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Best apps for students that will improve your college life

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Today we are going to present you our unique list of best Android and iOS apps for college students. We think that this apps will make your college life much easier and better. We tried to be thorough and detailed, so lets go.


Simpliv is easy to use, efficient and user-friendly online learning app that offers educators and learning to teach, learn and earn in a very simple way. Developed for iOS and Android users this is a safe and secure online global marketplace that offers the expertise and resources needed. Using this app will help the learners and institutions to become more successful in their field while learning and teaching anytime they want and anywhere they want with the quality innovation and technology available. 

Official Website: Simpliv

App Store Download Link: Simpliv

Google Play Download Link: Simpliv



Classeats is especially created for students as one very helpful and practical education app developed for IOS users, offering students to easily search for classes and find a spot in their desired class. On the app, users are able to communicate with other students in order to buy, sell or switch classes with students. The app causes revolutions at universities and it has the chance to become the business for students at colleges. Only made for all U.S universities and community college, the developer Nour helps students that registered in any class the option to sell their spot or switch with a student that likes to attend to it. 

App Store Download Link: Classeats

Apps Doctors Website: Classeats

Facebook Page: Classeats

Wake Up Cry

Let's face it. Fart too often you are tapping that snooze button. We get it, college life can get demanding. However, using the new alarm app Wake Up Cry, might never ever get you to hit snooze.
This alarm app is developed on android platform as one very easy to use, highly efficient and helpful tool which is offering its users to instantly wake up and get up with the sounds of a baby.


Google Play Download Link: Wake Up Cry 



Bitcoin & cryptocurrency are growing and expanding everyday. If you already have invested and you are involved in bitcoin & crypto trading, KryptoGraph should be your #1 portfolio manager, tracker and news app. Available in 10 languages with stunning features and crypo coin market cap, it really can become your #1 portfolio app.

Google Play Store download link: 
App Store download link: KryptoGraphe

Website: http://www.kryptographe.com/

Progress Graphs

Progress Graphs is a really useful tool for planning and visualizing your college life. It's a great productivity app that will help you organize better and make it a goal diary. It is a multi-use productivity app, perfect for student as its primary idea is to provide its users with a meaningful tool that makes life well organized. It's the ideal app to create create timeline projects. Get it for free and make use of it in your every day life while you going from semester to semester, and from class to class.

App Store Download Link: Progress Graphs

Google Play Download Link: Progress Graphs


Accomplysh is a neat education app for iOS and Android that we truly think it can offer great value to students. Not only that this app represents a great way for students to collaborate on courses, but also it is a marketplace page for selling and buying textbooks from classmates. It is a well thought system in which students can largely benefit. It is free, anybody can use it for their own purposes.

Google Play Download Link: Accomplysh

App Store Download Link: Accomplysh


Featured as App of the Day on our website, MyCQs is extremely useful educational app. It is unique as it will let you create your own test on different subjects on your Android device. The idea of the app is that with creating of these tests you will learn and if you share them with fellow students you will also improve yours and theirs knowledge. You can also get already prepared test and answer them. You can sync your account and use MyCQs on their webiste or use their iPhone app. Nice app to have and it is free.

Google Play Download Link: MyCQs

Mint and Adnoto Expense Manager

The college life is expensive, crazy, wild, fun and very often college students end up broke at the end of the month. So a budget app in which you will calculate and have clear view of all the money spent is a must have. Mint and Adnoto Expense Manager are one of the best apps for this and they are free.

Google Play Download Link: MINT 
Google Play Download Link: ADNOTO EXPENSE MANAGER


 Life in college can be rough, especially if you don't know anyone. That is why having a good social app that can help you find dates and friends is always a good option for the social part of your college life. Friendsy is one of the very best for that purpose. It is practically the best way to connect with other verified students near you. With its unique guaranteed matchmaking system, it's never been easier to find a friend, hookup, or date on your campus! Enjoy

App Store Download Link: Friendsy

Evernote, AnyDO or Google Keep

Students need to take notes and these apps will keep those notes synced, organized and stored. They will enable you to convert speech to text, take pictures, record speech, share your notes on cloud storages, so you, your friends or college buddies can use them. We selected probably the best 3 note and to do apps and they are all free.

Google Play Download Link: EVERNOTE  
Google Play Download Link: ANY DO  
Google Play Download link: GOOGLE KEEP 

RealCalc and Andie Graph

The stock calculator is good if you are making simple operations. But if you want to calculate something complex then you’ll need better and more advanced calculator. RealCalc Scientific Calculator is the most downloaded, best rated and probably the best calculator on Google Play out there, but if you already have it and you are not satisfied with it, then check our list of top 5 best calculator apps.

