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Top 10 best live and digital art wallpapers

Monday, August 4, 2014

We searched and tried countless live wallpapers apps to make this list of best live wallpapers. They are all free, so enjoy and hope some of them will be your next live wallpapers.

10. Under the sea

Under the Sea is ad free live wallpaper which is relaxing and simple. Prepare yourself for the summer with this clean, blue and beautiful live wallpaper. 

screenshot of Under The Sea live wallpaper
Under the Sea on my phone

Google Play Download Link: Under the Sea Live Wallpaper

9. Bubble Live Wallpaper

Bubble is interesting blue live wallpaper in which there are countless bubbles that are moving on your phone. If you are bored, you can snap them.

screenshot of Bubbles live wallpaper

Google Play Download Link: Bubble Live Wallpaper

8. Earth HD Free Edition

As the name says, you will have the globe on your screen and it’s constantly moving. It looks astonishing if you have bigger screen with great pixel density.

screenshot of Earth HD live wallpaper

Google Play Download Link: Earth HD Free Edition

7. PhotoFX Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper will be created from your photos. So if you want your favorite photos with your close friends and loved ones to be on the screen of your phone or tablet, then try this no lag, ad free, cool live wallpaper.

Google Play Download Link: PhotoFX Live Wallpaper

6. Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper

Colorful, vivid and with no lags, Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper is one of the best live wallpapers on Google Play. You can stare in it for hours to relax. Awesome.

screenshot of Aquarium live wallpaper

Google Play Download Link: Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper

5. Panda Chub Live Wallpaper

I had this live wallpaper for a while and I had a feeling like this sweet panda is my pet. If you want to be accompanied by a Panda every day, than you should download this interesting live wallpaper.

screenshot of Panda Chub live wallpaper

Google Play Download Link: Panda Chub Live Wallpaper

4. Galactic Core Free Wallpaper

This is live wallpaper for all of the galaxy and space lovers. This ad free live wallpaper will offer you moving stars with neat selection of colors.  

screenshot of Galactic Core live wallpaper

Google Play Download Link: Galactic Core Free Wallpaper

3. FONDO 4k Wallpaper

A truly great wallpaper app offers backgrounds with landscapes, patterns, material design, typography and other forms of digital art. The tasteful backgrounds are created by FONDO's team of digital artists everyday and these fresh, stunningly unique 4k wallpapers can really make a dramatic change to your phone looks.

Google Play Download Link: FONDO - 4K Wallpaper

2. Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

As the name says this wallpaper is one beautiful sunrise with perfect colors, birds flying, trees and rainbow which together create one beautiful wallpaper.  It’s totally recommended if you are fun of sunrises and astonishing landscapes.

screenshot of Sun Rise Free live wallpaper

Google Play Download Link: Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

1. Weatherback Wallpaper

Weatherback recently our App of the Day. This free personalization app is one of the best live wallpapers right now. It changes your wallpaper depending the weather in your current location. Weatherback includes great HD photos with amazing weather effects.

Google Play Download Link: Weatherback Wallpaper


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