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Cross-Platform Game of the Week - Drop Free

Monday, March 12, 2018

Our smartphone is one of your most powerful gaming machines. Maybe it’s not as powerful as a console in raw graphics and processing, but in how many hours of entertainment it can provide, mobile devices go toe-to-toe. There are many, many games on these platforms that are impossible to put down, where you can’t resist playing just one more round. Whatever platform you’re rocking on the go, here is one of the best and most addicting mobile games. Download at your own risk.

What is Drop Free?

We’re talking about Drop Free, an awesome cross-platform game that would definitely satisfy your gaming needs, anywhere and anytime. Offered by UH Development, the game can be played by users of an ages, it shines with beautiful HD graphics, fun sounds and extremely addictive gameplay. Read on and learn how it’s played.

How to Play?

Drop Free has simple and intuitive touch screen controls. The main objective is to jump and avoid all kinds of dangerous obstacles. Pick your own tiny characters and just start tapping on your screen. Drop down, tap to jump and avoid all obstacles. Dodge all rockets, bullets, spikes, cutters, cones and cops, collect as many stars as possible on your way and unlock more new cooler characters. Additionally, the game is featuring more than 50 levels that will challenge your reflexes and tapping skills to the fullest. Note that you can do double and triple jumps to conquer more levels and drop to freedom.

Get ready to enjoy a fast-paced, addictive and entertaining gameplay on your Android or iOS device, download the Drop Free game for free from one of the following links.

Official Website: Drop Free

Google Play Download Link: Drop Free

App Store Download Link: Drop Free


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