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MenxApp – Amazing Communication App for Managing Your Contacts

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Using the right communication app on your smartphone can help you take control over the contacts in your address book easily and quickly. By using this kind of app, you can manage your contacts effortlessly, even to share and sync them with family, friends and colleagues in real time. But because choosing the most efficient app for this purpose is hard, we searched and have a great app that can help your contacts. Let’s what the app offers you.

What is this app about?

The MenxApp is developed for android users as one very effective and practical communication app which is offering help to users that want to easily manage and organize contacts from the phonebook on their smartphones, by choice, without much effort. This contact sharing and syncing app is allowing users to share and sync their contacts with others in real time, a great choice for people that are part of teams. All the help that the users need from the app will allow them to reach every contact from their phonebook on their fingerprints, whenever they need it.

Why do we choose it?

This contact sharing and syncing app is allowing its users to effortlessly and efficiently import the contacts from their phonebook instantly and easily. With using this amazing app, the users will be able to organize and manage the contacts they have and even set them with tags, lists and filters, getting the option to sync them with others in real time. Using this communication app, the users have the total control over the permission of who can access specific contacts from their phonebook. 
This app is offering its users to backup and restore the contacts they have on any device without any effort, whenever they need to. Free for individuals and people that are part of teams and need to use the basic features of the app. Easy to use and light-weighted, the app is a good choice for people that need to make their collaborations easier and more practical, syncing contacts in real time, easily.

Download this app now on Google Play for free.

Google Play Download Link: MenxApp


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