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Entertainment App of the Week – ProjectionsIO

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Get ready to easily and instantly capture and seamlessly share any specific moment of your favorite streaming content with our Entertainment App of the Week. ProjectionsIO is an amazing and unique iOS app and Chrome extension that helps you clip 20 seconds videos and share them with your loved ones. Read our whole review to learn everything about this cool app!

Create, watch & share clips of memorable TV moments right from your device.
This is where ProjectionsIO enters the scene! ProjectionsIO is the latest video clipping social app which will enable us to capture, edit and share the best moments from our favorite TV shows, movies and other streaming content. With ProjectionsIO you are able to instantly capture and share any specific moment of your favorite shows and movies while streaming on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more.
ProjectionsIO features
With ProjectionsIO you can remotely control your streams from your phone, easily pausing, forward or rewind the stream, making it easier to select the exact moment you want to capture and turn into 20 second video you can share with the world. After you selected and clipped the video you can show of your creativity as the app allows you to remix and edit the scene with different options like text, emojis and more. After you edited your captured video you can share it with your friends on any social media or your ProjectionsIO feed. You can also discover what are other people watching and sharing on the feed. ProjectionsIO supports clipping on streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Twitch, YouTube and more. It also comes with a patent-pending embed and delivery feature that connects the clipped video with its original content which promotes easier content discovery.
You can find the ProjectionsIO app and extension for free at the iTunes App Store and Google Chrome Web Store.
Chrome Web Store download link: ProjectionsIO

App Store download link:


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