App of the Month – Food Tweeks

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When we first wrote about Food Tweeks two weeks ago we were all amazed by the idea of the app. Even then we knew that it will be pronounced as App of the Month. The hunger is still one of the world’s biggest problems and the creators of Food Tweeks want to fight it and feed all the families that are in need.

Game of the Month – Candy Match 2014

The relatively new Android casual game Candy Match 2014 is our Game of the Month winner. It is definitely one of the best new saga games, game that I could literally play for hours and never get bored or frustrated.

App of the Day - Leisure Car Rental

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The perfect Android transportation app for renting cars called Leisure Car Rental is our App of the Day. It is a great app for finding cars near St. Maarten. The app divides all cars into various categories including Economy, Compact, Midsize and Fullsize. You can find wide variety of cars with all sorts of different prices that will definitely fit your budget.

App of the Day - Infused

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The free social networking app called Infused is our App of the Day. It is an iOS app that currently is one of the most unique apps on the App Store. Infused will enable you to leave music, art, photos and any other kinds of media at a physical location. So, when a friend pass through that location, the media you stored will be sent to them and there will be a push notification on their device. That is why the app is “hyperlocal broadcasting and publishing app” according to the developers.

Game of the Week – Katang

The super interesting new strategy game called Katang is our Game of the Week. This lovely puzzle game is one of the hottest new games in this category. It is much better than the similar games and if you love puzzle, sudoku or tetris games, then you will definitely adore Katang.

Game of the Day – Love Jump

The free casual game called Love Jump is our Game of the day. This free casual game will take you in a journey filled with jumps and love. The main character Cleo is deeply in love, but his love flies away in the sky. So, Cleo needs to get her, so he flies in the sky with her. You need to jump and stay alive as you pursue her. 

App of the Day – Daily Horoscope App

Friday, August 29, 2014

The quality horoscope apps are rarity nowadays. However, we found one excellent horoscope apps that we are sure you will love. The Daily Horoscope App is complete horoscope app with great accuracy, huge amount of information and wide variety of useful features. But, even though the app is named Daily Horoscope app, it includes Weekly horoscope and in-depth detailed info about love, health, work and deep astrology.

The app also enables you to check sign compatibility and love match, which will help you to see what your future with your crush or loved one is. There is also information about the elements and the twelve houses.

The Daily Horoscope App can really determine your day and predict your future. No matter if you want to find about your love, finances or help, the Daily Horoscope App is probably one of the best Horoscope app you can find on the App Store. It is free and available for devices with iOS 6.0 or later.

App Store Download Link: Daily Horoscope App

App of the Week - Pegg'd

The excellent and unique social networking app Pegg’d is our App of the Week. This exclusive and simply outstanding ultimate social calendar is one of my most used apps from recently. 

App of the Month - Food Tweeks

Game of the Month - Candy Match 2014

Game of the Week - Katang

App of the Week - Pegg'd

Leisure Car Rental

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