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App of the Day – Stock Market Game

Saturday, January 23, 2021

If you are looking for an effective way to learn the skill of earning money in the stock market and need help to accelerate the process of learning, there are virtual trading simulators that can help you master the art of the stock market. We looked and we found one virtual trading game app for you to get all the knowledge you need about the stock market. Read and learn more about it.  


Basic Introduction 

This virtual trading game app is helping you learn the skill of earning money in the stock market and mastering the art of investing and trading with minimum risk. Developed on the Android platform, the simulator is a one-stop for you to get the practical and theoretical knowledge on investing, technical stock trading, and money management in the stock market.  


Charts, Indicators, and More 

Stock Market Game offers variety of features. Over 200 price charts to trade with the initial amount of 25000.00 are available. The app offers also an educative series of 20 beginner to advanced level chapters for your education on trading and investing. The price chart of stocks is listed on the US and Indian Stock Exchange as well. A line chart, candlestick chart, and Heiken-Ashi chart can be found here too. 

Find different indicators on the app like the simple moving average, exponential moving average, super-trend, Bollinger bands, relative strength index and commodity channel indels for a better technical and trend analysis. A live performance tracker, a P/L tracker, order book and portfolio reports are available for you to use. Variable chart speeds are offered as well as stop loss and trailing stop loss too. Accelerate the process of learning the stock trading skills with zero risk using the app. Sharpen your trading skills and back test your strategies using this simulator.  

Download it on Google Play to master the art of investing and trading with minimum risk! 

Google Play Download Link: Stock Market Game 

Racing Game of the Month - Jet Scape

We talked about Jet Scape here already as the hyper-casual racing that will put your reflexes on the test as you try to race and fly through past obstacles with high-speed to get your jet safe to its destination. We really enjoyed the game and all that it offers so we decided to be our Racing Game of the Month.


Basic Introduction 

This hyper-casual racing game is easy to play and super fun, with sharp graphics, cools sounds and simple game controls to enjoy. Developed on IOS and Android platform, this racing game brings you on a thrilling racing adventure with high-speed. You get to race and fly through obstacles with the coolest jet while trying to become a racing legend. 


Gameplay, Gems, and More 

The game is set in a beautiful arcade like world where your skills are put on the test in racing adventure at high speed. You need to protect your Jet and fly past obstacles to race towards your high scores. Also, you get to race through obstacles but also you will be able to fly past high-rise buildings. 

The game offers variety of levels to challenge your reflexes. Speed fly through the city scapes to complete each level. Fly your jet past buildings through the smallest paths and get your jet to safety. Use your earned gems to upgrade your jet and buy new jet skins. Variety of jet designs to choose from are available. Earn gems and become a legend in this thrilling racing adventure.  

Download it on App Store and Google Play to race and fly past obstacles with your jet! 

App Store Download Link: Jet Scape  

Google Play Download Link: Jet Scape 

Business App of the Month – HSEQ+

Friday, January 22, 2021

 HSEQ+ was already discussed here as the business reporting tool for organizations to simplify and improve the safety and quality reporting. It's a really advanced app with many convenient features available and because of that we decided to make it our Business App of the Month.  


Basic Introduction 

This advanced business reporting app is really convenient for making near miss reports and safety inspections easier. Developed on IOS and Android platform, the app offers an intuitive interface with practical design for improving and simplifying the safety and quality reporting of your organization. Just install the app and start using it, no subscription is needed.  


Modules, Reports, and More  

This business app offers variety of advanced features, designed to meet reporting requirements. In the app you are offered 4 different and user-friendly modules. You get to make quick reports using report templates for near miss and non-conformance. For performing and documenting safety inspections, quality audits and environmental audits, the app offers inspections and audits with various checklists. 

Any task that is about to be performed can go through job safe analysis for risk assessment. Also, you will be able to document your working day with timesheets. Organizations can get their own special customized and branded version of the app. The customizable versions are connected to the database for more innovative and simple reporting process. Enjoy the extra features of the app by purchasing various items or subscribing to the auto-renew in-app monthly subscription. 


Download it on App Store and Google Play to simplify your organization’s reporting process! 

App Store Download Link: HSEQ+  

Google Play Download Link: HSEQ+ 

App of the Day – Insta HD Saver

Thursday, January 21, 2021

If you ever wanted to download and save your favorite posts from social media platforms such as Instagram to keep, play and even share with others, nowadays there are apps that make that possible. We looked and we have for you one Instagram downloader and saver app for you to download your favorite photos and videos from Instagram. Read and learn more about it.  


Basic Introduction 

This Instagram saver app is easy to use with friendly and intuitive interface, designed for Instagram users. Developed on the Android platform, the app allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram easily and quickly. Browse and find videos on Instagram you like and download any post you want to save with just a few taps on the app. 


Download Photos and Videos from Instagram 

Insta HD Saver is offering Instagram users variety of features for easy and quick downloads of posts on Instagram they like. Download any photo or video on Instagram with a few clicks on the app. Browse Instagram and discover posts you like and for any photo or video you want to download just click on the three dots to copy the link. 

The link needs to be pasted within the app and the app will instantly start downloading it. The videos you download on the app can be played within the app with ease or you can share them as well. All your downloads can be found and managed on one place and there are no limits for you to download Instagram photos and videos.  

Download it on Google Play to download, play, and share Instagram photos and videos! 

Google Play Download Link: Insta HD Saver 

App of the Day – K-Pop Fans

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

If you are k-pop fan that wants to follow all your favorite k-pop groups at one place, you just need the right app on your phone. That’s why we looked and we found for all k-pop fans one amazing app that will give you all the latest updates and news of k-pop groups and k-drama directly on your phone. Read and learn more about it.  


Basic Introduction 

This k-pop app is offering an intuitive and easy to use interface with an amazing design for you to follow all your favorite k-pop groups at one place. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, the app is designed for fans of k-pop and k-drama to keep up with latest news and information. Stay updated and get the latest news, videos, and k-drama at a glance with the app. 


News, Updates, Videos, and More 

K-Pop Fans offers various features for fans to stay updated with fresh information of their favorite k-pop groups. No matter where you are, the app gives you all the latest updates, news, and videos of k-pop groups and k-pop drama.More than 30 groups are available to follow. 

You can put bands you like in your favorites to easily keep track and you will get a quick summary of each band at your fingertips. You can keep track of groups like BTS, Blackpink, Seventeen, Red Velvelt, TXT and other. This app gives you all the videos and latest news of your favorite band in a feed specially personalized for you. 

Download it on Google Play and App Store to get latest news and updates of k-pop bands! 

App Store Download Link: K-Pop Fans  

Google Play Download Link: K-Pop Fans 


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