If you need extra advanced calculator then try Andie Graph. Basically, you will have the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+, TI-85, and TI-86 emulators on your phone.  Each of these emulators is designed for different purpose. For example TI 83 is designed for statistics and trigonometry, and T85 is designed for engineering and computer science. This is surely one of the best and most useful free apps that you’ll find on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: REALCALC 
Google Play Download Link: ANDIE GRAPH

Student Success Keeper

Student Success Keeper is really good app that will let you create various good habits. You can edit and set habits hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly. The good habits will surely improve your student life and they will surely lead you to success and reaching your dreams and goals. The app is easy to use and easy to understand and there is great amount of information about every habit and goal.

Google Play Download Link: STUDENT SUCCESS KEEPER


This is the official application of the famous online encyclopedia. The view of the articles in it is far better than the web version and you can save articles to read in offline mode. There is also the option to view the articles in different languages. Educational app that is very useful and nice to have.

Google Play Download Link: WIKIPEDIA 


If you need a document, script, letter, memo or simple page scanned and converted in PDF, then CamScanner is the best free app for you. Any picture you scan is easily editable and you can change the angles and crop it to the desired size. CamScanner also enables you to easily manage documents,  sync the files on the popular cloud storages, add notes and annotations, and easily organize and search your scanned documents.

Google Play Download Link: CAMSCANNER


With bump students can easily share contacts, photos, videos and files with just bumping two phones together. You can also sync the app with your PC. The great thing about Bump is that it works cross-platform with iPhone, iPod and iPad, so you are not limited only to Android.

Google Play Download Link: BUMP


Easy Voice Recorder

I’m not quite satisfied with my stock recording app and if you have the same problem then you’ll need to download Easy Voice Recorder. This app will help you to record your classes or record some personal notes. Easy Voice Recorder will enable you tons of recording features like: recording in stereo, recording with Bluetooth microphone, managing the recording from your Home screen with the EVR widget, share and easily manage any recorded file. The app is free and it has great average rating of 4.5.

Google Play Download Link: EASY VOICE RECORDER

Extreme Alarm and Walk Me Up!

The stock alarm apps are boring and often they are with limited features. As a student you will need reliable alarm app that will wake you for sure and in time.  Extreme Alarm will surely make you get up. The app enables you to put math operations, which if you don’t solve, then the alarm won’t stop ringing. Also you can limit the number of snoozes. Another great alarm app is Walk Me Up!. The alarm on this app won’t stop ringing if you don’t make the number of steps you already set. So, you’ll need to get up and walk in order to turn off the alarm.

Google Play Download Link: EXTREME ALARM 
Google Play Download Link: WALK ME UP

School Timetable Deluxe

You want your school or college life in full control, then School Timetable Deluxe is the best app for you. You can easily schedule classes, and you can choose different colors for different subjects. There is speech recognition and date picker, you can set homework assignments with priority and due dates. You can create exams and put grades and credits in them, and calculate the average.

Google Play Download Link: SCHOOL TIMETABLE DELUXE


If you have too much to study, you are tired, exhausted or just lazy, and you are hungry, than GrubHub will help you get the best food to your door. You just need to enter your address and the app will show you all the nearby delivery or pickup options. When you decide what to eat, you can easily place your order through the app. The app is well equipped, it includes over 20,000 eateries in more than 500 cities in the USA.

Google Play Download Link: GRUBHUB  

Study Checker

This study checker will definitely help you get focused and more effective. It will automatically record your daily, weekly, monthly breaks and studies. The app also supports stats per-study or stats per-break. You can also divide your studying and break stats per subject or exam.

Google Play Download Link: STUDY CHECKER 


Need a synonym, definition or antonym? Dictionary will give you the best and most reliable service for sure. It includes over 2 million definitions and synonyms from the websites www.dictionary.com and www.thesaurus.com. The app is simple, neat, responsive and it is free of course.

Google Play Download Link: DICTIONARY 

Your University app

This is just a simple suggestion. If your college or high school have an official Android app, than you must download it. Some universities have pretty smooth and informative apps. Perfect example of good university app is Ashford University’s Android app. I hope that your University has an app with similar features.

Google Play Download Link: ASHOFRD UNIVERSITY (This is taken as an example) 


Silence is a useful app that will schedule your phone to go silent in certain period of time. For example if you have lecture from 8 am till 10 am it will silence your phone automatically in that period of time. It will also enable you to turn WiFi, Bluetooth or Mobile Data on and off.  

Google Play Download Link: SILENCE

If you have any helpful app that we didn't mentioned just leave it in the comments. 

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