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Language App of the Week – Seemile

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

If you want to find a new hobby or way to fulfill your free time productively, here we offer a learning tool for Korean language called Seemile which we have already reviewed on our site. Today we decided to give it another appraisal, this time as our Language App of the Week. 

Short introduction

Seemile is educational app which helps you learn Korean language, speaking and spelling in an easy and fun way - through animation. It helps you also to learn and organize the basic structure of the language so you can reduce the difficulties in the learning process.

Feature-Rich & Unique Way of Remembering 

As a part of the learning program of Seemile there are 650 sentences, 1200 words, Korean alphabet, unique and exciting animations that use to make the learning process easier and entertaining. The program also contains stories and characters of everyday life like the relationships of friendship and love between each other that will inspire the users to keep learning actively.

Some of the other features that make Seemile effective and useful are the associative memory techniques that allow you to remember some words and meaning for a long time, because the sentences are expressed via videos and the words via images that help the brain for easy memorization.

For more info visit the official website of Seemile, or visit the App Store & Play Store link to download for free and start your Korean learning journey right now! 

Google Play Download Link: Seemile

App Store Download Link: Seemile

Official Website: https://www.seemile.com/

Android Game of the Week – StockPredict

A few days ago StockPredict was reviewed on Intellectuapp. This fun stock prediction game entertained us with both the well-made stock prediction simulation. We also loved the competitive spirit and the possibility to earn real rewards. Read more why we decided to make it our Android Game of the Week.

StockPredict – Introduction

This Android stock prediction game simulates the US stock shares market (DOV) and lets you predict the stock values. In the fixed prediction period, you need to put a bet and predict the rough percentage of increase or decrease in stock value. If you guess correctly, you win diamonds & other rewards.

Rankings, Spin the Wheel, Amazon Gift Cards

Once you sign up the app leads you to a dashboard with stocks from different American companies like Facebook, Alphabet, etc. (they change daily). Then you need to explore each stock, maybe even read some news prior to making your prediction.
Once you make a prediction you need to wait till 4:30 PM and claim the rewards (if any) till midnight. You are competing against other players, so your prediction needs to be as close as possible. You can easily claim your winnings from the main menu.

Spin for More Diamonds and Earn Amazon Gift Cards

These diamonds can also be used to vote for stocks the next day. The top 3 stocks with most votes will be available for the prediction game. In order to win diamonds, you can also spin the wheel.

The reward points you claim can also be used to claim Amazon gift cards. If you do so, they will be sent to the in-app mail and you can easily claim them.

So, if you are ready to learn and have fun predicting stock value, StockPredict is a great option.

Google Play Download Link: StockPredict

Don’t Crash is a Fun Quick Thrill for Android

Not everyone wants to commit hours of their day to play games on their phones. That's why casual games exist! Championed by iconic mobile games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga, these games have proven wildly successful. They're designed to be played on the go and at your own pace — as laid back or competitive as you want.

Shop Smarter with the Price Comparison Among Top Stores eBay, AliExpress App for Android

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

E-commerce and the mobile revolution have put the power of big data and tons of instant information right at each shopper's fingertips, offering everything from instant purchases to deal searches that help you find the best value and lowest prices. Today we will cover one of the best tools to do simple & effective price comparison among the best retail shops in the world: eBay, Amazon & AliExpres.

Shopping App of the Week – Phantom Watch

Monday, November 18, 2019

Few days ago, we introduced Phantom Watch. This streetwear restock & product release monitor and alert app impressed us with its functionality and large database of retailers. Since we truly think it can be of great help for shoppers, we decided to make it our Shopping App of the Week.

General Introduction

Phantom Watch is an advanced product release and shoe restock monitor for iOS. It includes over 140 retail shops from which it retrieves the information and delivers it right on your iPhone so you can get informed on time and shop the items you want fast and easy.

Watch Your Favorite Products, Shops & Brands

Add any item to your watch list and explore hundreds of exclusive shops. Phantom Watch is mostly focused on streetwear fashionistas and collectors so expect brands more focused on sneakers, shoes, t-shirts and similar streetwear.

We were impressed with how easy the app is to use and flawless functionality. We received notification for 2 items we followed and we can see how it can be immensely useful to streetwear enthusiasts and collectors.

If you are interested in the app you can try it for free, but for the full features, it requires a premium subscription. Currently priced at $17.90 monthly (it’s a bit cheaper if you buy a yearly subscription), you can save $3 monthly if you go visit their website, sign up and then download the app.

App Store Download Link: Phantom Watch

Website: Phantom Watch

Parenting App of the Week – Playdae

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Playdae was reviewed on Intellectuapp a few days ago. This parenting tool makes organizing play dates a simple and easy job. Because of its great usability and help it can offer for parents, we decided to make it our Parenting App of the Week. Read more why.

General Introduction – Playdae

Playdae is play dates organizer & manager which serves as a social tool for parents. As a user of  Playdae you can find play dates, meet new parents, organize private and semi private play dates and more.

