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App Review – GiftBuster

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We recently discovered very useful and amazing app in the Lifestyle category on the App Store. It is called GiftBuster and it is the easiest and the most entertaining way for sharing gifts with your loved ones. Simple to use, this app allows any user to create personal wish list with desired gifts and also to be a perfect gift giver for any occasion.

In order to enjoy this app's features, you need to make a profile. Within your profile everything is available: making a wish list, upload photos, descriptions and where to buy each gift. Adding the gifts to your list is very easy. There are 3 different ways of doing this: from browser, copy from other users or do it manually. Not only that your friends can see your wishes, but you can always know what they want. If you want to buy them something from their list, you need to reserve the gift and set the reservation date of the occasion (birthday, Christmas, etc.) as well. The contribution is made by PayPal, so with the help of the chip you can now get a last minute gift.

You should note that the app does not offer purchasing items. You can only search and reserve them and then go buy them in person. Invite your friends by sending them an e-mail or a message and share your wishes to other social accounts. This amazingly created app, with lovely graphics, is free for download on the App Store.


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