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Most Useful App of the Week – Game Audio 101

Friday, June 16, 2017

Few days ago we’ve reveled to all our users a unique app that is especially designed for composers, sound designers, voice artists and audio programmers that want to find their game audio dream job. We’re talking about Game Audio 101, the app that we chose to be our Most Useful App of the Week.

What is Game Audio 101?

Game Audio 101 is a fantastic Android app that can help you browse and search for game audio jobs and start a promising career in this industry. The app is simple, easy-to-use and full of handy features.
What Does it Offer?

Games are more than just graphics, animations and gameplay. They need music, sound and dialogue to breathe life into the gaming experience and enhance it at the same time. That’s the main idea of this app – to help users with informative articles, interviews and exclusive content about sound in games. It features a job board where users can easily browse and apply for any video game audio jobs and build their dream career.

Game Audio 101 is the term for music, sound and dialogue in a video game, so make sure you download it for free from Google Play and visit its official website!

Google Play Download Link: Game Audio 191

Official Website: Game Audio 191

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