Easy to Use & Highly Useful

We got to give credit regarding the functionality and easiness of use of Playdae. In 1-2 minute, we’ve setup a profile with in-depth information that other parents can see. Of course, Playdae is based on trust, safety & location. Your personal data will be checked and vetted both by their team and other users.

Once you’ve set up your profile you can start searching for your friends and family to organize play dates. Each play date requires date, location and detailed information and then you can send invitations.

As a user you can organize or accept playdates. However, you can also search play dates and users based on certain parameters like location, your kids’ age etc. This is especially handy for parents who just moved in a new location.

No matter how you decide to use Playdae, it is a great app that will improve your and your kids’ social life. Try it for free on Google Play or App Store.

Google Play Download Link: Playdae

App Store Download Link: Playdae

Website: Playdae

Casual Tennis is a Cool Low Poly Tennis Game for Android

As the decades have progressed, so also tennis simulations have grown more complicated, more nuanced, and generally closer to the real thing. There's always been space for radical flights of fancy too, thank goodness. But instead of realistic tennis sport simulations, sometime we need quick smashing with cartoon characters. That’s why today we will cover the ultimate low poly tennis simulation – Casual Tennis.

3x2 is a Simple Block Matching Game & Pure Fun for Puzzle Gaming Fans

Friday, November 15, 2019

Not everyone wants to commit hours of their day to playing games on their phone. That's why puzzle games exist! These brain training games have proven wildly successful and beneficial for cognitive skills. They're designed to be played on the go and at your own pace — as laid back or competitive as you want.

In order to recommend you a new puzzle game we loved, we made a research and found 3x2 – very simple to play the puzzle that is sure to challenge you to the fullest.

The block puzzle game offers a simple challenge - you as a player need to simply roll a small cube across a whiteboard and the face of the cube that will touch the board should match with the one on the board.   

3 Game Modes & Tons of Challenging Moments

3x2 features with 3 different levels to play. The first one is where the cube has 2 colors, 3 on each side that is similar to the ones that are on the board.

The second one is when the cube has 3 different colors on the sides and needs more attention when you rotate the cube around the board. The third game mode (the hardest) is where the cube has 6 different colors and requires a lot of focus and logical efforts to the colors of the side that is not on display.

While simple in its nature, 3x2 has the potential to offer great challenging moments and brain exercising gaming that will test your thinking and logical skills! It’s minimal, neat and mind-teasing. It’s available for free download on Play Store so check it out now!

Google Play Download Link: 3x2

App of the Day - RITS Browser- SMART BROWSER

Web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device. Having the right features and performance while browsing the web can literally change your entire experience. Finding the right one can be difficult because there are so many options and the face of the web is changing all the time. That’s why today we will cover one of our recent findings – RITS Browser for Android.

Why RITS Browser?

RITS Browser is а fast android web browser that recently caught our attention as one of the fastest browsers we ever used. The great thing is that this browser app goes beyond just browsing and provides you with an additional set of features that will make browsing and leisure time even more entertaining.

Fast & Secure, Yet So Feature-Rich

We will not put much attention to the browsing experience, which was fast and almost-flawless. We’ll instead focus on some additional features we liked. One of them is the comparison shortcut, which compares product flights and hotels, as well as facebook & other social media shortcut pages which saves time, data and storage on your device.

The classic desktop to mobile view, bookmark import, and similar features are also here. The app also features great ways for entertainment with in-built live music and tv access, as well as fun offline games.

All in all this lightweight and ultra-useful browser can easily become your #1 browser and replace not only your stock browser but also some live media viewing and Facebook apps. Download this free, fast & secure browser on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: RITS Browser – SMART BROWSER

Website: RITS Browser

Board Game of the Week – XO Master

Thursday, November 14, 2019

XO Master was recently covered by the team of Intellectuapp and since this tic tac toe variation truly impressed us, it deserved our spot as a Board Game of the Week. Read more why.

Basic Info – XO Master

Available for Android & iOS, XO Master is an XO game that requires to draw 5 in a row to win the game, instead of 3 like in the classic xo game. The game features high-quality graphics, single & multiplayer modes, as well as some extra features like in-built chat.

Ultra-Fun Single & Multiplayer Quest to Draw 5 in Row

If you traveling and needs some fun game to play offline, XO Master is perfect since it has a challenging single-player AI system that will entertain you to the fullest. Besides playing the game in single-player mode (we suggest to try this first before enrolling in multiplayer battles), you can also play against other players.

To start an online game send an invitation to other players and friends/family. We have played dozens of multiplayer xo games and we must say that the stability and speed is impressive. When you want to tease the loser or have laugh at the opposing player, use the inbuilt chat and make things clear.

XO Master is the perfect mix of single & multiplayer tic tac toe board gaming. Try it for free on the App Store & Google Play and challenge your logic and mind both against the computer and other players.

Google Play Download Link: XO Master

App Store Download Link: XO Master


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