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Writing App of the Week – Story Compass

Monday, December 4, 2017

If you’re looking for an awesome and helpful productivity tool to help you though the structure of a screenplay, prepare one of the best ones out there! Story Compass is a writer’s utility that guides you through this, so that’s why we chose it to be our Writing App of the Week. Read on the following review and find out more.

Why Story Compass is a great tool for aspiring screenwriters?

Story Compass is a great writer’s utility screenplay writing app developed for both iOS and Android with the purpose to guide the user through the structures of the screenplays so they can better understand how the filmmakers implement story paradigms and theories into their work. This gives an insight into the importance of the structure as a core element for a well written screenplay or a story. 

Story Compass’s cool and useful features

The app comes with multiple interesting and useful features. The firs one is the implementation of the story wheels as a tool to better visual presentations of the story paradigm. The app have story wheels for numerous story theories such as: The Hero Journey, Syd Field Paradigm, 15-bit Structure, Six-Stage Plot Structure and more. You can toggle between them by swiping left or right on your device’s screen. If you tap at a story wheel you are presented a study guide synopsis of the paradigm, and alongside that you get links to every author of the paradigms.

But the most innovative feature of the app is the timer utility. This feature enables real time analysis of the movie story structure as you watch it. You can set the running time of the movie and the credit scenes for more precision. Using this tool helps you see in which way filmmakers implement the story theories and paradigms into their projects. You can also take time-stamped notes while watching and export the notes to other applications afterwards. Story Compass also have a move theater feature, which helps the user dim the brightness of the screen quick and easy within the app’s interface so no one is disturbed if used at the cinema.

Story Compass is truly a great learning tool for all aspiring screenwriters, film students and every writing enthusiast out there.  You can find Story Compass at Google Play Store and the App Store for the price of only $5.99 .

Google Play Store download link: Story Compass

App Store download link:
Story Compass

Official Website Link: Story Compass


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