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Game of the Day – Have fun with the entertaining puzzle game 10 Up Number Puzzle Game

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Today we are going to present you one simple, but yet very entertaining and competitive app called 10Up Number Puzzle Game. It is a free Android puzzle that is very popular in Australia. The rules are simple, just combine 4 numbers that will equal to 10. You think that this is easy, but it gets extremely hard as you pass through.

If you get stuck at certain levels, then you can guess number that is close to ten and you will still get points. You will get most points if you make 10Ups streaks, so concentrate and give your best. This app is great time killer, but also great educational app for children. Try your brain skills with this great puzzle game.

Google Play Description

If you love 2048, you're going to love this!
10Up Number Puzzle is based on a popular game in Australia where you combine 4 numbers to equal 10. Easy, right?
"Number puzzle game that will rival the likes of 2048" - Soldgame.com
Your first puzzle is the combination of 2048. You would combine 4-2+0+8 to get 10!
In this game your goal is to achieve as many 10Up's as possible! If you can't get 10 - don't worry, you will still get points for being as close as possible.
I could have just brought you another 2048 implementation, but I thought, we deserve better, we deserve something new!
Challenge yourself to achieve bonus points and streaks by getting a '10Up' multiple times in a row .
The 10Up number puzzle game is great both for kids and adults alike. It can serve as a way to pass the time but can also be used educationally for children by keeping their simple math skills sharp! Education is important. Try it and see how many you can solve!
Just look at the screenshots and see how easy it is to use, then download it to try it out. Why not? It's Free!
We are always looking for suggestions and appreciate your feedback!
For support contact us at sariodevsupport@gmail.com
We have decided not to put in "rate me" popups in the app but if you feel like doing so we would appreciate it!
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Google Play Download Link: 10Up Number Puzzle Game  

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