.

Features at a glance:

·        Breweries navigator
·        Real visitor reviews
·        Website of the breweries
·        Directions
·        Photos

Uniqueness: medium

Usefulness: high

Potential of going viral: medium


Average rating: 4.4

Compatibility: 5.0 and up

Developer: MobileSoft s.r.o.

Google Play Download Link: Brewee

App Store Download Link: Brewee

Official Web site: Brewee

Hungry café – Chef Cooking Game is a Fun New Cooking Game for Android

What is Hungry cafe - Chef Cooking Game?

Hungry Café is a chef cooking game for Android featuring 540 levels of cooking challenges with tons of fun moments, exquisite graphics and entertaining moments. The goal is to finish all cooking challenges in a specific level as fast as possible. There are variety of foods that you need to prepare and as you pass through the levels you will unlock more and more meals. Overall, it’s a quality addition to the chef cooking gaming genre.

Messaging App of the Week - Status Saver for WhatsApp

Monday, July 15, 2019

Status Saver for Whatsapp was recently reviewed on Intellectuapp. This handy whastapp tool offers an extremely easy way to save and use Whatsapp stories. Since it may come handy to many people, we decided to give it another appraisal as our Messaging App of the Week. Read more why.

What is this tool about?

For all WhatsApp users that like to save some of their favorite WhatsApp statuses and stories, this WhatsApp tool offers you the features you need. The app is easy to use, very efficient and developed on android platform, giving you the chance to download, save and share WhatsApp statuses, easily and quickly. With a tap view and save WhatsApp photos and videos and share your favorite statuses and stories to external apps with others.

Why do we choose it?

The Status Saver for WhatsApp and the features offered on it gives you the chance to easily, quickly and effortlessly save, delete and re-share WhatsApp stories and statuses to external apps with easy setting as WhatsApp status from the app. Each photo or video from WhatsApp you want, can be easily downloaded to the gallery of your phone and you can save it. Much more than that, the app offers in-built image viewer and video player. Just check the desired status or story, open the status saver and click the photo or video you like to view, clicking the save button to download it and save it. Share the saved photos and videos with others on other apps.

Download this WhatsApp tool on Google Play for free to view and save WhatsApp photos and videos!

Google Play Download Link: Status Saver for WhatsApp

Best Sport, Health and Fitness Apps for iOS and Android 2019

Friday, July 12, 2019

It's time to focus on sports, tone up & lose weight. We decided to present you the best sport and fitness apps to stay up to date with sport info and achieve your fitness goals, because the summer is getting closer and we all need to get back to the gym or do some workout at home. So, you fitness and sport fans here we go.


Shopping App of the Month - QAS KIDS STORE

Sports App of the Month - Futbol Now!

Health and Fitness App of the Month – 21 Days Tone Up

Health App of the Month - Moody

Board Game of the Month - Labyrintheon

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