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Real Madrid FootScout App is Perfect for Aspiring Football Players and Scouts

Friday, July 20, 2018

Want to showcase your football skills and talent, or be a scout that discovers great talent? Well, the scouting game Real Madrid FootScout app is an amazing app for you!

Football talent and scouting competition
Real Madrid FootScout app is an online video platform and football scouting game for aspiring players and scouts. The app is an official Real Madrid app.

This lovely concept is ideal for football players that want to showcase his/her talents and get a chance to be invited to the Real Madrid Academy, meet with Real Madrid players or win Real Madrid awards.

How to make use of Real Madrid FootScout?

You can use the football skills and scouting app in two ways:

- As a player: sign up and post videos of your best skills. Be sure to upload and share videos related to the weekly challenges within the Football scout app.

- As a scout: you can view and vote football talent videos. The better talent you select, the higher your rank is.

No matter if you are using the app as a player or as a football scout you can win rewards. The most talented have a chance to get invited to the Real Madrid academy and showcase your talent in real life in a club in your country.

The app is free for download! Try your luck and have fun!

Google Play Download Link: Real Madrid FootScout App

App Store Download Link: Real Madrid FootScout App

Puzzle Game of the Week - Match It Fast

Today we’re sharing with you one of the most adorable puzzle games on the market! Meet Match It Fast, an insanely addictive matching game for Android and iOS users. With fun and fast-paced gameplay, and beautiful graphics, so far this is one of our favorite games this week. That’s why we decided to pronounce it a Puzzle Game of the Week. Let’s see why!

Android Game of the Day - Get Over Rocks

Thursday, July 19, 2018

When smartphones and mobile games were a new thing, we imagined a future with full-fledged console-quality games in our pockets. However, it turns out playing Call of Duty on your phone isn’t that great. Many of the most popular Android games are pretty simple and easy to play. More importantly, they’re free and super addictive. We try to highlight the Most Addictive Android Games, we’ve done it a lot of times. Likewise, today we have one of the most addictive games for 2018. It’s an arcade tap game will test your patience, reflexes, and competitiveness. Your phone is going to get hot and your battery will scream for mercy. Let’s get downloading!

Food App of the Week - Recipe Pie

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

For all home cooks on the Google Play Store, here comes an amazing recipe app that will give you the cooking inspiration you need. Discover meal recommendations instantly and make it easier with our Food App of the Week - Recipe Pie. Recipe Pie is a great, easy and free-to-use food recipe app that will make your cooking a lot easier and simpler. Let’s see why we chose it!

Social App of the Week - MY WEED SOCIAL

Our pick for a Social App of the Week is called MY WEED SOCIAL. This is an amazing community for Android medical and recreational cannabis users to connect with like-minded individuals in their area. Whether its discussions, newest trends, legal information or anything else cannabis-related, this app has got you covered.

Lifestyle App of the Week - Inner Oracle Cards

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Turn your phone into an on-the-go spiritual adviser with one of the greatest oracle card transformation tools on both Android and iOS platforms. Meet Inner Oracle Cards, a powerful divination tool that features quick and astonishingly accurate oracle card decks that can free the greatness that lives inside you. Let’s talk about why we chose this app to be our Lifestyle App of the Week and how it works.

Wedgie Go – Hilarious Infinite Runner Game

Endless runner games, though simple, can be extremely addictive. One of the coolest things about them is that you keep discovering something new despite repetitive patterns. Jumping in the air, switching from one side to the other or making a great head jump are some of the wonderful aspects of such games. The more you play them, the more appealing they appear to be. So if you are willing to hit the ground running, have a serious look at this one of the best endless runner game for iOS and Android devices.

Can You Screen Independent Contractors?

There are some jobs that are part of the so-called "gig economy". This is the fast-rising set of jobs that are coming together as a result of certain economic conditions. A lot more people are working as independent contractors than in decades past. Fama social media screening recommends that even these types of workers get screened in terms of their social media profiles. They believe that independent contractors are perhaps even more important to screen than regular employees.

Productivity App of the Week – HandyBoy

If you need help with your personal tasks, you should definitely check out our Productivity App of the Week. It’s called HandyBoy, now available on both Google Play and App Store. This incredible productivity tool helps you get on-demand personal services, anytime you need them, anywhere you are. Let’s talk what the app’s all about!

iOS App of the Day – SCCompass

Apple’s iPhone TV commercials are so visually stunning, they downplay, if not belie, the company's ability to make the smartphone — as well as the iPad and iPod touch — accessible even to those who can’t see the screen. The VoiceOver screen reader and Zoom magnification — built into all iOS devices — and a growing host of third-party apps make the iPhone increasingly popular among blind and visually impaired persons. Some apps harness the phone's built-in camera to see for the user. Here is one of the most useful iOS apps designed specifically to aid low-vision users.

Finance App of the Week - FinancyBirds

Shopping App of the Week - SiBi - See It Buy It

Music App of the Week - Musicana

Food App of the Month - Plate Rater

Education App of the Month - Classeats

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