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Top 10 best multiplayer games

Thursday, October 17, 2013

We are about to present you the best Android multiplayer games. We personally loved and played every game, so you choose your next addictive android multiplayer game according to your taste and interests.

10. Fun Run

This game is simple, you run in a forest with a funny creature. You get to create your avatars and compete with you friends or random people online. This game reminds me of the retro games in the 80s and 90s. 

Google Play Download Link: FUN RUN

9. Chess Time

Do you like chess? Well this game will enable you to play chess with your friends, but also with random people across the globe. So test your skills and knowledge with this flawless chess app. 

Google Play Download Link: CHESS TIME

8. Get Got GO

Get Got GO is free multiplayer game that you can enjoy with random people or with your friends. This word game is simple, light, addictive and interesting. Before every game you'll need to bet on chips with your opponent. That is what makes this game interesting. Lets see if you'll "chicken out" or you will become the ultimate word master.

Google Play Download Link: GET GOT GO FREE

7. Real Basketball

This game was already included in our best basketball gameslist. It is one of the best out there, and it support multiplayer. You can play and test your skills with many people around the globe, but also with your friends. Fun game, with great gameplay and graphics.

Google Play Download Link: REAL BASKETBALL

6. Reactor

Reactor is 2 player game. It is all about how fast you will react. The game is very simple and has clean and responsive UI. Challenge your friends to a battle of reflexes and knowledge. Funny, interesting and joyful game.

Google Play Download Link: REACTOR

5. Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 is a very interesting multiplayer game. It looks great in both tablet and smartphones with bigger screens. The graphics are sharp, the sound and gameplay are solid, and overall this is one of the most fun free games on Google Play. So, download it and have fun with your friends, kids or partners.

Google Play Download Link: GLOW HOCKEY 2

4. Draw N Guess

The concept is simple, you create a game, and your friend joins it. Then you draw the word the game gives you and your friend guesses. The fun part of it is that most of the times you’ll laugh at each other drawings. This multiplayer game is fun and I played it countless times with my friends.

Google Play Download Link: DRAW N GUESS

3. Pocket Legends

If you are a fan of MMO Games then Pocket Legends is the real game for you. It is probably the best multiplayer MMO game on Google Play. Enjoy the dungeons, mountains and swamps.

Google Play Download Link: POCKET LEGENDS

2. Raging Thunder 2

Raging Thunder 2 is a very fun racing game which enables you to have a multiplayer game. You can race with your friends, or race with random people online. The game is very exciting, with good graphics and gameplay. So, have a ride and prove to your friends that you are the best driver.

Google Play Download Link: RAGING THUNDER 2

1. Words With Friends

Created by the Game giant Zynga, Words With Friends is one of the most popular and most interesting multiplayer games for Android. It has the standard crossword gameplay and it is very simple and fun. You can play with your friends, or with a random player. There is in app chat to make the playing with your friends even more fun.

Google Play Download Link: WORDS WITH FRIENDS


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