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Android Booster Review

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Today we decided to do a little review of the best android boosters, the free android booster from NQ. It belongs to the category productivity and this Android speed booster has 3 basic features: Optimize, Battery Manager and Tools. 

You can use Optimize in order to optimize your RAM memory. This feature is great for those middle range Android smartphones which have 512 MB or lower. It tells you how much percentage is your RAM memory used. After you tap optimize it will instantly close all apps and free serious RAM memory.

The Battery Manager is also a good feature, it offers 4 options: Power-saver, Sleep, Normal, Custom. You can save serious amount of battery if you manage it good. Although, we should inform you that there are better battery managers and savers out there, but they aren’t free!

The More Tools feature offers 5 options: Virus Scanner, Network Manager, Memory Card File Manager, App Manager, Privacy Protector. First we like to inform you’ll need to additionally download Virus Scanner and Privacy Protector, apps that look promising. Network Manager shows all the apps that are using network connections, which is great as you can close the ones you don’t use. Memory Card File Manager organizes your Memory Card. App Manager shows your App list, and enables you to force stop or uninstall any app on your smartphone.

Useful for:

- Optimizing your RAM memory.
- Saving and managing battery.
- Managing of Applications.
- Protecting your Android. 

Our experience using this app was good, it’s easy understandable, useful and fast. So our advice is to install it and try it. 

- As we said, the battery manager is not perfect, there are some better managers out there on Play. Also they should work on a feature for permanently closing some background apps, because most of the time when you optimize your memory, when you go back to your home tab, some background apps are opening again and again they are using part of your RAM memory.

Our Rating: 4.5

Developer: NQ Mobile Security

Google Play Download Link   

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