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Fast & Advanced Download Manager – ADIM Download Manager

Saturday, February 24, 2018

With the advent of latest technology amongst the masses, terms like Android are very well known in each and every household. People are glued to their handsets in order to communicate to their loved ones and as well as to equip themselves with the latest knowledge. People are downloading stuff on their devices like there is no tomorrow and with this, the download managers have evolved to a next level. Although most of us still use the stock or pre-installed download managers on our androids these new generations download managers will make your download experience very efficient and easy. One of these is our new favorite, the ADIM Download Manager app.

Speed up your downloads
ADIM Download Manager is an amazing, and advanced download manager that can replace your stock pre-installed download manage on your android mobile phone or tablet. ADIM Download Manager speeds up all download processes for up to 5 times and will give users the fastest download time for all types of files, images, videos and etc. It’s a great tool for increasing download speeds and can also pause, resume and schedule the users downloads. ADIM Download Manager with its comprehensive error recovery and resume capability can restart any interrupted or broken downloads whether the reason is broken internet connections or device shutdowns. It has simple graphic user interface making it very user friendly and easy to use.
Packed with advanced features
ADIM Download Manager comes with various advanced features making downloading and installing it on your Android device really worth it. It has features like changing download folder location, choosing different download locations for different file types, multithreaded operation for downloading multiple files simultaneously at great download speeds, scheduling downloads and more. With ADIM Download manager users can also back up all their download data or settings, direct import download links to the app from their Android devices and even create profiles for each type of connection. It comes with theme customization, simple and intuitive user interface, easy navigation options, files sorting options and contextual menu for easy access and management. All this features make the app easy to navigate and use and the perfect download manager replacement for any Android device.
If you are interested in giving ADIM Download Manager a try, you can find and download it for free at the Google Play Store.
Google Play Store download link: ADIM Download Manager


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