iOS App of the Week - Let's Talk Equality - Live speaker recognition

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our App of the Week – Let’s Talk Equality is an app that we love in our office because it is unique and we use it frequently on our meetings. It is a great idea that can be useful for business and work meetings. It counts the actual talk time in a meeting, workshop or similar event, but it goes step forward in recognizing each speaker in the room. When a different speaker speaks it counts the time for that speaker. In that way you can count how many seconds, minutes or hours each speaker spoke on a certain event.

App of the Day (iOS & Android) - The Conscious Manifestor App

Our today’s App of the Day that is available for both iOS and Android is the special and extraordinary unique app called The Conscious Manifestor App. The app states that the Law of Attraction is incomplete on its own. So, it will offer you to learn the SECRET 7 Universal Laws that can truly change your life forever! 

iOS Game of the Week – Star Bridge

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The game that amazed us the most in the last week for the iOS platform is the stunning arcade game called Star Bridge. It is an arcade game with amazing graphics and excellent audio effects. It looks stunning on both iPhone and iPad and it is one of those arcade games that will keep you hooked and addicted for a long time. The goal of the game is simple. It is an endless arcade game in which you need to avoid and beat your enemies. 

iOS App of the Day – TrakCar

Our today’s App of the Day – TrakCar will offer you great functionality and it will save you from the frustrating time we all faced at least once in our life. We are talking about the situation when we can’t remember where we have parked our cars. This often happens on big events, huge parking lots or when you are visiting an unknown city and you don’t know the streets or the neighborhoods. In those situations TrakCar will kick in. It will locate your car automatically and show you the exact directions to get to it. 

Android App of the Day - QR Codes and Barcode Reader

Recently we found a highly functional app that scans QR Codes and Barcodes successfully without any problems. We’ve used it over 15 times and we got 100% success rate. So, we decided it was a worthy app that our users would enjoy. So, our today’s Android App of the Day is QR Code & Barcode Reader. Android productivity app that can surely be of great help to get the needed contact data from the QR codes and to scan the barcodes from products, discounts and special offers.

Mac OS X Software Review - Viper FTP

Today we will present you a software for Mac OS X that will be perfect for users that transfer files by FTP, SFTP i.e people that maintain a website, upload documents or photos, or upload videos on YouTube. We are talking about the software called Viper FTP. It is a clean, easy, fast and effective way to transfer FTP files. It is a feature rich software that can enhance your user experience and your file management a truly enjoyable process.

Android App of the Week - Grade Tracker Pro

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

School is back! So, the team of Intellectuapp decided to present you one of the best apps that can be a really handy tool for any scholar. We are talking about Grade Tracker Pro. It is one of the best education apps on Google Play. It will help you organize your courses and semesters and it offers great variety of useful features. It is one of the simplest apps you will use as well. Let’s see its features and how you can benefit from it.

iOS App of the Week - Let's Talk Equity

iOS Game of the Week - Star Bridge

Android App of the Week - Grade Tracker Pro

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