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Cross-Platform App of the Day – PlaySports

Thursday, April 7, 2016

PlaySports is a sports app that was recently introduced for Android and iOS. At its core this is a pick-up sports mobile app that helps amateur sportsman find people to play with, book facilities, join events and much more. With it, you will never have any problems finding people to play your favorite sports with. The app tends to help people that have hard time finding people to play their favorite sports. This is a common situation nowadays with the busy lifestyle we are living.

The app works in a simple way. All you need is an account and the intuitive UI and the smooth design will help you get the app easier and start using it smartly. You can see the players available per sport. You can create your own team, see available teams and players and organize them to play it on local level. The app serves as a organization tool for sport events. The app mostly focused for the Indian market. You can get it for free, it is indeed a great tool for anyone that loves fitness and sports.

App Store Download Link: PlaySports

Google Play Download Link: PlaySports