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Android Game of the Day – Mini Metal

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Shooting and action games in 3D offer great gaming experience, especially when played on high-end devices. If you want to experience amazing shooter game, then you should try our today’s Game of the Day for the Android platform. We are talking about the new, critically acclaimed Mini Metal. Adored by the users because of its great gameplay, amazing graphics and challenging levels, Mini Metal has one goal, to battle off in the arena with your powerful tank.

This is more than just a regular shooter game because there are lots of interesting additional features. For example you can customize and control your battle tank. There are coins that you can collect and various badges. Everything you collect you later use within the game. There are various weapons and vehicles that can be purchased that look and feel great! This is making the game even more exciting and interesting.

There are 3 arenas in which you can fight. Remember, each tank has it own special ability. All you need to show is reaction skills and good strategy and you’ll master the game. Get this lovely shooter game for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Mini Metal


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