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Exchange Rates - Offline Rate Conversion is your Highly Practical Currencies Converter App for Your Personal Needs

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, one thing that may always be on your mind is how much that cup of coffee is in your local currency. Rather than doing the mental calculation every time you make a purchase, there are plenty of useful money conversion apps that you can use to quickly get the figure in your local currency. Today we’ll speak about one of the best ones.

Highly Practical Currency Calculator

In today’s article, we gladly want to introduce one of the best currency calculators that are available for free on Play Store this moment. Not that is just for free, but it’s highly practical easy and useful, especially for those of you who are always in rush and have the need for money conversion. Exchange Rates – Offline Rate Conversion App is an ideal for instant calculation and for real-time information about the actual world’s exchange rates and currencies.

Offline Mode, Updates, Information

Don’t even think about some issues, because the app works with universally accepted exchange rates and offer live and constantly updated information about the world’s currencies flow and changes for which you will instantly be notified when they happen. There is also the possibility to use the Exchange Rates App in offline mode everywhere and in anytime for your personal purposes, so that’s why we today strongly recommend it.

Free on Play Store

If you find Exchange Rates as a useful proposal, you can get more details or download for free on the Play Store Link we leave at the end of this article. Your comments, thoughts, opinions, and experiences will be welcomed!    

Google Play Download Link: Exchange Rates - Offline Rate Conversion

Tool of the Week – All In One Unit Converter

Friday, February 15, 2019

Conversion of units is not always easy to do in mind and that is way there are many apps available to be used on the spot to make a quick conversion between different units. All In One Unit Converter is the premium all in one unit converter app that will help you to convert any needed unit and show you the conversion results instantly. We liked the unit converter so much, so we pronounced it as our Tool of the Week.

Best apps for students that will improve your college life

Today we are going to present you our unique list of best Android and iOS apps for college students. We think that this apps will make your college life much easier and better. We tried to be thorough and detailed, so lets go.

Lifestyle App of the Week – BcLapp

Thursday, February 14, 2019

If you are looking for a simple way to stay healthy and eat healthily then you can use an app to make it easier for you to stay informed and make the right decision for products and recipes. BcLapp is an amazing one-stop solution for personal shopping management that can help you out. We loved this app so much, we’ve decided to pronounce it our Lifestyle App of the Week. Read and learn more about it.

Travel App of the Month – Travel Owl

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Travel assistants can make your trip planning a lot simple and quicker, helping you to effortlessly find and book the best hotels, flights and rental cars for your trips. Travel Owl is the travel app you need to use as your personal travel assistant that will give every information about the next trip you need at your reach, helping you find the best hotel or flight based on your requirements. Because of that, this app is our Travel App of the Month.

Android App of the Week – REC — Screen Recorder

No matter if you like to record your game, tutorial, video call or something else, there are many screen recorders to help you with taking a video of your screen. Rec – Screen Recorder is a simple and yet powerful video recorder that offers you to take high-quality screen recording with quality audio, edit or share them and much more. Because of that, we decided to pronounce this app as our Android App of the Week.

Avoid the Dangerous Events Nearby, Chat with Other Users with Police Scanner Radio

We have come a long way from transistor radios to this era of high-quality audio-visual entertainment. Although the use of AM/FM radios has significantly decreased, it is still a major form of communication. Radio can give you company when you are driving or working out. Most of the smartphones come with a built-in FM radio app.

Such apps can only play local FM stations. However, there are a lot of other admirable Android radio apps that play the police and emergency radios. Today we will speak about one of the very best police scanner radio apps - Police Scanner Radio - Hot Pursuit Police Scanner.

Avoid Dangerous Events
But in today’s article we gladly want to introduce you quite useful and safety app with which you can listen to amateur radio, aviation radio, emergency radio, disaster event alert broadcast, emergency alerts, earthquake news, fire alerts by firefighters, marine audio radio feed, other alerts and news in your local area. The name of this app is Police Scanner Radio and it’s a perfect app that could prevent you from dangerous events or help you to avoid the traffic and not be stuck in certain situations.

How you can make use of it
This police radio scanner gives you access of over 10,000 Police, Fire, EMS, Rescue & Amateur Radio Scanners near you and be informed and updated on traffic ties, road blocks, accidents, wrecks, thunderstorms, lightning strikes and other (weather) emergencies which could be quite useful for yours and the safety for your close friends or family. Expect high-quality audio streams with crystal clear quality and live chat to stay in touch with other users.

If you’re interested in more details and free download of Police Scanner Radio App than visit the Play Store link down below. Take a look now and share your thoughts about this article with us!

Google Play Download Link: Police Scanner Radio

iOS Productivity App of the Month – Calcularium

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Nowadays you don’t have to waste money on a physical calculator when your smartphone can be used as one. This type of app will help you get instant accurate results with just a tap or even just by using your voice. Calcularium is the best choice for your calculation needs, offering all the calculation abilities you need in one app. We liked the app so much, we decided to share it as our iOS Productivity App of the Month.

Most Useful App of the Week – Agile Log

Tracking the time you’ve spent on your projects and tasks is important because it allows you to manage your projects and tasks better, focusing on what is really important. Agile Log is an amazing time tracker that offers all the features you need to track the time with ease, with just a tap, from your smartphone. We liked this app so much, we decided to be our Most Useful App of the Week. Read more about the app.

Social App of the Month – Chatrandom

Chatrandom is an Android random chat app that was recently reviewed on Tehnico. With its large user base, super-stable connection and great messaging features, it is one of best random chat social apps at this moment for Android. That is why we decided to make it our Social App of the Month. Read more why!

This is a reliable live random video chat app which is compatible with all your devices via your browser, and especially developed for Android. With this video chat app you have the ability to enjoy yourself and meet new people instantly worldwide or from your surroundings with a tap. The well packed features and the crystal clear audio offer you the best video chat experience with HD streaming as you are meeting new interesting people, finding new friends that share your interests or finding even love.

Large user base
Chatspin – Random Video Chat for users is offering amazing features with already 1 billion connections made across the world. All the user needs to do on the app is to add his preferences such as location and gender, creating his profile without any complication. Users can be completely anonymous until they decide to give their names to someone they trust enough.

Make friends, find love or just get to know people that share your interests, connecting with new people worldwide. To connect instantly with a person just swipe right. Use the real time face filter when video chatting to have more fun and choose over 30 custom filter effects when chatting.

Enjoy the connection with people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities in a safe and friendly environment. With just a tap begin the video chat without any financial details needed. Pro gender filters are offered to choose to chat with only boys or girls and advanced filters are offered to connect with people based on your choice.

Download this app on Google Play for free to video chat with new exciting people from the world!

Official Website: Chatrandom - Live Cam Video Chat With Randoms

Google Play Download Link: Chatrandom - Live Cam Video Chat With Randoms

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Social App of the Week - Chatrandom

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