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How To Get Hundreds For Your Old iPhone 7

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

So what to do when you want to sell iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 that you don’t need anymore? In the present time of digital consumerism, we are at a phase where we change our smartphones more frequently than ever before. While there are several options when it comes to looking for the right place to purchase a new smartphone, we often don’t have any idea about what to do with the old one. People want to get cash for their old mobiles instantly and at the best price but cumbersome quest to find the right place, best price, and so on makes it a daunting task.
Read on to find out the detailed information on how to get hundreds for your old iPhone 7 or 7 Plus! 

WhatsStickers - Amazing Tool for Creating Your Own WhatsApp Stickers

Monday, November 19, 2018

If you are using the messaging app on your smartphone then you probably are using stickers and emojis as well when communicating with your loved ones. Because using constantly the same stickers can become quite boring, now with the right tool on your smartphone you can create your own personalized stickers. To help you with the search, we looked and discovered a great app for creating personalized WhatsApp stickers. Let’s see what the WhatsStickers app offers you.

Game of the Day – BongoTap

Tap games are certainly one of the most popular games ever played on smartphones. Because of the popularity of these games and the different types of gameplay they offer us, choosing a new fun and addictive tap game to play on the go and to keep our attention can be quite hard. If you like playing fast tap games that will test your tapper skills, we looked and we found one amazing tap game that you need to try and that you will enjoy for sure. Let’s discuss about this tap game.

Top best messaging apps for Android and iOS you must have

In this list we decided to present you the best texting android apps for your Android smartphone. We included the best messengers, best SMS replacement apps and SMS lockers. Using these Android apps for messaging you can improve your phone in many ways and also save time and money. Also your SMS communication will be much more compelling and customizable.

How to Make Online Forms More Mobile-Friendly

Over the years more and more people have taken to browsing the internet on mobile devices. In fact nowadays over half of online traffic consists of people on mobile devices, which is why it is important that any online forms you create are mobile-friendly.

Arcade Game of the Week - Balloon Escape

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Whether you're an arcade game lover or you're looking for a new addictive game to play on your Android device, our Arcade Game of the Week is a great choice. It's called Balloon Escape, suitable for players of any age, bringing a fun and challenging gaming experience. Let's tell you what the gameplay's all about!

Kids App of the Week - Nursery Rhymes DJ – KinToons

Friday, November 16, 2018

Welcome to an exciting app full of singing and dancing! Nursery Rhymes DJ – KinToons is an educational app for children to learn letters and numbers in a fun and unique way. Immerse together with your kids into a musical world of nursery rhymes, keep reading the review to see why we love this app and why we picked it to be a Kids App of the Week.

Tool of the Week - VPN Master - Fast & Free VPN

Thursday, November 15, 2018

If you’re looking for a fast, efficient and easy-to-use VPN app for your Android device, you’re in luck! Today we’re sharing with you one of our favourites, VPN Master - Fast & Free VPN. VPN Master lets you browse endlessly, without restrictions or paying additional fees – it’s all free, forever. Enjoy safe and private browsing with our pick for a Tool of the Week.

Most Useful App of the Week – Coinzy

Earn real cash by playing simple tasks with the Coinzy app. Coinzy is an awesome Android money earning app with unique features and intuitive user interface. It delivers a simple way of making cash right from your Android device, thus we’re pronouncing it as our Most Useful App of the Week. See why below!

Food App of the Week – TopEats

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Discover the best food places and restaurants nearby, review and connect with countless restaurants close to you and easily find a place to eat with our recommendation for a Food App of the Week. The app is called TopEats, now available for Android devices, designed to bring you a seamless user experience. Let’s talk about the app’s features and why we picked it to present to you today!


Business App of the Week - eCatalog Manager

Arcade Game of the Week - Magnet Jump

Card Game of the Month - Everstone: CCG Cards Quest

Education App of the Month - Simpliv

Health App of the Month - Replete Health

Entertainment App of the Month - ReallyMake

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