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Android App of the Day - Free Landing Page Creator

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our today’s Android App of the Day is a simple app. Simple, but yet, highly functional. Created by Landing Pad Labs, the app Free Landing Page Creator, as the names states, will enable you to create landing pages in minutes. Any web designer or creator knows how crucial is to have a neat and already ready landing page. This app will enable you to create and try all sorts of different landing pages that you can implement on any website. 

After you create certain landing page with the website builder, then you can manipulate and edit the headline and tagline text. On top of that the app will enable you to track the views and even collect emails. With all this simple information you can see if your landing page is good, or bad, and then invest in creating something better and effective, but yet, based on that very first landing page you create with this flawless app. Get it for free on Google Play and start creating landing pages in minutes.

Google Play Download Link: Free Landing Page


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